How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

Do you want to make more money on OnlyFans without showing your face? This guide is for you! We are going to show you how to earn thousands monthly with ease without revealing your identity.

We have been working on marketing for thousands of OnlyFans content creators for a few years now. More than anyone, with years of experience, we understand how exactly the system works and the fastest ways to get great results on OnlyFans.


How to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face: Key takeaways

  1. Anonymity is Possible: You can join OnlyFans without showing your face. There’s no rule against it. However, creators who show their faces usually get more subscribers.
  2. Choose Your Niche: Find an OnlyFans niche you’re passionate about, which doesn’t require showing your face. This could be anything from showing your body parts, fitness to cooking.
  3. Use a Fake Name: When creating an account, use a fake name.
  4. Create a Separate Email Account: Create a new email address using the fake name you chose. This email should be used for everything related to your OnlyFans account.
  5. Use Geoblocking: This feature hides your OnlyFans account in selected countries. You can also block specific people.
  6. Hide Identifying Marks: Hide unique identifiers like scars, tattoos, and birthmarks. You can use makeup, photoshop, or take photos from angles that hide them.
  7. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings: Be mindful of your surroundings when taking pictures.
  8. Hide Your Face with Masks and Props: Masks not only protect your privacy but also add a unique angle to your content.
  9. Find a Profitable Niche: For no face OnlyFans creators, certain niches are better than others. These can focus on a specific body part or something uncommon.
  10. Create Social Media Accounts: Use social media to promote your OnlyFans account. Start with platforms like Reddit where you can post in communities with many users.
  11. Use Tools to Gain More Subscribers: Tools like UpvoteShop can help speed up your promotion and get better results in less time.
  12. Promote Your Content: Use social media platforms like Reddit to promote your content and attract more subscribers. You can also collaborate with other creators to increase your visibility.
  13. Interact with Your Fans: Engage with your fans regularly. Respond to their comments and messages, and make them feel valued.
  14. Offer Additional Services: You can offer additional services like custom videos, or one-on-one sessions to earn extra income.
  15. Be Consistent: Consistency is key in maintaining and growing your fanbase. Make sure you’re regularly posting new content and interacting with your fans.
make money with onlyfans without showing your face

Is it possible to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face?

Joining and making money on OnlyFans without showing your face is entirely doable.

However, creators who are comfortable showing their faces generally attract a larger follower base.

So, does this mean you must reveal your identity on OnlyFans?

Certainly not! Heed the guidance in this post, and soon enough, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with top-tier creators.

But before all that, you’ll understand the actions needed to keep your identity secret, transforming you into an anonymous OnlyFans content creator.

Get yourself a fake name (nickname)

Initiating your journey requires setting up accounts on multiple platforms. For this, you need a fake name and a username.

Avoid using your legal name – it’s a cardinal mistake when trying to profit from OnlyFans without revealing your face.

Get imaginative – the sky’s the limit! Our name generator below can come in handy:

It's best to avoid using your usual nicknames or variations of them, as it increases the likelihood of being recognized. Even if you're hiding your face, people may still be able to figure things out.

In your profile, you'll need a profile picture and a bio. Refrain from revealing any personal details here either.

However, providing authentic details for your account information is essential. This information is private and solely accessible to you. Moreover, it's crucial for cashing out your earnings.

Set up a separate email account

Although subscribers won't see your email, it's a basic safety standard when beginning an OnlyFans without revealing your face. You also will use this email address a lot in the future for the other uses.

Generate an email address using your chosen fake name. Utilize this email for everything connected to your anonymous OnlyFans. It ensures fans cannot trace you.

Proton Mail is a great free solution to protect yourself better on the Internet.

onlyfans geo blocking

OnlyFans Geoblocking

This amazing feature allows you to hide your OnlyFans account from specific countries. You need to list the countries where you want to stay hidden.

In addition, you have the ability to block specific users and add a note as to why you blocked them. This can be helpful in case they change their name or profile picture. After blocking them, wait about 24 hours and their IP address will be listed among the blocked IPs. You can use this information to block them on other social media platforms as well.

Using IP blocking is a reliable way to keep your online activities anonymous, even from your family and friends.

To use the Geoblocking feature, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to OnlyFans Account Settings.
  2. Go to the Security tab.
  3. Search for Geoblocking.
  4. Add the countries you wish to block and save changes.

Please consider that blocking an entire country may hinder your subscriber growth, particularly if you are from a heavily populated country such as the USA. Additionally, if you block a subscriber, they are entitled to a refund for their subscription fee.

hide tattoos

Cover Tattoos and Scars

It is recommended to keep unique identifying details such as scars, tattoos, and birthmarks hidden as they could potentially reveal your identity.

Retaining anonymity online isn't just about hiding your face. Unique body identifiers like tattoos and scars can reveal your identity as they are often memorable and distinctive. If you wish to remain anonymous, it's crucial to obscure these features.

This could be done through tattoo covering patch, clever photo angles, using photo editing tools, or clothing.

This helps ensure that you stay under the radar, protecting your identity from overzealous fans or individuals trying to piece together clues about who you are.

Be aware of the surroundings

If you want to make money on OnlyFans without revealing your identity, you need to be careful. Even if you follow tips on how to join OnlyFans without showing your face, you can still give yourself away by not being cautious about your surroundings.

Taking pictures in your town and sharing them can be risky, as it could give away your location. Even blurring your face may not be enough to keep you anonymous. To stay safe, make sure your surroundings don't reveal too much about you.

care about surrounding
The surrounding could reveal who you are

Be careful of buildings, statues, landmarks, restaurants, etc. that could give away your location.

However, outdoor locations can be useful if you're on the move. You can take a few photos here and there and mislead your fans about where you are.

Watch out for reflective surfaces like windows, sunglasses, and even dishware, which could reveal your identity. It's important to be extremely careful because fans can be very overeager and try to track you down.

Voice changing tool

Another tip on profiting from OnlyFans without revealing your face is to hide your natural voice using a voice changer if you are not comfortable with showing your voice.

Of course, you also don't have to say a word.

Many people have similar voices, so is it truly necessary?

It's an additional safeguard that's straightforward to implement.

Well, it's unlikely that you'll be recognized based solely on your voice. But acquaintances might grow suspicious after hearing your voice, and you surely wouldn't want to gamble, right?

Voice Mod is a great tool that you might want to take a look at.

wear mask to hide your face
Wear mask to hide your face

Using masks to hide your face

This is a nice choice if you wish to avoid the effort of doing blurring or editing while adding some interesting stuff to your videos.

The masks not only safeguard your privacy but can also bring a unique flair to your content. For instance, if you have a lot of tattoos, you can turn yourself into a tattoo or "goth" girl.

With a mask, you can really ignore a lot of other stuff to hide your identity.

Select masks that accentuate your body, feeling, and make you feel comfortable.

Experiment and find your perfect fit!

How to Generate Revenue on OnlyFans without showing your face

Are you curious about launching an OnlyFans career without showing your face? The good news is, it's absolutely easy!

In this setion, we'll take a deep dive into how you can generate revenue on OnlyFans without revealing your identity, all while effectively promoting your content.

Building a substantial following is practically the only road to making real money on OnlyFans. Let's discover the secret to increasing your followers on this platform, all while keeping your face under wraps.

Find a Niche That Fits You

Selecting a suitable niche is critical for creators who wish to remain faceless. Plenty of OnlyFans niches thrive without the need for facial recognition.

Here's a lineup of potential options that work like a charm:

  • Anything ass
  • Anything boobs
  • Curvy body
  • Feet pics
  • Fitness
  • BDSM
  • Tattoo body

Essentially, consider niches that put the spotlight on specific body parts or are less mainstream. This way, the lack of a face in your content becomes less consequential.

Focus on your body when taking photos and videos

Other creators may be making similar content, albeit with their faces on display. So, what's the key to standing out on OnlyFans without revealing your face?

Differentiation is your ticket to success.

A potential strategy could be focusing the camera on a particular body part, making your face is not that important.

Remember, individual preferences and fetishes are vast, and capitalizing on just one can turn into a goldmine.

Building Social Media Profiles

Utilizing the power of social media is an excellent strategy for promoting your faceless OnlyFans account. Just remember to never use your personal account!

Instead, set up fresh accounts on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (X), etc. under the fake name or nickname you have chosen with the related email address.

Starting OnlyFans with zero follower might seem daunting, but it's a small price to pay for staying anonymous.

Among a lot of social media sites right now, Reddit is your best starting point, given that it doesn't require an existing following. You can simply post in large subreddits that can have millions of users! We will go deeper into this later.

Quora can also be a goldmine. You can find niche-related queries, attach an appealing image, and lead viewers to your profile, where your OnlyFans link is there.

Online forums can also be a great place for promoting your profile while maintaining anonymity. Sign up on adult forums or those with NSFW (not safe for work) sections like socialmediagirls forum.


Although it could sounds expensive if you are new, we always recommend people working with agency to save time and effort when it comes to marketing. You then just need to focus on producing content, which you are best at.

Paying for promotions can be a game-changer for making money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

There are numerous online agencies specializing in such services. You can also contact us and let we help you.

Collaborating with Other Creators

While collaboration can be a double-edged sword for promoting OnlyFans account without showing your face, it can work wonders if you partner with another creator who also prefers to remain anonymous, or if your partner would love to help you hide your face.

Collaborations can help you tap into a larger, fresh audience base.

How to Monetize Your Faceless OnlyFans Account

At the end of the day, your earnings boil down to tips and subscriptions.

At first, you would want to set your account as a free account and gain revenue from tips. Later, you can create another premium account, or turn your account from free to premium.

As a new OnlyFans creator, the subscription-based model might be more beneficial.

You eventually want to raise your fan number. The more fans you have, the more revenue you will eventually get.

Custom content can also prove a huge porfolio in your revenue!

make money on onlyfans without showing face guide

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face using Reddit

Most people think that you can only make money with OnlyFans using your face, your videos, and pictures. This is a big misunderstanding. You can absolutely do that, with ease, by re-uploading content on Reddit.

It takes a ton of time and work to build up your own library of content, and sometime it is also due to your privacy.

Most people also think that giving content for free on Reddit is not a great move.

In this section, we are going to show you how to gain thousands of followers without having to post a single piece of original content, whether you are a man or a woman. It is a lot easier than what you think!

Also, most people think that if you want to be success on Reddit, you need to have your own subreddit. Actually, you don't need that. You simply can just focus on the popular subreddits which already have millions of followers and millions of views every day.

You don't need to create your own subreddit. For now, you only need to have your Reddit account (username) ready.

Creating your own Subreddit will take away the main goal of promoting your personal profile at the beginning. When you are new to Reddit and people don't know who you are, promoting your contents on the most popular Subreddits is more important.

subreddit list

Want to get the complete list of the best 788 subreddits for OnlyFans marketing? Confirm Your Email to Access!

In fact, having people know your Reddit username/profile is enough for your OnlyFans page.

If you are using your original content, take a look at our How to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit guide!

reddit services

Why is Reddit great for OnlyFans?

It's because 53 Million Users are active on Reddit every single day,

Reddit is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, and it is the 18th biggest visited website right now (and still growing super fast).

Reddit offers a wonderful opportunity for you to skyrocket your OnlyFans (JustForFans, Fansly, Fencetro, etc.). Every day, you get the chance to get to millions of users from top-tier countries, who are always interested in subscribing to your channel because the amount of money it takes is just nothing to them.

Must read: Case Study: How Reddit & OnlyFans Helps Me Make $85K in Just 10 Months

After having your own Reddit account, if your account is new, you don't have any karma yet, and your job now is to build up your karma. We will show you the easy way to do it properly.

Reddit utilizes a trust system called Karma.

There are some places on Reddit not allowing you to post without having enough Karma first. And that would take some time to build up your trust (Karma).

But no worries, we will help you build up in no time.

Karma is like your power or trust on Reddit, which is calculated based on the voting system. The posts with the highest amount of karma (votes) are the ones you can see on the Reddit front page.

Every time your posts gain upvotes, Reddit tracks and calculate the total amount of karma your account has.

There are upvote and downvote buttons next to each post and comment on Reddit. By clicking either button, you will give a positive or negative point (karma/vote) to that post. If you like a post or comment, upvote it. If you don't like, downvote it.

how reddit and onlyfans work

Reddit uses its karma system to show the best content to users. Upvoted posts and comments with a lot of points will be pushed to the top of a subreddit, allowing it to reach out to a lot more audience.

On the other hand, the most downvoted comments/posts will be moved to the bottom. If a comment gets enough downvotes, it will be hidden as well, and people have to click expand to show the hidden content.

In the beginning, most people are tempted to post a lot of stuff, hoping one to become popular. Don't do that, you need to slow down. Posting a lot of contents in a short period of time could be marked as spam, you could get banned in those subreddits immediately.

Even worse, your account could get banned by the Reddit system, meaning you can't post anything anywhere else.

To see the total amount of karma your profile has, simply go to your profile page via the top right section, or go to

total karma

To see how much post karma and comment karma you have earned, go to - This is the old Reddit design, but it is still working well.

post karma and comment karma

Where to Upload Photos & Videos

After having your Reddit account ready, you will want to go to create an account here as well. This is where you are going to upload photos, and then share them on Reddit.

RedGifs and Reddit are from the same network.

Some subreddits allow you to upload the content directly there as well.

Best OnlyFans Subreddit List

Uou will want to subscribe to some of the following subreddits. Each sub will have their own rules, you want to read them first otherwise you will get banned very quickly.

For now, you don't want to promote anything yet.

You want to first build up your trust, your karma, your name.

Don't bother joining OnlyFans subreddits yet. Don't promo anything yet.

You want to join subreddits where men looking for girls, and that's it. They are your main audience.

Note: r/ is the way Redditors call the subreddits (groups/forums) on their platform. Simply add before them to visit each board. For example,

  • /r/AllAboutButts
  • /r/Amateur
  • /r/Asshole
  • /r/AssholeBehindThong
  • /r/AssinThong
  • /r/Asstastic
  • /r/Bathing
  • /r/BigAss
  • /r/Blonde
  • /r/BlowJobGirls
  • /r/Boobies
  • /r/Brunette
  • /r/CreamPies
  • /r/CumFetish
  • /r/CumSluts
  • /r/FaceDownAssUp
  • /r/Facial
  • /r/FeetUp
  • /r/GettingHerselfOff
  • /r/GirlsinLaceFishnets
  • /r/HandBra
  • /r/HighHeelsNSFW
  • /r/HomemadeXXX
  • /r/HotChicksWithTattoos
  • /r/HotMoms
  • /r/IMaTease
  • /r/Jilling
  • /r/MILF
  • /r/NaughtyWives
  • /r/Nippes
  • /r/NSFW
  • /r/NSFWhardcore
  • /r/NylonFetish
  • /r/OnHerKnees
  • /r/OnlyNudeChicks
  • /r/OnOff
  • /r/OpenShirt
  • /r/PantiesandPantyhose
  • /r/PantiesandStockings
  • /r/PantiesCraze
  • /r/PanyFetish
  • /r/Pantyhose
  • /r/Pornstars
  • /r/PrettyAltGirls
  • /r/Pussy
  • /r/RealMILF
  • /r/RedditLightDistrict
  • /r/RubbingHerPussy
  • /r/SeeThru
  • /r/SexyGirlsinBoots
  • /r/ShavedPussies
  • /r/SheLikesitRough
  • /r/Slut
  • /r/SpreadEm
  • /r/Spreading
  • /r/Stacked
  • /r/Stockings
  • /r/StomachDownFeetUp
  • /r/SweetNudes
  • /r/Thighs
  • /r/TinyTits
  • /r/TittyDrop
  • /r/Voluptuous
  • /r/Wet
  • /r/WhenItgoesIn
  • /r/WomenBeingOver
  • /r/XXX
subreddit list

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Those subreddits will help you build up your karma on Reddit, but you need comment karma as well. And comment karma is a lot harder to get. That's why you will want to join the following subreddits as well:


This is where people usually looking for advice, and you want to write some comments there to gain comment karma. Take some time to work it out as the karma building subreddit moderators could take a look at your profiles and they don't like you farming comment karma from spammy subreddits.

This is not a race. You want to do it right from the beginning for the long run.

Make Money On OnlyFans with Lincesed Content

You want to go to AdultFilmStarContent and create an account there. This is where you can buy hottest licensed content on the market and can actually reupload them to different websites and platforms. There are also many similar websites out there.

So you can literally make money on OnlyFans without showing your face!

Don't buy anything yet. You want to wait until there are some huge discounts.

They usually send out some huge coupons (50-70% OFF) every week to your email. This is a huge saving. You will want to wait until ths to buy anything.

Once you get into this, you will eventually buy more and more content every day as you will see how well this method works. At that point, you must contact them directly to get an exclusive deal, they are always open for special offers.

What to Post on Reddit to make money with OnlyFans?

Get back to AdultFilmStarContent. After subsribing to the list of NSFW subreddits we gave you above, you will have a general idea about the types of photos you need to post.

If you go to the photos section on that site, it will bring you to a list of all available photos. This website is a content broker. Their job is to sell you the rights to use all of the photos. At the moment, there are thousands of contents available on the site.

The photo sets are coming at different prices, ranging from $5 to $25.

Let's look at this $25 set from Riley Reid for example. Not all photosets are similar. You want to see how many images each se has, and whether it is glamour or hardcore. In this example, there are 261 images and they are all softcore.

This set of images works for me because it fits a lot of subreddits I have already joined: Brunette, Boobies, Pornstars, etc. You can also post them in r/RileyReid as well, which already has 651k members, which is quite a lot.

Most of the top stars have their own subreddits, and they are the great places for you to post the photos. Below are some examples for you:

  • Sunny Leone: /r/SunnyLeone
  • Tori Black: /r/ToriBlack
  • Alexis Texas: /r/AlexisTexas
  • Julia Ann: /r/JuliaAnn
  • Jessica Jaymes: /r/JessicaJaymes
  • Lexi Belle: /r/LexiBelle
  • Jayden Jaymes: /r/JaydenJaymes
  • Priya Rai: /r/PriyaRai
  • Dylan Ryder: /r/DylanRyder
  • Nicole Aniston: /r/NicoleAniston
  • Sophie Dee: /r/SophieDee
  • Brandi Love: /r/BrandiLove
  • Phoenix Marie: /r/PhoenixMarie
  • Madison Ivy: /r/MadisonIvy
  • Asa Akira: /r/AsaAkira
  • Gemma Massey: /r/Gemma_Massey
  • Holly Halston: /r/HollyHalston
  • Kortney Kane: /r/KortneyKane
  • Christy Mack: /r/ChristyMack
  • Sasha Grey: /r/SashaGrey
  • Sienna West: /r/SiennaWest
  • Kelly Divine: /r/KellyDivine
  • Dani Daniels: /r/DaniDaniels
  • Bridgette B: /r/BridgetteB
  • Veronica Avluv: /r/VeronicaAvluv
  • Jada Stevens: /r/JadaStevens
  • Jynx Maze: /r/JynxMaze
  • Ava Addams: /r/AvaAddams
  • Rachel Starr: /r/RachelStarr
  • Lela Star: /r/LelaStar
  • Samantha Saint: /r/SamanthaSaint
  • Nikki Benz: /r/NikkiBenz
  • Shyla Stylez: /r/ShylaStylez
  • Audrey Bitoni: /r/AudreyBitoni
  • Audrey Hollander: /r/Audrey_Hollander
  • Shay Laren: /r/ShayLaren
  • Hanna Hilton: /r/HannaHilton
  • Alektra Blue: /r/AlektraBlue
  • Jenni Lee: /r/JenniLee
  • Chanel Preston: /r/ChanelPreston
  • Gina Lynn: /r/GinaLynn
  • Diamond Foxxx: /r/DiamondFoxxx
  • Jelena Jensen: /r/JelenaJensen
  • Catalina Cruz: /r/CatalinaCruz
  • Abbey Brooks: /r/AbbeyBrooks
  • Stormy Daniels: /r/StormyDaniels
  • Tory Lane: /r/ToryLane
  • Kayden Kross: /r/KaydenKross
  • Daisy Marie: /r/DaisyMarie
  • Riley Reid: /r/RileyReid
  • Skin Diamond: /r/SkinDiamond
  • Jada Fire: /r/JadaFire
  • Amy Reid: /r/AmyReid
  • Little Caprice: /r/LittleCaprice
  • Aletta Ocean: /r/AlettaOcean
  • Lisa Ann: /r/LisaAnn
  • Puma Swede: /r/PumaSwede
  • Angela White: /r/AngelaWhite
  • Eve Angel: /r/EveAngel
  • Jenna Haze: /r/JennaHaze
  • Amia Miley: /r/AmiaMiley
  • Shyla Jennings: /r/ShylaJennings
subreddit list

Want to get the complete list of 369 subreddits of the best stars for OnlyFans marketing? Confirm Your Email to Access!

There are a ton of subreddits with established audience. Take advantage of that by posting pictures of those stars. You can absolutely post them legally using the content on AdultFilmStarContent.

Every single one of them is a great opportunity for you to get more views for your Reddit profile, and to eventually promote your OnlyFans page.

Preparing Your Reddit Profile

The main point of posting those content is to have people clicking at your profile.

You want to have a pinned post on your Reddit profile, so that whenever people visiting your account, they would see that post immediately.

This is an example:

example reddit profile for onlyfans

Also, don't forget that Reddit actually allows you to feature your social media accounts, including OnlyFans, on your profile (the right arrow in the screenshot above).

To change your avatar, banner image, and add the social media links, go to this page:

onlyfans reddit settings

Make your profile more appealing to make people click to it.

The more content you post on Reddit, the more clicks you get, and eventually the more subscribers your OnlyFans account would get.


Q: Can I make money on OnlyFans without showing my face?

A: Absolutely! There are numerous ways to earn on OnlyFans without revealing your face. You can sell feet or other body part pictures, just not showing your face.

Q: What are some popular niches on OnlyFans that don't require showing your face?

A: Some popular niches that focus on each specific part of you. You can also focus on cosplaying and tattoo niches as well.

Q: How can I promote my OnlyFans account?

A: You can promote your OnlyFans account through social media platforms, collaborations with other creators, or by using paid promotions. Reddit is definitely the best place to go.

Q: Can I sell feet pictures on OnlyFans?

A: Yes, selling feet pictures is a popular niche on OnlyFans. You can make a substantial income from this if you're able to provide high-quality and unique content.

Q: Do I need to pay taxes on my OnlyFans income?

A: Yes, income earned from OnlyFans is taxable. You should keep track of your earnings and report them accurately on your tax returns.

Q: Can I quit my job to focus on OnlyFans?

A: Whether or not to quit your job for OnlyFans is a personal decision. It's recommended to have a stable income from OnlyFans before considering it as your primary source of income.


Making money with OnlyFans without showing your face, as a guy or a girl, is actually very easy on Reddit.

Never try to spam Reddit, you will eventually get banned and all of your hard work will be erased.

Do not post many submissions at the same time, and in the same subreddit over and over. Wait at least 24 hours, and even 48-72 hours, between each submission.

The bigger subreddit you focus on, the more time you should wait.

Since you are not posting your original content, it is a must to not promote your OnlyFans page anywhere else rather than your profile page. If you make great posts, a ton of people will want to go to your profile to see your content, and they will eventually see your pinned post and OnlyFans profile.

Always check the rules of each subreddit before posting. Make sure you follow all the rules if you want to avoid getting banned, or getting your post removed.

Cross-posting is not recommended when you first start. Although other people might say that it is okay to do so, I have found a lot of issues myself when doing so. Most moderators don't like it when you share the content from other subreddits to their. Only do crosspost once you've understand how Reddit works.

Last but not least, make sure your content is somehow in the same category. It's because if somebody coming to your profile to see more posts, it's most like he likes the content you post, and only want to see content like that.

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