Top 10 No PPV OnlyFans Creators You Must Follow & Learn

Many think that the only path to profit on OnlyFans is through selling pay-per-view (PPV) content. This includes videos and photos that are gated behind a paywall, requiring fans to pay extra for access, even if they already subscribe. However, creators have various ways to make money on OnlyFans without relying on PPV content, and we’ll dive into those methods here.

The dilemma of using PPV or not is crucial when setting up your OnlyFans account. First, it’s essential to understand what PPV means in the context of OnlyFans. Then, you can consider the advantages and disadvantages of offering PPV content versus an all-inclusive subscription model. This guide will help you determine which approach suits your needs best.

Top No PPV OnlyFans Accounts With Great Content

Chantelleh23– Over 850 videos
– Over 2,700 photos
– Over 469,000 likes
@chantelleh23Chantelleh Howarth is a busty, bodacious, blue-haired babe sharing her fantasies. She loves cosplay, fetishes, ASMR, and more, showcasing a playful and erotic style.
– Over 121,000 likes
– 3,200 photos
– $9.99 per month
@xoxorebeccaBecca Jo is a church-going mom with a naughty side. She offers fully nude posts, custom videos, and spicy voice calls, engaging deeply with her subscribers.
youlovemads– Weekly livestreams
– Over 220,000 likes
– Over 400 videos
@youlovemadssMads is a party girl offering free full nude photos, personalized messages, and hardcore livestreams. She specializes in group activities, threesomes, and more.
lulus dreamz– Kink friendly
– Top 0.3% OnlyFans creator
– Over 100,000 likes
@lulusdreamzLuluz Dreamz is a German hottie into kinky activities, including pegging and CEI. She’s known for her foot content and creative kinks.
jesse switch– Over 470,000 likes
– Over 1,100 videos
– Twerking expert
@jesse_switchJesse Switch is a voluptuous Canadian creator known for her duality in content, offering everything from succubus cosplay to boy-on-girl videos.
stephoshiri– 6,000 subscribers
– $12.99 per month
– High quality solo content
@stephoshiriSteph Oshiri offers solo content, twerking videos, and toy play. She engages with her audience and shares her love for sexy clothing and hard work.
– Over 1,300 videos
– Fetish friendly
– $11.99 per month
@sapphiredixonKori Sapphire is a gym enthusiast with hardcore content, including solo and boy-on-girl videos. She teases with lingerie try-ons and playful dances.
willowwhite– Over 1,500 photos
– Full-length videos
– $9.99 per month
@willowwhiteWillow White is a petite bombshell who loves teasing on live streams and offers a variety of playful shows, both solo and hardcore.
goddess goth– Tattoos
– Over 117,000 likes
– Full-length videos
@GoddessGothLucy Jacqueline, AKA Goddess Goth, is known for her sexy and dark persona, offering a range of kinky content and seductive outfits.
– Over 20,000 likes
– Tattoos
– Lingerie
@baomiisnoppvNaomi Foxx is known for her sultry looks and seductive content, often featuring lingerie and tattoos.

OnlyFans is a versatile platform allowing creators to earn through various methods.

With subscriptions, fans pay a monthly fee to access your content.

After setting up your account, you can also receive tips from your followers. Additionally, there’s pay-per-view (PPV) content, which involves charging a one-time fee for exclusive photos and videos.

You can offer PPV content without requiring fans to subscribe to your account. This means you can use a free account to give fans a sneak peek of your exclusive PPV content.

Tools like UpvoteShop Panel can help you promote your PPV content on Reddit and optimize pricing to maximize revenue.

haley no ppv onlyfans account

What Is a No PPV OnlyFans Account?

A no PPV OnlyFans account is one where followers pay a monthly subscription fee without any extra charges for exclusive content.

The benefit of this approach is that you don’t need to constantly upsell followers or create additional content for PPV. Instead, top no PPV OnlyFans creators focus on consistently producing and sharing high-quality photos, videos, and other content for all subscribers, letting the excellence of their work stand out.

Moreover, many subscribers appreciate this all-inclusive model, as it avoids the continuous push to spend more money.

Benefits of Setting Up Accounts Without PPV Content

Creating an OnlyFans account without PPV content offers several advantages:

  • Higher Subscriber Retention: Subscribers are more likely to stick around since they feel they’re getting all your content without needing to pay extra.
  • Higher Subscription Fees: You can charge more for subscriptions compared to accounts with PPV content, as followers get access to everything.
  • Less Pressure: There’s less stress to continually create and promote new content.
  • No Hard Selling: Ideal for creators who enjoy making and posting content rather than focusing on sales tactics.
  • Selective Extras: You can choose when to create additional features like livestreams to encourage tips without the constant need for upselling.
  • Simplified Content Management: With no need to categorize content as exclusive or non-exclusive, managing your content library becomes easier.
  • Improved Subscriber Experience: Offering an all-inclusive subscription can lead to a more satisfied and loyal subscriber base, as they feel they’re getting full value for their money.
  • Consistent Revenue Stream: Without the fluctuations that come with PPV sales, you can enjoy a more predictable and steady income from subscription fees.
  • Easier Promotion: Marketing a single subscription price can be simpler and more straightforward than promoting multiple tiers and exclusive content.
  • Focused Content Creation: You can concentrate on producing high-quality content without the distraction of having to create special PPV material.
no ppv onlyfans

Can OnlyFans Content Creators Make Money with No PPV?

Absolutely! Many of the top 0.1% of OnlyFans accounts operate without PPV content. This all-inclusive model attracts subscribers who prefer not to pay extra for exclusive content.

Additionally, subscribers often tip for their favorite videos, livestreams, and other content, adding to the creator’s revenue.

Is Having a No PPV Account a Good Option for OnlyFans Content Creators?

Choosing between offering PPV content or running an OnlyFans account with no PPV largely depends on your personal preferences and goals.

Some creators prefer PPV as it can significantly boost their earnings. They can create and market exclusive content to generate extra income whenever needed.

On the other hand, many creators find that a no PPV account reduces the pressure to constantly produce and sell new exclusive content.

A no PPV account is particularly attractive to creators who see OnlyFans as a side gig rather than their main job, as it usually demands less time than a PPV account. It’s also a great option for new creators who are just starting and exploring how to attract subscribers.

No PPV accounts often grow their subscriber base faster and retain those subscribers more effectively compared to accounts with paywalls. Additionally, creators with no PPV accounts can often charge a higher subscription fee compared to those with PPV content.

setup no ppv account

How to setup a No PPV Account

Creating an OnlyFans account is free, whether you opt for PPV or no PPV.

For a PPV account, you place some or most of your content behind a paywall, requiring fans to pay extra to access it.

In contrast, with a no PPV account, none of your content is behind a paywall. Instead, you charge a monthly subscription fee for access to all your content.

For any type of account, but especially for those not charging extra for exclusive content, it’s crucial to establish a content calendar.

This schedule should outline the types of content you will post and how frequently you will do so.

A diverse mix of content—images, videos, explicit, and non-explicit—can be very effective in attracting and retaining subscribers. Additionally, you need to decide on a suitable subscription price.

PPV or No PPV, Which is better?

Whether you choose to offer PPV content or not, subscriptions remain a primary revenue stream for your OnlyFans account. Typically, no PPV accounts charge higher subscription fees compared to PPV accounts, some of which might even offer free subscriptions.

While PPV accounts can increase revenue through the sale of exclusive paywalled content, creators with no PPV accounts can still generate extra income by allowing followers to tip them. You can configure your account to let fans tip you directly from your profile or on specific posts. This setup also helps you identify the types of content your followers appreciate the most, enabling you to produce more of what they love.

Another effective way to attract tips is by offering livestreams to your subscribers, or even making them free for all viewers. Free livestreams have the added benefit of attracting potential new subscribers, expanding your audience base.

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