How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

This is a detailed guide for OnlyFans content creators who want to make more money on the Internet with ease by making the most of Reddit.

Do you want to dominate Reddit, but lack the necessary amount of original content to do it the right way? Then you should read this guide.

We have been working on Reddit marketing for hundreds of OnlyFans customers for a few years now. More than anyone, with years of experience, we understand how exactly Reddit works, and the cheapest, fastest ways to get great results on this platform.

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Why is Reddit great for OnlyFans?

It’s because 53 Million Users are active on Reddit every single day,

Reddit is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, and it is the 18th biggest visited website right now (and still growing super fast).

Reddit offers a wonderful opportunity for you to skyrocket your OnlyFans (JustForFans, Fansly, Fencetro, etc.). Every day, you get the chance to get to millions of users from top-tier countries, who are always interested in subscribing to your channel because the amount of money it takes is just nothing to them.

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make money on onlyfans without showing face guide

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face on Reddit

Most people think that you can only make money with OnlyFans using your face, your videos, and pictures. This is a big misunderstanding. You can absolutely do that, with ease, by re-uploading content on Reddit.

It takes a ton of time and work to build up your own library of content, and sometime it is also due to your privacy. Giving your content for free on Reddit is also not comfortable for everyone.

In this article, we are going to show you how to gain thousands of followers without having to post a single piece of original content, whether you are a man or a woman. It is a lot easier than what you think!

Also, most people think that if you want to be success on Reddit, you need to have your own subreddit. Actually, you don’t need that. You simply can just focus on the popular subreddits which already have millions of followers and millions of views every day.

You don’t need to create your own subreddit. For now, you only need to have your Reddit account (username) ready.

Creating your own Subreddit will take away the main goal of promoting your personal profile at the beginning. When you are new to Reddit and people don’t know who you are, promoting your contents on the most popular Subreddits is more important.

In fact, having people know your Reddit username/profile is enough for your OnlyFans page.

If you are using your original content, take a look at our How to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit guide!

How Reddit Works

Okay, let’s get straight to the point!

After having your own Reddit account, if your account is new, you don’t have any karma yet, and your job now is to build up your karma. We will show you the easy way to do it properly.

Reddit utilizes a trust system called Karma.

There are two types of Karma: Post Karma and Comment Karma.

There are some places on Reddit not allowing you to post without having enough Karma first. And that would take some time to build up your trust (Karma).

But no worries, we will help you build up in no time.

Karma is like your power or trust on Reddit, which is calculated based on the voting system. The posts with the highest amount of karma (votes) are the ones you can see on the Reddit front page.

Every time your posts gain upvotes, Reddit tracks and calculate the total amount of karma your account has.

There are upvote and downvote buttons next to each post and comment on Reddit. By clicking either button, you will give a positive or negative point (karma/vote) to that post. If you like a post or comment, upvote it. If you don’t like, downvote it.

how reddit and onlyfans work

Reddit uses its karma system to show the best content to users. Upvoted posts and comments with a lot of points will be pushed to the top of a subreddit, allowing it to reach out to a lot more audience. On the other hand, the most downvoted comments/posts will be moved to the bottom. If a comment gets enough downvotes, it will be hidden as well, and people have to click expand to show the hidden content.

In the beginning, most people are tempted to post a lot of stuff, hoping one to become popular. Don’t do that, you need to slow down. Posting a lot of contents in a short period of time could be marked as spam, you could get banned in those subreddits immediately. Even worse, your account could get banned by the Reddit system, meaning you can’t post anything anywhere else.

To see the total amount of karma your profile has, simply go to your profile page via the top right section, or go to

total karma

To see how much post karma and comment karma you have earned, go to – This is the old Reddit design, but it is still working well.

post karma and comment karma
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Where to Upload Photos & Videos

After having your account ready, you will want to and create an account here as well. This is where you are going to upload photos, and then share them on Reddit.

Imgur and Reddit are from the same network.

Imgur doesn’t allow explicit content. Make sure you remember that. is also widely accepted on Reddit, make sure you create an account there as well. Redgifs are exclusively for NSFW videos and GIFs.

Licensing Content To Reupload on Reddit

Now, you want to go to and create an account there. This is where you can buy hottest licensed content on the market and can actually reupload them to different websites and platforms. There are also many similar websites out there.

Don’t buy anything yet. You want to wait until there are some huge discounts.

They usually send out some huge coupons (50-70% OFF) every week to your email. This is a huge saving. You will want to wait until ths to buy anything.

Once you get into this, you will eventually buy more and more content every day as you will see how well this method works. At that point, you must contact them directly to get an exclusive deal, they are always open for special offers.

Best OnlyFans Subreddit List

Now, go back to Reddit, you will want to subscribe to some of the following subreddits. Each sub will have their own rules, you want to read them first otherwise you will get banned very quickly.

For now, you don’t want to promote anything yet.

You want to first build up your trust, your karma, your name.

Don’t bother joining OnlyFans subreddits yet. Don’t promo anything yet.

You want to join subreddits where men looking for girls, and that’s it. They are your main audience.

Note: r/ is the way Redditors call the subreddits (groups/forums) on their platform. Simply add before them to visit each board. For example,

  • /r/AllAboutButts
  • /r/Amateur
  • /r/Asshole
  • /r/AssholeBehindThong
  • /r/AssinThong
  • /r/Asstastic
  • /r/Bathing
  • /r/BigAss
  • /r/Blonde
  • /r/BlowJobGirls
  • /r/Boobies
  • /r/Brunette
  • /r/CreamPies
  • /r/CumFetish
  • /r/CumSluts
  • /r/FaceDownAssUp
  • /r/Facial
  • /r/FeetUp
  • /r/GettingHerselfOff
  • /r/GirlsinLaceFishnets
  • /r/HandBra
  • /r/HighHeelsNSFW
  • /r/HomemadeXXX
  • /r/HotChicksWithTattoos
  • /r/HotMoms
  • /r/IMaTease
  • /r/Jilling
  • /r/MILF
  • /r/NaughtyWives
  • /r/Nippes
  • /r/NSFW
  • /r/NSFWhardcore
  • /r/NylonFetish
  • /r/OnHerKnees
  • /r/OnlyNudeChicks
  • /r/OnOff
  • /r/OpenShirt
  • /r/PantiesandPantyhose
  • /r/PantiesandStockings
  • /r/PantiesCraze
  • /r/PanyFetish
  • /r/Pantyhose
  • /r/Pornstars
  • /r/PrettyAltGirls
  • /r/Pussy
  • /r/RealMILF
  • /r/RedditLightDistrict
  • /r/RubbingHerPussy
  • /r/SeeThru
  • /r/SexyGirlsinBoots
  • /r/ShavedPussies
  • /r/SheLikesitRough
  • /r/Slut
  • /r/SpreadEm
  • /r/Spreading
  • /r/Stacked
  • /r/Stockings
  • /r/StomachDownFeetUp
  • /r/SweetNudes
  • /r/Thighs
  • /r/TinyTits
  • /r/TittyDrop
  • /r/Voluptuous
  • /r/Wet
  • /r/WhenItgoesIn
  • /r/WomenBeingOver
  • /r/XXX
subreddit list

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Those subreddits will help you build up your karma on Reddit, but you need comment karma as well. And comment karma is a lot harder to get. That’s why you will want to join the following subreddits as well:


This is where people usually looking for advice, and you want to write some comments there to gain comment karma. Take some time to work it out as the karma building subreddit moderators could take a look at your profiles and they don’t like you farming comment karma from spammy subreddits.

This is not a race. You want to do it right from the beginning for the long run.

How to Farm Comment Upvotes

The best way to have people upvoting your comments is to give helpful advice. Funny comments work as well.

You can also buy comment upvotes from our system to skyrocket the progress.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be porn-related content. If you like cats, join cat subreddits and farm comment karma there. If you like video games, do the same thing. You can farm comment karma anywhere on Reddit! Your main goal is just to be a normal person with their own hobbies / favorite things.

great comment with a lot of upvotes
a great comment with a lot of upvotes

Check out r/AskReddit as well ans answer the questions people submit. This is one of the most popular subreddits on Reddit where you can farm the comment karma with ease.

If you give great answers/advice, you could earn thousands of upvotes with ease.

A trick for you is to go to the New section, where most of the posts don’t have any reply yet, and you will get upvotes a lot easier here without competing with other people. Just click the NEW tab to get there:

new posts of subreddits

What to Post on Reddit to make money with OnlyFans?

Get back to AdultFilmStarContent. After subsribing to the list of NSFW subreddits we gave you above, you will have a general idea about the types of photos you need to post.

If you go to the photos section on that site, it will bring you to a list of all available photos. This website is a content broker. Their job is to sell you the rights to use all of the photos. At the moment, there are thousands of contents available on the site.

The photo sets are coming at different prices, ranging from $5 to $25.

Let’s look at this $25 set from Riley Reid for example. Not all photosets are similar. You want to see how many images each se has, and whether it is glamour or hardcore. In this example, there are 261 images and they are all softcore.

This set of images works for me because it fits a lot of subreddits I have already joined: Brunette, Boobies, Pornstars, etc. You can also post them in r/RileyReid as well, which already has 651k members, which is quite a lot.

Most of the top pornstars have their own subreddits, and they are the great places for you to post the photos. Below are some examples for you:

  • Sunny Leone: /r/SunnyLeone
  • Tori Black: /r/ToriBlack
  • Alexis Texas: /r/AlexisTexas
  • Julia Ann: /r/JuliaAnn
  • Jessica Jaymes: /r/JessicaJaymes
  • Lexi Belle: /r/LexiBelle
  • Jayden Jaymes: /r/JaydenJaymes
  • Priya Rai: /r/PriyaRai
  • Dylan Ryder: /r/DylanRyder
  • Nicole Aniston: /r/NicoleAniston
  • Sophie Dee: /r/SophieDee
  • Brandi Love: /r/BrandiLove
  • Phoenix Marie: /r/PhoenixMarie
  • Madison Ivy: /r/MadisonIvy
  • Asa Akira: /r/AsaAkira
  • Gemma Massey: /r/Gemma_Massey
  • Holly Halston: /r/HollyHalston
  • Kortney Kane: /r/KortneyKane
  • Christy Mack: /r/ChristyMack
  • Sasha Grey: /r/SashaGrey
  • Sienna West: /r/SiennaWest
  • Kelly Divine: /r/KellyDivine
  • Dani Daniels: /r/DaniDaniels
  • Bridgette B: /r/BridgetteB
  • Veronica Avluv: /r/VeronicaAvluv
  • Jada Stevens: /r/JadaStevens
  • Jynx Maze: /r/JynxMaze
  • Ava Addams: /r/AvaAddams
  • Rachel Starr: /r/RachelStarr
  • Lela Star: /r/LelaStar
  • Samantha Saint: /r/SamanthaSaint
  • Nikki Benz: /r/NikkiBenz
  • Shyla Stylez: /r/ShylaStylez
  • Audrey Bitoni: /r/AudreyBitoni
  • Audrey Hollander: /r/Audrey_Hollander
  • Shay Laren: /r/ShayLaren
  • Hanna Hilton: /r/HannaHilton
  • Alektra Blue: /r/AlektraBlue
  • Jenni Lee: /r/JenniLee
  • Chanel Preston: /r/ChanelPreston
  • Gina Lynn: /r/GinaLynn
  • Diamond Foxxx: /r/DiamondFoxxx
  • Jelena Jensen: /r/JelenaJensen
  • Catalina Cruz: /r/CatalinaCruz
  • Abbey Brooks: /r/AbbeyBrooks
  • Stormy Daniels: /r/StormyDaniels
  • Tory Lane: /r/ToryLane
  • Kayden Kross: /r/KaydenKross
  • Daisy Marie: /r/DaisyMarie
  • Riley Reid: /r/RileyReid
  • Skin Diamond: /r/SkinDiamond
  • Jada Fire: /r/JadaFire
  • Amy Reid: /r/AmyReid
  • Little Caprice: /r/LittleCaprice
  • Aletta Ocean: /r/AlettaOcean
  • Lisa Ann: /r/LisaAnn
  • Puma Swede: /r/PumaSwede
  • Angela White: /r/AngelaWhite
  • Eve Angel: /r/EveAngel
  • Jenna Haze: /r/JennaHaze
  • Amia Miley: /r/AmiaMiley
  • Shyla Jennings: /r/ShylaJennings
subreddit list

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There are a ton of subreddits with established audience. Take advantage of that by posting pictures of those pornstars. You can absolutely post them legally using the content on AdultFilmStarContent.

Every single one of them is a great opportunity for you to get more views for your Reddit profile, and to eventually promote your OnlyFans page.


In addition, you can even include the images that you have the right to uses as a bonus to people subsribing to your OnlyFans account.

You don’t want to post these pictures all at once, and in a single subreddit. Because you could get marked as spamming.

So here is what you want to do.

Go to sites like and search for images of super famous stars, such as Angela White. Seriously spend your time searching through all of the pictures and find the best ones. The better pics, the more upvotes you could get, so keep that in mind. Every month, you want to do this for the top 20-25 stars.

So here is what you do. Go to a website like now use their search bar to pull up images of a really famous porn star like say Eva Elfie or Abella Danger.

Spend some time searching through all that is listed and find a good picture. Really spend the time going through all the photos and find the absolute BEST one. Remember, the better the photos, the more upvotes you’ll get.

You want to do it one time per month for the top 20 or 25 porn stars. These are the porn stars with major followings.

Below are the most popular stars right now:

  • Lana Rhoades
  • Abella Danger
  • Rile Reid
  • Angela White
  • Mia Malkova
  • Adriana Chechik
  • Lena Paul
  • Emily Willis
  • Cory Chase
  • Brandi Love
  • Autumn Falls
  • Violet Myers
  • Elsa Jean
  • Nicole Aniston
  • Ava Addams
  • Gabbie Carter
  • Skylar Vox
  • Lexi Luna
  • Indigo White
  • Dani Daniels
  • Valentina Nappi
  • Sara Jay
  • Kendra Lust
  • Alexis Texas
  • Lela Star
  • Cherie DeVille
  • Alexis Fawx
  • Lexi Lore
  • Natasha Nice
  • Megan Rain
  • Lisa Ann
  • Blake Blossom
  • Britney Amber
  • Kimmy Granger
  • Karlee Grey

And don’t just keep the list there, you can find a lot more! Go and grab them yourself!

In conclusion, go to, find the best photos of the most popular stars, and share them on their subreddits.

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Taking Over an Unmoderated Subreddit

Sometimes, you might come across a subreddit of a pornstar and it gets banned because it is not moderated. This is a great opportunity for you to take over the subreddit.

It should look like this:

unmoderated subreddit for onlyfans

You want to go to the r/redditrequest and say that you want to take over that subreddit. Create a post like this “Requesting r/GEMMAMASSEY which was banned due to being undermoderated”.

Once you take over that subreddit, you can use it to promote the content and your account as well.

Do note that you can only request once every 2 weeks, so pick the best one you want to request.

Automoderator Set-up

After taking over a subreddit, this is a trick for you!

For example, whenever someone posts on r/CheatingSluts subreddit, the automoderator makes a comment referring other subreddits, and pin that comment to the top. This comment is always at the top of any post, and it is a great way for you to promote other subreddits.

auto mod comment

You can use the Automoderator to promote your own profile page as well.

This subreddit has over 220K members at the moment. Imagine the amount of views you could get if you run a subreddit like this.

Preparing Your Reddit Profile

The main point of posting those content is to have people clicking at your profile.

You want to have a pinned post on your Reddit profile, so that whenever people visiting your account, they would see that post immediately.

This is an example:

example reddit profile for onlyfans

Also, don’t forget that Reddit actually allows you to feature your social media accounts, including OnlyFans, on your profile (the right arrow in the screenshot above).

To change your avatar, banner image, and add the social media links, go to this page:

onlyfans reddit settings

Make your profile more appealing to make people click to it.

The more content you post on Reddit, the more clicks you get, and eventually the more subscribers your OnlyFans account would get.


Making money with OnlyFans without showing your face, as a guy or a girl, is actually very easy on Reddit.

Never try to spam Reddit, you will eventually get banned and all of your hard work will be erased.

Do not post many submissions at the same time, and in the same subreddit over and over. Wait at least 24 hours, and even 48-72 hours, between each submission.

The bigger subreddit you focus on, the more time you should wait.

Since you are not posting your original content, it is a must to not promote your OnlyFans page anywhere else rather than your profile page. If you make great posts, a ton of people will want to go to your profile to see your content, and they will eventually see your pinned post and OnlyFans profile.

Always check the rules of each subreddit before posting. Make sure you follow all the rules if you want to avoid getting banned, or getting your post removed.

Cross-posting is not recommended when you first start. Although other people might say that it is okay to do so, I have found a lot of issues myself when doing so. Most moderators don’t like it when you share the content from other subreddits to their. Only do crosspost once you’ve understand how Reddit works.

Last but not least, make sure your content is somehow in the same category. It’s because if somebody coming to your profile to see more posts, it’s most like he likes the content you post, and only want to see content like that.

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