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Why REDHUB is better than all others

100% Free

Enjoy all features without any cost

Easy Customization

Personalize your bio link page in minutes with no technical skills needed.

Comprehensive Analytics

Track engagement, monitor revenue, and optimize your links based on detailed data.

Monetization Options

Collect tips, sell products, and monetize your audience effortlessly.

Universal Compatibility

Trusted and safe to use on all major social media platforms.

Seamless Integration

Link all your social profiles, websites, and content in one convenient place.


A quick, user-friendly, and powerful bio link tool.

Build and Personalize Your REDHub in Minutes

Connect your TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, website, store, videos, music, podcast, events and more. It all comes together in a link in bio landing page designed to convert.


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Place your unique REDHub link on all the platforms where you connect with your audience. Use your QR code to bring offline traffic online seamlessly.

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Understand Your Audience and Keep Them Engaged

Monitor your engagement, track revenue, and discover what resonates with your audience. Make data-driven updates quickly to keep your followers returning.



Constantly updating the links in all your social media bios can be a tedious and time-consuming task. A link in bio tool simplifies this process by allowing you to keep all your links in one place. With REDHub, you only need to update your links once, and they are instantly updated everywhere.

Absolutely! REDHub offers numerous ways to monetize your audience. You can collect tips, request payments for services, earn from affiliate links, and sell your products directly through REDHub. Many users experience significant success with online sales because REDHub simplifies the purchasing process. With PayPal integrated, your customers can complete transactions without leaving your social media profile.

“We love how REDHub has streamlined our business, combining all social media and payment options in one place. The QR code makes it super easy for customers to access everything!” – Tiffany

REDHub is trusted by all major social platforms and is even used by Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. As the original and most popular link-in-bio tool, the REDHub URL is familiar and trusted by audiences, ensuring they feel safe clicking on it.

Our users’ experiences speak volumes. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Four months into creating, someone suggested I use REDHub. I had been using another tool that was supposed to be easy. Setting up REDHub made me realize I didn’t need to spend $1000 on a website. Now, I can see monetizing my following as a full-time job.” – John Doe

“It’s so much simpler to set up and have all your links in one well-designed place.” – Sarah Smith

“Websites are great (I have one), but REDHub just makes everything so much easier.” – Emily Johnson

“I love their analytics. Other link-in-bio companies don’t provide such detailed data.” – Michael Brown

REDHub invented the bio link tool in 2022 and remains the world’s most popular, with over 40K users relying on it to share, sell, and grow online. Join them today and see for yourself!

Share your REDHub URL on every social platform to ensure your most important content is seen by all your followers. Use QR codes to drive offline traffic online. Once visitors land on your REDHub, easy-to-understand analytics help you see where they’re coming from and what they’re clicking on. You can quickly adjust link placement, prioritize links, add subheadings, animations, and more to ensure your traffic goes exactly where you want.

This depends on your goals. For click-throughs and conversions, we recommend having 3-7 links at a time. Too many options can slow down your visitors’ actions. For creators focused on display and showcasing, like record labels or management companies, more than seven links might be necessary. REDHub features allow you to add subheadings, sections, animations, and prioritization methods to effectively manage and present your links.

No, you don’t! REDHub can function as your mini-website, helping you share, sell, and grow without the effort needed to build and maintain a traditional website. You can create a design that reflects your personality and brand in seconds, with no special skills required. If you already have a website, you can simply add it to your REDHub.

“I hardly use my website anymore. I just direct people to my REDHub! It’s fresh, dynamic, and easy to update. Instead of struggling with WordPress, I spend a few minutes updating my links and I’m done.” – Lisa Williams

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