24 OnlyFans Hacks To Skyrocket Your Revenue

OnlyFans has become one of the most popular avenues for making money online, with over 15 million subscribers in 2022 alone. But with more and more creators joining, the platform is becoming increasingly competitive. So, how can you make more money on OnlyFans in 2023?

Here’s your best 24 OnlyFans hacks to becoming a successful creator and earning a lot more money on the platform in the coming year.

onlyfans hacks

How much money can I make on OnlyFans?

With just a few months of consistent work from starting from zero followers, you could be making between 500 dollars every month to well over 10,000 dollars every month.

You are in control of how much you charge as your subscription fee. You can also sell PPV (Pay-Per-View) content such as pictures, photoshoots, and videos to bring in more earnings.

The more people that subscribe to you, the more money you make per month. Though those with larger followings like influencers and adult content providers may only charge 10-20 dollars per month, there is no upper limit to what you can charge – provided the people are willing to pay it.

For private messages and tips, the minimum amount you can charge is 5.00 dollars. You could potentially start making good money in a few months, so why not give it a shot?

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You don’t need a ton of followers with our OnlyFans Hacks

It’s not necessary to have a massive following to start earning real money – in fact, if you can get just 10 paying subscribers, you can tap into some serious income.

An Average OnlyFans model stands to earn $90 and up for each patron, so 10 subscribers a month would result in a thousand dollars.

To make that happen, it’s important to focus on building relationships and engaging with your followers. Make them feel appreciated and asked about their day, and that’s worth a lot more than the money they’re spending.

For even more success, try charging lower rates and enticing subscribers to purchase pay-per-view content. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your follower base grows!

How to get started on OnlyFans

Creating Account

  1. Create account at https://onlyfans.com/
  2. Setup account username and display name:
    • Username – This is how you’ll be represented in your account URL and with your “@” tag. For instance, if your username is “upvoteshop”, then your profile URL will be onlyfans.com/upvoteshop and your “@” tag will be “@upvoteshop”.
    • Display Name – This is the name that will appear on your profile and your posts. Feel free to add spaces and emojis to make it look more interesting – unlike the username!


  • Using an emoji in your display name can make it more attractive.
  • Connecting your username and display name to your niche may also be beneficial.
  • One way to make this easier is to acquire the same name across various social media platforms.
  • Utilizing namecheckr can be useful when verifying your moniker is available.
  • Get your OnlyFans account verified fast.


onlyfans username setup

Subscription Rate

$3-$5 is a sweet spot for all starters to start banking!

Add your bank account information

In order to access your earnings from subscriptions, tips, and PPV content you unlock, you must first add a bank account to your OnlyFans profile.

Payments are generated and sent daily, and you can update or substitute your bank account information in the ‘Add Bank’ setting in the menu.

Once your account is verified and you’ve set a subscription price, you can add either a bank account or a verified ePayments wallet.

You will be asked to provide proof of identity, such as a passport, ID card, driving license, and your ID must be verified with a selfie.

Most transactions are processed and transferred this same day, but depending on your bank it may take up to 3 days to receive funds. OnlyFans recently decreased the minimum withdrawal payment to $20, and added more payment options.

Payout Information


Payment OptionMinimum requestWaiting Time
Bank Transfer (ACH)$201-3 Days

The UK

Payment OptionsMinimum requestWaiting Time
Direct Transfer (OCT)$20< 1 day
International Bank Transfer (SWIFT)$2001-3 days
e-Wallet$100< 1 day

Canada & Australia

Payment OptionMinimum requestWaiting Time
Direct Transfer (OCT) – AUD Only$20< 1 day
International Bank Transfer (SWIFT) – AUD & CAN$1001-3 days
e-Wallet$100< 1 day


Payment OptionMinimum requestWaiting Time
Direct Transfer (OCT)$20< 1 day
International Bank Transfer (SEPA)$1001-3 days
e-Wallet$100< 1 day


Payment OptionMinimum requestWaiting Time
Direct Transfer (OCT)$20< 1 day
International Bank Transfer (SEPA)$1001-3 days
e-Wallet$100< 1 day
Paxum (eWallet)$100

Direct Transfer (OTC) and International Transfer (SWIFT/SEPA) are two different payment options available on OnlyFans. Direct Transfer is the preferred method if you have a Visa or Visa Debit card, as it has a low payout threshold of $20 and allows for more frequent payouts. International Bank Transfer is the alternative if you don’t have a Visa or Visa Debit card.

Best OnlyFans Hacks To Get More Revenue

Making money on OnlyFans is possible if you adhere to some important principles. Here are some of the ways to make money:

  • Per subscriber basis
  • Tips via posts on your timeline
  • Content that can be accessed with a pay-per-view timeline and direct messaging
  • Tips through direct messaging
  • Offering custom pictures/videos
  • Live streaming
  • Mass messaging
  • Girlfriend experience
  • Selling panties
  • Amazon Wishlist.

Following these guidelines can help you maximize potential earnings on OnlyFans.

onlyfans hack 1
Choose your own topic/niche. For example, surfer?

1. Having a niche, persona, and brand

Having a clear niche or kink will help to shape your brand and create your online persona. Every element of your content should give an insight into who you are and what you offer; this includes your style of clothing, props, language, and how playful you appear.

Some of the most popular OnlyFans personas are: bratty, innocent at home, Kawaii/Anime/Cosplay, Findom, MILF, Athletic, Yogi, Fitness babe, and Dominatrix. All of these themes have the potential to make you stand out from the crowd and give your audience an understanding of who you are.

Read more: Best OnlyFans niche ideas.

Take a look at successful content creators; analyzing how they market themselves, display their image, and where and what they post (e.g. Reddit).

Attempt to tie-in your alias, moniker, or online handle with your personal brand. This will lend to forming a more recognizable persona.

2. Post Content Consistently

If you want to start making money, showing up every day and doing smart work is the key.

To get that started, you need to post contents consistently so people will see your total posts at the top of your profile and be likely to subscribe.

Until you reach tens of followers, you should hide your follower count on the settings so your viewers can focus on the quality of your contents.

It may help to create a routine to post content regularly by dedicating certain days or hours.

With this diligent effort, you can start making the money you desire.

3. Create the Feeling Relationships

OnlyFans – a platform that encourages engagement and connection which in turn can lead to profits.

On OnlyFans, you are able to communicate directly and privately with people, and this makes them feel important.

They have the option to tip or request content from you, so it makes sense to get to know your fans and subscribers better and make them feel special.

Doing this will increase the likelihood of them paying for your content.

But how to develop the relationships correctly?

It’s important to stay connected and responded to your messages actively.

If you’re not online, your subscribers may turn to someone else who is more readily available.

If you cultivate relationships with the right followers, you may be rewarded handsomely.

Investing a bit of your time could lead to a fan who will send you thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

Listen to your fans!

One of the keys to becoming a successful OnlyFans model is knowing how to make money on the platform. After all, as a service provider, they say that “the customer is always right”.

This doesn’t mean you have to bend over backwards for your customers, but it does mean that ensuring their satisfaction should be a priority.

One easy way to get feedback from customers on what kind of content they’d like to see from you is to pin a poll at the top of your Profile. Consider listing options like bikini try-on videos, underwear, workout videos, boy/girl videos, cleavage shots, and feet pics.

You can also invite people to offer any suggestions that aren’t listed by writing in the comments: “Anything not listed let me know/DM me”.

By following these steps, you can create content that meets the demands of your customers and make money on OnlyFans in the process.

onlyfans hack 2
Engage more with your fans!

4. Engage more with the audience!

Encouraging interaction with your followers is an important way to increase engagement.
Try using polls, stories, questions, direct messages, and other OnlyFans features to capture the attention of your fanbase.

Doing so will help drive more feedback and ultimately make your content more enjoyable.

5. Be Patient!

Achieving financial success is a process that requires time and effort. Building up to the point of making good money will not come overnight.

With perseverance and dedication, however, the rewards of achieving a healthy income can be attained.

6. Free OnlyFans Page

On OnlyFans, you are able to have two separate pages. It is highly recommended to have one fee-free page and one paid page that are linked together.

That way, when someone is interested in your content offered on the platform, they can get a free preview with the free page before deciding if they want to subscribe for the full premium content.

free onlyfans page hack
A Free OnlyFans page

There are many benefits to having a free page. For instance, you can post Pay Per View (PPV) posts on your timeline, a feature that is not available on the paid pages.

Additionally, when you are new to OnlyFans, it can be difficult to get followers and subscribers when you have limited content, likes, and followers. Offering a free page helps these new users showcase what they can offer each month, giving viewers a better understanding of what they are buying before they subscribe.

When creating a free page, take the time to think about the content you want to provide, how often you post, what type of content you post (audio, videos, photos, etc), whether you respond to messages and if you create custom personalized content.

You can also provide some of this information in your bio.

Ultimately, having a free page can be a great way to attract more followers and eventually paying subscribers. It’s an excellent method of promotion and conversion that can potentially lead to more earnings.

ppv onlyfans posts
PPV Post on OnlyFans

7. Make PPV Posts

Having a free OnlyFans account allows you to create PPV posts or “price lock” a post. PPV posts are great as they generate revenue on autopilot – you make them once, and they can make you money forever.

However, in order to reap the benefits of PPV posts, two key components are essential: creating engaging and unique content and targeting the right audience.

Great Thumbnails (Previews) for the PPV Post

Take a snapshot from your video at the point you’d like to use as a thumbnail, and use it to preview your video on the post. This way viewers can get a taster of what your video offers before they pay to unlock it.

Make sure you select an eye-catching image that will intrigue viewers and make them want to watch the whole video.

PPV Post Caption

Do you want more detail on what’s in store? Get your subs excited with our OnlyFans caption generator! Our built-in tool is here to help you create a captivating post that entices viewers to pay to unlock the full video. Whether you’re looking to give away a few teasers or draw in your followers with the whole story, the captain is the perfect way to get them intrigued. Unlock the post today and give your subscribers an experience they won’t forget!

8. Mass Messaging

The mass messaging feature for OnlyFans is really impressive. To send out a mass message, just select the “All Subscribers” option when creating a message.

To make money from this feature, here is an example strategy:

  1. Mass message all your subscribers with something such as a photo or message to remind them that you are still here and that you have something new you would like to share with them.
  2. Reply to those who respond positively.
  3. Engage in conversations with those who do reply or comment on your message.
  4. Direct the conversations to the point where you could possibly make a little money.
  5. Offer tips, requests or requests for custom photos and videos – and charge accordingly.

Using this Onlyfans hack can have great benefits, through monetization and through engagement and strengthening the relationships with all your subscribers.

onlyfans stories hack

9. Stories

Using OnlyFans stories is similar to sharing stories on Instagram. You can use this feature to stay connected with your audience throughout the day, from cross-posting your IG stories to OnlyFans to teasing upcoming content or showing what you’re doing in the shower.

It’s also a great way to give your followers snippets of insight into who you really are by posting selfies and other fun content.

using onlyfans polls hack

10. Using Polls

Polls are a fantastic way to get your subscribers engaged and interacting! Posting a poll only takes a matter of moments – simply select the ‘poll’ option when creating a new post and you’ll be ready to go.

You can select the amount of time for which the poll remains active too, allowing you to get valuable feedback on your content quickly and conveniently.

Polling your subscribers can often be more effective than asking for comments, and also requires minimal effort on their part – sweetening the deal! If you’re running a poll, you may like to message your subscribers to let them know they can expect a poll so they can be ready to vote when it arrives.

To help you get started with your polling efforts, here are some example questions that your sorts of polls might address:

  • What kind of content would you like to see next? Options X, Y, or Z?
  • Would you like me to share more freebies?
  • Do you know I also offer X, Y, and Z services?
  • What do think about my pricing?
  • ETC.

It’s an easy way to get valuable feedback from your subscribers. So why not give it a try today?

asking questions on onlyfans

11. Asking Questions

Have you seen the feature on Instagram? To create a story, you will find a ‘question mark’ icon at the top. By typing in your question and placing it over a picture, your subscribers can answer it and the notification will show. You can choose to answer it via direct message or publicly, as a story.

Utilizing This Feature: Utilizing this feature has so many advantages such as collecting feedback about your page and increasing engagement. Here’s a reminder of some questions you can post:

  • {selfie} Ask “Ask Me Anything” (AMA)
  • {bodypart} Do you like my bodypart?
  • {2 outfits} Ask which outfit is better: “A” or “B”?
  • {bodypart} Does my body part looks big/small here?
  • {outfit} Should I buy this?
  • {outfit} Do you like my outfit?
  • {outfit} Would you be interested in me if I wore this for you?
  • {selfie} What is your favorite position?
  • {selfie} Are you a cat or dog lover?
  • {selfie} What is your best joke?
onlyfans account suggestion hack
Account suggestion section!

12. OnlyFans Account Suggestion Hack

OnlyFans recently unveiled their new “Suggested Accounts” feature. By taking advantage of this addition, you can boost your subscriber count.

Here’s how it works: when someone views your profile, OnlyFans will suggest other OnlyFans pages to follow based on who is on your Friends List.

To get the most out of this feature, try to add models who are similar to you in terms of physical attributes and those who are in your niche and have a lot of subscribers.

To make sure models add you to their friend’s list, direct message them on Twitter, OF, Reddit, etc., and make sure they see the message.

With the help of other models, you can appear in their “suggested accounts” lists, resulting in more subscribers.

Adding models to your friend’s list is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the URL of the person you would like to add.
  2. Click the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Add to/remove from lists”
  4. Select “Friends”.

To ensure that your Fans/Followers can see your friends, you’ll need to edit your profile. Go to your Profile, scroll down to Privacy and Safety and select. Once you’ve located the “Public Friends list”, activate it by turning it to blue.

Once you’re done, you’ll notice that both mobile and desktop users now have a “Friends” section visible when viewing your profile. On top of that, each friend list entry showcases a symbol depending on the current promotion: a % sign for % off Promos, FREE for Free Subs/Promos, and no symbol if there is no discount at the moment.

Lastly, you can check if any of your followers have added your profile to their friend’s list by going to My Profile, clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner and selecting Statistics. There, you’ll be able to see all the traffic you got from Other OF users who’ve added you to their friend’s list.


Subscribers will appreciate that you took the time to get to know them on a personal level. Notes are a great way to make that happen: you can set a note for each individual subscriber to remember what they like and dislike. it can also be a useful reminder of the conversations you have in Direct Messages (DMs). This can go a long way to building relationships and showing that you care about each individual subscriber.

livestreaming onlyfans
Doing livestreaming on OnlyFans

13. Livestreaming

Live-streaming is an incredible resource in your business toolkit. To get the most out of this powerful medium, plan to live-stream a few times each week.

his way, you’ll be able to build a strong connection with your followers and create a thriving community. Even better, people usually tip during live streams.

Plus, though people may not tip, they can like and comment, interact with your stream—even if they miss it live, they can re-watch it later on.

To get off to the best start with live-streaming, set a recurring date and time you can stick to consistently. This will help people get into the routine of tuning in to your stream each week.

And once you start gaining traction, consider investing in an external quality webcam. Built-in webcams won’t provide the HD streaming that’s so valuable these days.

Other OnlyFans Hacks

  1. Utilize the Pinned Post Feature: Pin a post explaining both your content and tip menu.
  2. Do Custom Videos in Your DMs: Offer custom videos and get closer to subscribers.
  3. Create a Tip Menu: Make a list of all the services you offer and their associated prices.
  4. Create High Quality and Varied Content: Put out quality content to stand out from the crowd. Check out OnlyFans Content Ideas for inspiration!
  5. Add a bit of mystery to your feed with text captions for non-subscribers! There’s a setting available to show text captions of your posts on your feed to non-subscribers. Activating this feature means that, when people not subscribed to your account visit your page, your photos and content will be blurred – yet the captions will still remain visible. Put this setting to use and experiment with captions that are sure to entice potential subscribers to view your content!
  6. Want to make it easy for your supporters to give you their supports? Consider creating Subscription Bundles – a feature now available in Settings!
    Subscription Bundles allow you to provide multiple subscription options to your patrons so they can best choose how much and how often they’d like to show you their appreciation. Check out your settings today to learn more and get started!
  7. Scheduling content is a great way to save time and focus on the DMs to produce better content. To post, simply follow the “Schedule Post” option.
    For a consistent experience, it is ideal to post 2 to 3 times a day. Therefore, scheduling a post can be done in one go on Sunday if all your content is already prepared.
    Having the option to schedule content is especially helpful when life gets in the way. Then, you can preprogram future posts so that your page remains engaging even when you take a break.
  8. While special deals can be great for attracting and building your customer base, it’s important not to overdo promoting.
    Too much offering of discounts and promotions can devalue your product or service, leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential financial losses.
    The best way to approach promotional offers is to keep them to a minimum and to target a specific segment of customers.
    For example, you could limit promotional discounts to the next two hours or for the next x amount of subscribers. This way, you still get the benefits of running promotions, such as heightened interest and engagement, without over-extending.
  9. Making it easier than ever to receive gifts from your fans, throne.me allows you to add your wishlist to your profile without revealing your address. Keep your data safe, yet let your followers know exactly what it is that you’d like. If you opt to use an Amazon wishlist, be sure to use a P.O. box so that your actual location remains undisclosed.
  10. Fundraiser Feature: Whether you’re in need of a new outfit or toy, you can use this feature to make your wish come true. In fact, you can sweeten the pot by promising to make a video of your new purchase with the funds you receive. There’s never been an easier way to make your dreams a reality!
  11. Using auto follower to maximize the reach of your following list can be an invaluable tool for making more money on OnlyFans.
    With just one button click, you can automatically follow new individuals and people who have recently unsubscribed from your account. This way, you are able to cast a much wider net and reach more people with your message and potentially get more subscribers. Also, automatically following your expired fans has been proven to be an effective way of getting them back up and running with your account again.
    With one click, you can now mass message and follow almost everyone that had unsubscribed from your account in the past.
    This is an invaluable tool to really maximize your returns on the platform. Try out this autofollower follow option and get the most out of your OnlyFans account!


Increasing your revenue is quite easy and doesn’t require a ton of followers if you follow our simple Onlyfans hacks above.

By following and implementing these hacks, anyone can become an OnlyFans star and start making money by sharing their content.

Remember to keep your content and audience in mind when creating content and promoting your OnlyFans account in order to make the most of your OnlyFans experience.

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