Complete Reddit Marketing Guide For Beginners

This is the complete guide to Redding Marketing for all beginners who are looking for the very first advice and tips. Following this simple and straight-forward guide, you will see that marketing on Reddit is not that hard at all.

reddit marketing guide

Reddit is known as the front page of the Internet, where people can easily access millions of communities (subreddits) regarding different topics for the latest news and all kinds of conversations!

At the moment, Reddit has around 6 billion views every month, and is currently the 3rd biggest social media network on the Internet and still growing extremely well. However, the way Reddit works could make it the best place for you to get more traffic towards your project and get to more high-quality customers with ease.

It’s proven that getting traffic from Reddit is a lot easier compared to Twitter and Facebook, and the thing is, most Reddit users are from Tier-1 countries, where every single click matters.

If you are looking for a working way to get more audiences/visitors, this Reddit guide is for you.

If you are not using Reddit right now for your project, you are missing a huge amount of valuable users. But it’s never too late to get started.

In this article, we are giving you a general idea regarding Reddit marketing, as well as the best tips for you to have a huge advantage ahead of everyone in your niche.

one subreddit

How Reddit Works

Reddit is the world’s biggest forum-like social media platform where anyone can create an account and share any link/topic/discussion with everyone in specific community/forum (or subreddits).

There are millions of subreddits/communities on Reddit, and each of them has thousands of users online every single second.

For everything you can think of, you can literally find a respective of that specific topic on Reddit. From cute pets, memes, any video game, any movie, etc.

If you want to share any news, photo, video, or GIF, simply go to the respective subreddit and share your submission. For example, if you want to share cat-related content, you can go to r/cats, or r/kittengifs

If people find your content interesting and like it, they will ⬆️ upvote (like) your post.

Whichever posts have the most amount of upvotes will get brought to the top of the community, helping it reach even more people.

And if your post is great enough to receive a ton of upvotes and comments, it will even be able to get to the top of all Reddit communities, r/all, which is the front page of Reddit, meaning all guests and all Reddit users are able to get to your post no matter where you post it.

r/all contains only the top submissions of all subreddit. If you are able to get here, you will be able to reach out to millions of people.


An easy way of getting to the top of your selected subreddit is to buy upvotes from our panel. We have an exclusive system that sends upvotes to your submissions almost immediately after you place the order, helping you get to the top of Reddit with ease.

Now you’ve already known how Reddit works, let’s get into it deeper!

Best Tips for Marketing on Reddit

According to research, almost all Reddit users hate ads and self-promotion. This is also why most of the content on Reddit is super high-quality, giving the site a huge success.

Thus, you want to be a bit smarter when doing marketing on Reddit. It might require a bit more work, but it will surely pay off very well.

All of your posts or submissions on Reddit regarding any product/object must be very informative and from the perspective of a user. You want to make the post as authentically as possible.

Below are some of our best Reddit marketing tips for you to make things easier!

1. Join the Community You Are Targeting

it’s super hard to promote your stuff on a relatively active subreddit (community) If you are not an active member, or at least a real member of it.

To become a member of a subreddit, simple click the Join button at the top of it, next to the subreddit’s title:

join subreddit

Due to Reddit’s algorithm, it’s best to join the subreddit before posting any comment/post there so that you post doesn’t look spammy.

Each relatively-active subreddit also has some hard-working moderators, who spend hours every day to keep the community running smoothly. Even if you have a high-quality aged account, but you make promotional content right away before submitting any other normal content in that subreddit, its moderators will almost always mark you as a spammer, and your account could even get shadowbanned.

This is just a simple kind of logic that most of us can understand.

So, after joining a targeted subreddit, you might want to make a few comments as a normal user, and start sharing some random stuff, just like a normal user. You want to do this every day, or at least a few times per week.

Just make sure you are not a spammer.

Depending on the subreddit you want to target, it might take a few days to a few weeks for you to start promoting your content.


If the subreddit you are targeting requires you to have an aged account, or high-karma account to post/comment, and you don’t have time to build up your account, simply buy high-quality accounts from our Panel.

Our accounts with active history and high-karma will surely give you a better start.

2. Follow The Rules

We all don’t want to break the rules, whether it’s in real life or it’s on Reddit.

If your targeted subreddit is an quite active community, it must have some rules.

reddit rules
r/aww Rules

You can easily see it on the right sidebar of each subreddit. Take a quick look at it to make sure you are following the rules to avoid your account from getting banned.

3. No Self-Promotion

Nowadays, self-promotion is a big no-no when you are doing any kind of advertising.

Also, self-promotion is not allowed on Reddit almost everywhere, unless you contribute to the target subreddit beforehand.

This means if you just spam your link everywhere on Reddit, you will get banned almost immediately by not only the sub-moderators but also by the Reddit system itself. And it’s totally a waste of time.

Again, you want to make sure that you are contributing something to the community, or at least you want to try to make your post not look like a self-promotion post.

Tip: One of the most effective tricks we usually do is to answer a post asking for something related to your stuff. After a few days, come back to edit your comment and include the link you want to promote.

4. Create your own content from your perspective

Make your content real, just like one from a real user.

Reddit users don’t want to read a post without commentary and full of promotional content. They will hit the report button immediately and your post will get removed in no time.

You want to add a lot of personality to your content, making it look like you are a real user of the product. Just try to make it real.

Any advertising type of content just doesn’t work on Reddit. Reddit users are completely different. You want to have an authentic and user-focused content strategy.

Below is an example piece of content that you can use on some subreddits. Mix it up and make it look like you are finding some help to finding a product, or anything, and trying to lead people to your page.

This is an example of a post that will also work well on Reddit
“Hi everyone, I need your help!
I am looking for THIS PRODUCT but all I find when searching on Google for “your longtail keyword where your website ranks at top 3+” is this WEBPAGE.
Please let me know what should I do?
Thank you a lot!

Make it real by fitting it with the subreddit content style.

Do note that our Panel also offers awards and real comments if you are looking to make your post more appealing.

5. Contribute More!

If you find a great subreddit and want to stick with it, you want to spend more than what you get.

Simply contribute more to the community rather than just doing self-promotion on Reddit. You want to post random stuff, making comments on people’s posts, give them awards, etc.

Only try to promote your stuff once every few days, no more than that, otherwise, you will get marked for looking spammy.

Avoid giving meaningless comments. Make your comments real, and interact with the top users of that subreddit.

Reddit marketing tactics you should know

“Ask Me Anything” (AMA)

If you are a well-known person, celebrity, or brand, if you can do something cool, or if you are working in a special place, etc, running an AMA thread is a super effective way to promote yourself.

To do it, you can go to r/IAmA/ and create a post like the one below. People will start upvoting and commenting a lot, asking about your personal stuff and about the cool things you can do.

For example, this is an AmA created by Bill Gates, attracting 66.6k upvotes and 14.3k comments!

bill gates ama

Start answering people comments, and you will gain a ton of karma as well as reputation here. Not only that, you can gain a ton of traffic to your link as well.

This is a very effective way for everyone that has something cool to generate traffic!

Monitoring Your Reputation!

When you start getting some reputation amongst the community, you can use Mention or Brand24 to receive a notification whenever someone mentions you, your product, etc. on Reddit.

From there, you can easily contribute to those mentions further by letting them know more about yourself or your product. This is an excellent way to build up your brand and authority!

Product Recommendation Posts

There are a huge amount of subreddits that are able for you to promote or review products in a “real” way.

For example, take a look at r/malefashionadvice, this is a very big community where men ask for fashion tips and reviews of different products.

If you are in this niche, it’s not hard to promote your link here below people’s questions. Just make sure your content looks real and your advice is valuable.

You can even create a debatable thread and sneakily put the links in your post or comments whenever people ask for it!

comment advertising reddit

As you can see, making some informative comments coming with your links is not hard at all in advice-asking type of threads.

This should be the goldmine that you want to pay attention to.

Other Subreddits You Might Like

  • /r/ThriftStoreHauls
  • /r/VintageTees
  • /r/Barter
  • /r/Frugal
  • /r/DealsReddit
  • /r/shutupandtakemymoney
  • /r/DiscountedProducts
  • /r/muglife
  • /r/deals
  • /r/DVDCollection
  • /r/FrugalFemaleFashion
  • /r/TheArtifice
  • /r/frugalmalefashion
  • /r/MakeupAddiction
  • /r/BookHaul
  • /r/ecycle
  • /r/Flipping
  • And there are a lot more!

Start with one subreddit to fully understand how it works before go deeper.

To make your account less spamming and avoid getting banned, you can order some Reddit accounts from our system as well.

Giving People Advice

People in your niche are always having a lot of problems and looking for advice. Your job is to find those questions on Reddit, answer them, give people advice, and link back to your website (solution) if possible.

Simply search for people’s questions using the Reddit Search function and put your link( or the keyword related to your product) once every few comments.

Below is a great example of this tactic (see the arrows):

answering questions on reddit

Start your own Subreddit

This is the hardest tactics, but could give you the most powerful source of content.

Imagine how much money you can make with a subreddit of 100k members and 1k members being online in real-time?

That’s it!

But building it from scratch is not easy at all. You generally want to start a subreddit regarding a small niche/topic first, and slowly promote it on Reddit. Most of the time, your promotion will get removed if your comment doesn’t bring any value, or simply if the moderators of the related subreddits just don’t like it.

Keeping communication with all of your subscribers, giving them the best possible value that they cannot find anywhere else, and your subreddit will start growing, slowly but steadily.

Staying connected with people is the key.

Building a community always takes a lot of effort and energy, but you will get paid off soon!

Run Reddit Ads

The Reddit Ads system is still underdeveloped, but it is still worth a try if you have some budget to spend on paid ads.

The great thing about Reddit Ads is that you can show the ads on any targeted subreddit you like, making it a lot easier for you to get to the exact type of audience you want.

Do note that the Reddit ads show up as a normal post on top of a subreddit, so you typically want to make your post look like a real thread started by a normal user, so that it will attract more people!

To get started, go to Reddit Ads page.

But how do you choose the right type of Reddit ads for your goals and budget? In this blog post, we’ll explain the different types of Reddit ads and how they work.

reddit ads
An example of Reddit ads

Promoted ads are the most common and affordable type of Reddit ads. They look like regular posts, but they have a “promoted” label and appear at the top of subreddits or on users’ homepages.

You can create promoted ads using the Reddit Ads Dashboard, where you can choose your target audience, budget, bid type (CPM, CPC, or CPV), and creative format (text, link, image, video, or carousel). Promoted ads are great for increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website or landing page, generating leads or conversions, or promoting your content.

Display Ads

Display ads are banner ads that appear on the right sidebar of Reddit. They are more expensive than promoted ads and require a minimum budget of $30,000. You also need to contact Reddit’s sales team to set up display ads.

Display ads are ideal for large-scale campaigns that aim to reach a broad audience with high-impact visuals.

You can choose from various sizes and formats (static image or animated gif) and track your performance using third-party tools.

Video Ads

Video ads are a subtype of promoted ads that allow you to showcase your product or service using video content. They autoplay when users scroll past them and have an optional call-to-action button.

You can create video ads using CPM or CPV bids. Video ads are effective for capturing attention, increasing engagement, demonstrating value proposition, or telling a story.

Carousel ads are another subtype of promoted ads that let you display up to six images or gifs in a single ad unit. Users can swipe through them horizontally on mobile devices or click on them on desktops.

You can create carousel ads using CPM or CPC bids. Carousel ads are useful for showcasing multiple features or benefits of your product or service, highlighting customer testimonials or reviews, or creating interactive quizzes or polls.

If you want to take over Reddit’s homepage for a day with exclusive ad placements, you can also opt for takeover products such as Front Page Takeover, Trending Takeover, or Conversation Takeover. These products require higher budgets and availability may vary depending on demand.

Best Tools for Reddit Marketing

Below are some of the best Reddit tools that you must know to make your works easier as well as to skyrocket your results.


Upvote.Shop has all of the materials you want when it comes to Reddit marketing! Our services are straightforward, cheapest, and bring you the value immediately.

Simple things, but are the most effective ones.

Not only that, we can bring literally everything you want to have regarding Reddit marketing, from managing accounts, promoting your OnlyFans profiles, auto-boosting your posts and more.

Kindly contact us to get started!

later for reddit

Later for Reddit

Later for Reddit is a well-known webapp that helps you schedule your post on Reddit. And it is totally free.

Scheduling posts on Reddit is not easy like the other platforms, and you need app like this to get it done.

It is a super helpful tool that will come in handy in a lot of situations.

Otherwise, you can use Postpone as well, which is a similar app.

Do note that these apps don’t ask for your username or password, they only ask for your permissions to post your selected post content in the selected subreddit, nothing more!

reddit list

Reddit List

If you want to find a complete list of ALL the most popular, new, or growing subreddits, Reddit List is probably the best tool for this job.

The tool shows up everything you want to know about subreddits, their stats, activities, and more!

Whenever you want to find an interesting subreddit that fits your needs, this should be your to-go place.


Reddit has strict rules about self-promotion and hates anything that smells like advertising. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid it completely. If you play by the rules and offer genuine value to the users, you can build a loyal and engaged fan base.

Reddit may look like a gold mine for marketers, with millions of passionate users who love to share and discuss. But don’t get too excited and start spamming your links everywhere. You could end up getting banned by the Reddit community.

Reddit is also a great way to get honest feedback and suggestions from your customers and learn more about them.

No matter what your niche is or how new or old your business is, you can find a subreddit that matches your brand. There are hundreds of thousands of subreddits covering every topic imaginable.

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