How to Rank Reddit Posts Effectively

If you are using our system and wondering what are the best ways to make the most of it, this guide will show you how to rank Reddit posts effectively with the lowest possible budget. We have included a few exclusive Reddit marketing tips as well, which cannot be found anywhere else!

We will try to keep this article as simple as possible so that everyone can understand how Reddit works easily and start getting traffic with it immediately.

how to rank reddit posts


  • The quicker you gain upvotes, the better your post ranks. However, too many upvotes too quickly can look suspicious, especially in smaller Subreddits.
  • To rank, aim for 5%-10% more upvotes than the current top post in your targeted Subreddit.
  • Send upvotes as soon as possible after publishing your post for effective ranking.
  • Ensure your post isn’t spammy and follows the Subreddit rules to avoid being removed.
  • If your post is removed, moderators usually notify you. Contact them for clarification and to appear as a serious Reddit user.
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How does Reddit work?

The structure of Reddit is pretty straight-forward, but we still want to break this down, as we have seen a lot of customers just doing it not right.

  • Reddit has thousands of Subreddits (forums/groups) where people discussing different kinds of topics like cats, puppies, cars, financials, video games, adult contents, etc. You can check out our Reddit Tools page for the best ways to explore Subreddits.
  • People share their contents and comments within the respective Subreddits.
  • The most engaging contents/comments that have the highest amount of upvotes will get to the top of its Subreddit/thread.
  • The default/most popular section of a Subreddit is the HOT section, where top posts within the last 24 hours get featured.
  • Reddit tends to feature new posts that are booming in a Subreddit.
  • The older a post is, the lower it gets moved on the list.
  • After 24 hours or so, your posts will normally be moved to the second/third page, depending on the competition of the Sub.
  • All users won’t get to your post if you don’t post it within a Subreddit. Thus, don’t bother to make a post in your profile, unless you are a very famous user of a community/group.
how reddit works

What are Reddit Upvote and Downvote?

Reddit Upvote is the parameter to determine how much people like a post or a comment on Reddit. The more upvotes a post/comment gets, the higher it ranks within the respective Subreddit/thread. Reddit’s up-vote is similar to Heart on Twitter and Like on Facebook.

When Reddit users browse throughout the platform, they press the up-vote button to show that they like or agree with the content, and they want all other users can see it as well.

On the other side, If users don’t like a content, they can choose to downvote it.

For example, if a post gets 100 upvotes and 20 downvotes, it has 80 upvotes in total.

reddit upvotes

The usernames of people that press the upvote/downvote button are hidden. Which means no one can see the list of users that upvote/downvote a specific post/comment on Reddit.

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Proven Strategies to Rank Reddit Posts Effectively

How does the delivery speed affect the success of my upvotes?

In general, the more upvotes you can deliver in the shortest amount of time, the easier your post can rank to the top. This is our exclusively tested Reddit promotion strategy.

With that being said, it also depends on the Subreddit you are targeting. Whether the moderators are active or not. If it is not a huge Subreddit with not too many posts published every day, the moderators of the sub might don’t like seeing you sending too many upvotes in a short amount of time. In this case, you might want to slow it down a bit.

Just try to make your post looks like all others in that Subreddit.

How many upvotes do I need to get ranked on Reddit?

It depends on how big your targeted Subreddit is. Normally, you want to send 5%-10% more than what it takes for the other top posts to get ranked. It’s recommended to send 5% more upvotes than the top posts to take their positions. If you still cannot rank, send some more upvotes towards it.

For example, If the top post has 100 upvotes, and the second top post has 80 upvotes, you generally want to buy Reddit 110+ upvotes to your post for it to take the first spot.

What time in the day should I buy upvotes?

It doesn’t really matter.
You want to send upvotes towards your posts as fast as possible after publishing to rank them effectively.

In short, what do I need to get to the HOT section?

A lot of upvotes at high delivery speed and send them as soon as possible after publishing it.

Tip: This article is for ranking in HOT section. To rank high in the TOP section of the week, month, year, or even all-time, all you need is to have enough upvotes. More details here.

Are awards just for making my post remarkable?

Awards are not just for making the post appealing, they also has a lot of “weight” when it comes to ranking Reddit post. According to our test, the higher the quality (price) the awards are, the better your post can rank.

Update: Reddit removed Awards in September 2023.

You want to mix up the awards to make your post look natural.

upvote shop reddit panel
Upvote.Shop Reddit Panel

Why does my post get removed?

The main reasons are whether your post is spammy, or it is removed manually by the moderators of that Subreddit by not following the Rules. It’s not because of the upvotes.

Normally, the moderators will write a comment below your post or send you a message before removing it. Read it to not make the same mistake again in the future. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact the moderators and ask about it. This also makes you look like a serious Reddit user, not a spammer.


When you have a good enough basic mindset, ranking a Reddit post using our system, Upvote.Shop, is just super easy.

When it comes to developing the system, we always want to make you use it with the minimum amount of work while providing the best possible results. And it is proven in our Reddit promo panel.

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