How to Farm Reddit Karma Fast & Easy (6 Steps)

Reddit Karma is the ultimate score when it comes to evaluating the power of a user on Reddit. You’ve probably heard of it a lot, but understanding how Karma gets calculated is not easy at all.

In this article, we will do our best to explain like-i-am-five how Karma works to help you take advantage and rank your posts on Reddit a lot easier.

Plus, there will be a lot of tips and a detailed guide for getting karma on Reddit!


Reddit Karma 101

  • Reddit Karma is a score that reflects a user’s contributions to the Reddit community. It’s calculated based on the upvotes received from posts and comments.
  • There are two types of Karma: Post Karma and Comment Karma. The total Karma displayed on a user’s profile is the sum of these two.
  • To get Reddit Karma, there are several strategies:
    • Post cats, dogs, cute pictures.
    • Post jokes and questions.
    • Post on Sundays between 6 A.M. and 8 A.M. ET, when the platform has the most users online.
    • Ask interesting questions in r/AskReddit.
    • Comment on new or rising posts in targeted subreddits.
    • Always respond to comments on your posts to keep the topic hot and engaging.
    • Focus on large subreddits like r/hmmm, r/funny, r/AskReddit, etc.
    • Post high-quality, interesting, and unique content.
  • A post made from an aged account with high Karma can rank higher than a post with more upvotes but from a less-quality account.
  • Get high-quality aged Reddit accounts with at least 1,000 Karma can give a significant advantage in ranking posts.
how to farm Reddit karma

What is Reddit Karma?

Reddit Karma is the value of your account based on the posts and comments you make, respectively.

reddit karma

The amount of Karma a user is displayed right on their profile page, or when you hover your mouse on their username.

There are 2 types of Karma:

  • Post Karma: Determined by the upvotes you earned from your posts on Reddit.
  • Comment Karma: Determined by the upvotes you get from your comments on Reddit.

However, the only Total Karma is displayed on the user’s profile page, which is the combination of the two types!

How is Reddit Karma Calculated?

Reddit karma is a scoring system that influences a user’s reputation on the platform. Understanding its calculation can be somewhat complex, as it’s not a direct one-to-one ratio between upvotes and karma points.

Key Points About Reddit Karma Calculation:

  1. Initial Ratio: Initially, karma starts at a 1:1 ratio, where each upvote translates to one karma point. However, this only applies to the initial upvotes.
  2. Diminishing Returns: As a post accumulates more upvotes, the value of each subsequent upvote decreases, meaning you earn less karma per upvote as the numbers climb.
  3. Impact of Post Age: The timing of upvotes also matters. Upvotes received shortly after a post is made are more impactful than those that come later. Early upvotes carry more weight in boosting your karma.
  4. Subreddit Influence: The subreddit where the post is made may also affect karma calculations, though the specifics of this influence are not clear. It’s a minor factor compared to others.
  5. Karma Cap: There’s a maximum limit to the amount of karma you can gain from a single post, which is about 8,000 points.

It’s crucial to note that a post with, say, 40,000 upvotes will not increase a user’s karma by the same amount. More realistically, the increase might be around 4,000 karma points, showcasing the diminishing returns in effect.

Analysis and Data: This information is based on analyses and mathematical models derived from user experiences and data collection, notably by Redditor u/Joliot, who examined how karma fluctuates with post scores, popularity, and subreddit choice.

total karma

Are Reddit Upvotes and Karma Different?

They are different. They are not the same thing.

Let’s break it down in a simple, easily digestible manner.

Firstly, Reddit upvotes are the equivalent of a “like” on other social media platforms. When you post content or a comment, other users can upvote it if they find it valuable or interesting. These upvotes are a direct measure of the community’s response to your contribution.

Karma, on the other hand, is a bit more complex. It’s a score that reflects your overall contribution to the Reddit community. This score is influenced by the upvotes you receive on your posts and comments. However, the key point to remember is that Karma isn’t a one-to-one reflection of your upvotes. Reddit uses its own algorithm to translate upvotes into Karma, which means the Karma you gain from a certain number of upvotes can vary.

For example, you might receive 100 upvotes on a post, but this doesn’t necessarily translate to 100 Karma points.

posting cat pictures to farm karma
Posting dog and cat photos can gain you a ton of karma!

Can Reddit Karma Become Negative?

Negative karma on Reddit is the result of accumulating more downvotes than upvotes on your posts or comments. This typically happens when other users on the platform disapprove of your contributions. If you find yourself receiving a significant number of downvotes, your overall karma score can drop into negative territory.

  • Limited Participation: With negative karma, you may find yourself restricted from posting in several communities that require a minimum karma score. However, you can still participate in discussions by commenting.
  • Preventing Further Loss: To halt the decrease in your karma, you might consider deleting posts or comments that are attracting significant downvotes. Although this action won’t recover lost karma, it prevents further decline.

Read more: How to fix Negative Karma

How to Farm Reddit Karma Fast and Easy

  1. One Account Per Browser Rule: It’s crucial to use only one Reddit account per browser to avoid getting banned. If you need to use multiple accounts, consider using anti-detect browser, such as AdsPower.
  2. Avoid Red Flags: If you’re doing activities that might attract unwanted attention, like breaking subreddit rules or irritating users, be mindful of your IP address. Reddit admins can track IPs, and you definitely don’t want to be on their radar. It’s a must to use 1 proxy per account. We recommend using GridPanel proxy.
  3. Limit Your Posts: Aim to not exceed 3 posts per hour to maintain a low profile. And do not post more than 5 posts every day.
  4. Strategies for Boosting Post and Comment Karma:
    • Dogs, cats, cute pictures, and memes work wonderfully.
    • Post celebrity photos in their respective subreddits. Choosing less mainstream celebs can be more effective due to fewer restrictions.
    • Accompany each photo with a recognizable quote or comment to engage fans.
    • Participate in subreddits dedicated to random thoughts or shower musings. These platforms are great for easy, engaging content.
  5. Be Patient with New Profiles: New profiles have limitations. For the first two days, focus on contextual posts rather than picture posts. Subreddits with one-liner jokes or thoughts are ideal for this.
  6. You can also get some Blank Reddit Accounts to speedup your progression.
high karma reddit accounts
By just posting cat photos
you can gain this much karma!

To give you a head start, here are some subreddits where I’ve successfully farmed karma:

For photo posts:

For text posts:

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boost reddit karma
How to use our Reddit Comment Karma Boosting services

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Proven Tips to Get Reddit Karma Faster

High-karma users on Reddit typically:

  • Stay active and have been part of the community for a while.
  • Frequently engage within their subreddits.
  • Share content that is both useful and entertaining.
  • Following these practices will definitely pay off, but let’s dive into proven strategies to boost your karma quicker.

1. Choose Your Subreddits Wisely

Focus on subreddits that align with your expertise and interests, as your contributions will be more valued, leading to more upvotes.

New users should consider joining smaller, niche communities where entry barriers and rules are more lenient, allowing for quicker posting and engagement. However, don’t overlook larger communities.

While you may need some karma and account age to post, you can still participate through comments. Subreddits like r/funny, r/aww, and r/askreddit are excellent for karma hunting.

2. Asking interesting questions in r/AskReddit

r/AskReddit is a fascinating Q&A forum which is open for everyone. You can post any type of question here, covering any subject you like.

You can also ask questions to specialists for advice, like asking doctors what are the weirdest things they have ever faced, or asking people about the most important things you should have in your bedroom, etc.

Ask funny stuff to bring people joy.

If you have an interesting question, it’s most likely that you will gain a ton of upvotes and comments. Also, don’t hesitate to answer people comments to get more upvotes as well.

Gain more karma by replying in the newest questions as well! If you have a funny responds, you can get up to thousands of karma.

askreddit questions
Posts on r/AskReddit can earn you a ton of karma

3. Post on Sunday, between 6 A.M. and 8 A.M. ET

According to our researches, you can get a lot more reaches If you post during 6 A.M to 8 A.M on Sunday (Eastern Time). If you are from the US, this could be quite weird for you, but Reddit has a ton of users coming from different countries, and this is the best time for them all.

Use this tool to convert ET to your local time if you are not from the US:

12-2 AMBadNormalBadBadBadBadGood
2-4 AMBadBadBadBadBadNormalBad
4-6 AMNormalBadBadBadBadNormalNormal
6-8 AMGoodGoodNormalNormalNormalGoodGood
8-10 AMGoodNormalBadBadBadNormalGood
10 AM-12 PMBadBadBadBadBadNormalGood
12-2 PMBadBadBadBadBadBadGood
2-4 PMBadBadBadBadBadBadGood
4-6 PMBadBadBadBadBadBadBad
6-8 PMNormalNormalBadBadNormalBadBad
8-10 PMBadBadNormalBadBadBadBad
10 PM-12 AMBadBadBadBadBadNormalBad

This table classifies the effectiveness of posting times on Reddit into three categories:

  • Good: Indicates a time when posts are generally more successful in terms of engagement.
  • Normal: Represents average or expected levels of engagement.
  • Bad: Suggests times when posts typically receive less engagement or visibility.

4. Comment on New/Rising Posts

This is another easy way to get Reddit karma.

You maybe always give the best comments and posts, but they could get buried under a ton of other submissions. Especially in the biggest subreddits, it’s very hard for people to see all of the new posts.

If you are only hunting for karma, it’s also great to stick with the newest or rising posts in your targeted subreddits.

If you can determine which posts are going to gain a ton of karma, take the advantage, make a great comment, and earn a ton of comment karma.

One trick we usually do is to make some nice comments on r/AskReddit, and buy upvote comments from our Panel, your comments will get skyrocketed to the top in no time.

new askreddit posts
Commenting on the newest posts always giving you a chance of getting your comment featured and earn a ton of Reddit comment karma.

5. Share Relevant Content

While you can gain significant karma through comments, sharing original, high-quality content in the right communities can amplify your karma.

Engage the community with thought-provoking titles and keep the conversation going by interacting in the comments. This can significantly increase the karma you receive from each post.

6. Keep the Topic hot by always responding to people

Whenever someone comments on your post, regardless of the content, just give them a reply, even if you just have to say thanks. This makes people like you a lot more, and surely increases the chance of you getting more upvotes in the future. It also shows people that you are always open to any type of comments in your posts.

This is always one of my favorite ways to slowly farm karma. Free comment karma for you, for sure.

7.. Focus on large subreddits

Since getting some nice converts via niche subreddits is very easy, it’s always tempting for new people to focus on small subs. It’s always the best strategy when it comes to getting conversion, but if you are getting karma, don’t ignore the huge subreddits such as r/hmmm, r/funny, r/AskReddit, etc.

You still can focus on small niche subreddits at the same time if you want to focus on them later. Getting well-known by the targeted communities is always a great idea.

Read more: How to find the best subreddits

8. Post Great Content

Finally, posting great content is always an all-time-working strategy. Post the content your communities love to see, make sure they are interesting, attractive, and unique. You will eventually get all of the karma you want.

Always check if your content or question has been posted recently to avoid redundancy, which is often frowned upon. Instead, look at highly upvoted posts and draw inspiration from them to create similar content that resonates with the community.

Other Tips for Farming Karma:

  • Enhance your title, make them catchy to get people attention. Maybe give them some mysterious.
  • Make sure your pictures, photos, videos, GIFs, etc. have the highest possible quality, making your post more appealing. No one likes 300×300 px meme.
  • Aim for emotional feelings when posting content. And don’t hesitate to show your own opinion in your comments, it might get some initial downvotes, but people will understand you more eventually.
  • Before posting or commenting, make sure to understand the subreddit’s rules as breaking them can lead to downvotes or even penalties. Also, familiarize yourself with Reddiquette, which applies across Reddit.
  • Reddit users are particularly sensitive to overt promotion. Most communities do not favor it, so read the rules carefully to see where self-promotion is accepted. Engage in these communities by contributing valuable content and subtly include promotional hints that direct users to your profile where they can learn more about your offer.
  • Keep up with current events and share fresh news from trusted sources directly to relevant subreddits.
  • Limit posts to one or two per day and engage in the comments to avoid appearing spammy and to organically build Karma.
  • Look beyond mainstream platforms to find fresh and engaging content that hasn’t yet circulated on Reddit.
  • Quickly engage with commenters on your posts to boost visibility and climb towards Reddit’s front page.
  • Ignore negativity and focus on contributing enjoyable and positive content.
  • Avoid conflicts and ensure accuracy in your posts to maintain credibility.
  • Convert content to Reddit-friendly formats using online tools to ensure it displays correctly.
  • Share your unique hobbies or skills in related subreddits to attract interest and gain Karma.
  • Engage with fresh, popular posts by responding early to top comments, using wit or insightful contributions to stand out.

Taking Advantage of Karma in Reddit Marketing

Let’s make it easier to understand by having an example.

Say you make a post on Reddit using a brand-new Reddit account, and then you purchase 100 upvotes from our Reddit panel, you will probably see some of these scenarios:

  • Your account don’t receive full 100 karma. Maybe only 20-50% of the upvotes.
  • Your post (with 100 upvotes) doesn’t rank higher than a post with 50 upvotes (created by an aged Reddit account).

This means, while the quality of the upvotes is important, the age/quality of your account is also the key.

It’s fine to use a brand-new account to promote your content on Reddit and slowly warm it up, but if you want to rank fast and get the results immediately, it’s best to buy high-quality aged Reddit accounts from us.

The more karma your account has, the easier your post rank.

By simply purchasing an aged account from us, with at least 1,000 karma, even if your post has only 100 upvotes, you can easily outrank other posts with 150-200 upvotes, being posted by less-quality account.

This gives you a step ahead of everyone, especially if you are new to the Reddit game and want to make some revenue immediately.

This is also super useful in NSFW niche, Onlyfans, etc. where you only need to buy around 100 upvotes from our Panel to skyrocket your post to the top immediately.


We believe that you’ve found some of the most useful tricks when it comes to Reddit Marketing from this article.

This is an unshared trick that we have been using for years now. We do not only sell the upvotes, we also sell the results.

Karma isn’t the best thing when it comes to marketing on Reddit, but it definitely helps a lot: From building your trust, to making you able to post in high-karma-requirement subreddits.

When people see you have a lot of karma, they will have a lot of trust in you and the content you are posting. Also, there are a lot of the best subreddits our there requiring you to have a minimum amount of karma to post the content.

Once you get more familiar, farming Reddit karma isn’t a nightmare at all. Actually, it is quite interesting.

Happy using Upvote.Shop!

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