How to CrossPost (X-Post) on Reddit

Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to help you understand the best way to crossposting (x-post) on Reddit, whether you’re using a PC, mobile device, or even an app.

With these instructions, you can easily boost your reach on Reddit and attract plenty of upvotes, all while sticking to the community rules and practices. And if you want to promote something, we have a special tip up our sleeves!

What is Reddit Crossposting (X-Post)?

On Reddit, Crossposting is like broadcasting the same message across different channels. In Reddit-speak, it means sharing the same post across various subreddits.

A crosspost, or ‘x-post’, replicates the original post, its author, its subreddit, and its score. This method allows you to extend your post’s reach, enticing other subreddit communities to participate in the discussion and enhancing your own subreddit’s visibility.

Essentially, it’s like hitting the ‘share’ button on other social platforms!

How to do Crosspost on Reddit

Let’s take a look further to see how to crosspost on Reddit properly.

Bear in mind that some subreddits may restrict crossposting, and some might have karma limits.

Furthermore, certain subreddits may only allow specific post types.

Reddit allows crossposting either by manually sharing the post on different subreddits (old method), or using a handy crossposting feature. Let’s check out both methods.

Crossposting via Browser

Whether you’re on a PC or Mac, here are the steps to crosspost in a browser:

  1. Find the post you want to share.
  2. Click ‘Share’ beneath the post, then choose ‘Crosspost’. For old Reddit, you’ll find ‘Crosspost’ under the post.
  3. Pick a subreddit where you want to share the post.
  4. Finally, hit ‘Post’.

Take a look at this screenshot for more details:

how to crosspost on reddit screenshot 1

2.2. Crossposting with the Reddit App

For mobile users, here’s your crossposting steps:

  1. Identify the post you wish to crosspost.
  2. Hit ‘Share’ below the post and choose ‘Community’.
  3. Select a subreddit where you’d like to post in the “Crosspost to” menu.
  4. On mobile, you can only crosspost to your recent or membership communities.
  5. Tap ‘Post’ to finalize.

How to crosspost to Multiple Subreddits at Once

The Upvote.Shop post scheduler tool allows you to submit your post to various subreddits with a single click, each with a unique title and post time.

The great thing is, your posts won’t be marked as crossposts – perfect if you have promotional content in mind!

What you should and shouldn’t do when crossposting

Remember to check the subreddit rules and guidelines before you crosspost.

Some subreddits might treat high-profile crossposts as spam and remove them.

A good rule of thumb is to reach out to the moderators if you’re uncertain.

How to get more Traffic with Crossposts

Boost your crosspost’s visibility by considering these four elements:

  • Relevance: Ensure your content aligns with the subreddit’s theme. Misaligned content can be viewed as spam and may get downvoted or removed.
  • Timing: Quick crossposting ensures maximum visibility. However, if the original post is several months old, it might be ripe for a crosspost since users are likely to have forgotten it.
  • Content Uniqueness: Quickly crossposting unique content is likely to grab attention. However, when crossposting old posts, opt for less unique ones, as they’re less likely to be remembered by users.
  • Moderation: Avoid excessive crossposting as this can be seen as spamming by the community. Always keep your posts relevant and avoid sharing with too many subreddits at once.
  • Upvotes: Similar to the normal posting, your x-post will only rank if it has enough upvotes. Feel free to use our Upvote Panel and get your posts some of those upvotes!

Crossposting for Promotion

If you’re using crossposting as a promotional tool, tread carefully. Reddit users tend to be skeptical of self-promotion, especially when they spot a crosspost tag. You risk attracting downvotes and criticism.

Instead, use a post scheduler to evenly distribute your posts across multiple communities without resorting to crossposting. Tools like these allow you to stagger your posts, ensuring your profile doesn’t come across as spammy.

Plus, you can craft unique titles for each post to increase relevance and draw attention.


Mastering the art of Reddit crossposting can significantly broaden your post’s reach, foster engaging discussions, and enhance the visibility of your subreddit.

Reposting on Reddit is slightly different from crossposting. It involves sharing the same post within the same community. For example, if your post didn’t generate the desired buzz in a subreddit, you might choose to repost it.

However, not every subreddit welcomes reposts. Make sure to familiarize yourself with each subreddit’s rules before reposting. Some may even have a waiting period before the same link can be posted again.

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