How to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit

Promoting OnlyFans on Reddit is now one of the easiest ways to gain massive traffic towards your profile and earn passive income in a long run.

It’s needless to say that OnlyFans has been exploding since the last few years when it comes to making money on the Internet. If you are finding it hard to getting started, this article is for you!

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Why You Should Use Reddit to Boost Your OnlyFans Profile

Currently, Reddit has up to 2 billion visitors every month (and still growing), and nearly half of them is from the United States. Comparing to the other social media networks, Reddit has much higher users coming from top-tier countries, especially the US.

Moreover, due to the natural of how Reddit works, it’s a lot easier to target the potential audience.


On Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Snapchat, etc. people need to know specific profiles/channels they like, and start following those to fill up their newsfeeds with the selected content. If you are new, and your channel/profile is small, no-one would know you to follow, and it’s super hard for you to make the money out of them until you get to the trending page. Plus, those social networks do not allow NSFW (adult) content, so it’s even harder for you to make some creative content to attract people.

The way Reddit works is a lot different. Here, Reddit users join different groups, a.k.a subreddits, regarding their favorite topics. The top subreddits have millions of users, and thousands of online users at the same time.

Any new account can post their contents in those subreddits (groups). If your content is interesting and people like it, they will upvote it, and you will eventually get a lot more views as your content gets pushed to the top.

That’s also why we bring to you the Reddit Upvote System, which help you bring your content to the top instantly without having to create excellent content.

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How does Reddit Help my OnlyFans Content?

Reddit’s users freaking love NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content! According to our research, 7 out of 10 Reddit users join at least 1 NSFW subreddit. This is because contents on Reddit is high-quality, and they want to see the NSFW content while browsing through their other favorite subreddits.

There isn’t any social media doing the same at the moment. Maybe Twitter is an exception, but Twitter doesn’t allow re-uploaded content, without it, the amount of NSFW content is very low and not attracting many users. And most people also use Twitter for their personal in-real-life relationships. You don’t want your friends or family members to see you following an OnlyFans star, or a porn star, right?

According to Alexa, Reddit is always the best referrer to OnlyFans.

It’s needless to say that Reddit is easily the best place for you to promote your OnlyFans-like profiles.

Where Should I Post my OnlyFans content on Reddit?

You need to find the subreddits that must fit your type of content. We have a dedicated guide for finding subreddits, but we will try to keep it simple here. If you want more details, it’s recommended to take a look at How to Find The Best Subreddits.

There are a ton of different subreddits for posting adult content, but as a content creator, you want to pick the best ones that fit your content style the most.

Reddit List is one of the best tools for this job.

When you visit, there would be 3 sections as shown in the screenshot below:

nsfw reddit list
  • Recent Activity: The subreddits that have the highest activity (submissions, comments, upvotes, etc.) in the last 24 hours.
  • Subscribers: The biggest subreddits with the highest number of users (subscribers).
  • Growth (24Hrs): The subreddits that have the highest amount of new user growth in the last 24 hours

You will find a ton of interesting subreddits here that fit your content!

Most Friendly Subreddits for OnlyFans Content Creators

Subreddit Verified Req Seller-Friendly Ads/Links Notes
r/AdorableOnlyfans X No rules listed
r/BestOfOnlyFans Must have link to OF account in comments, must have 50 posts minimum on OF
r/eropage Do not add urls to titles
r/FreeOnlyFansPage X
r/GayOnlyFansPromotions 🌈 X Link to OF in comments, use post flair
r/HotOnlyfans X No rules listed
r/LatinaOnlyFans X Latina, Hispanic and Carribean girls only, No links in titles
r/MenOfOnlyFans X Men Only, Only link OF account
r/OnlyFans_Accounts Must have an OF account, Must include clickable link, Must use “Reddit flair”
r/Onlyfans_AdmireMe X No free accounts
r/OnlyFans_Females Females Only, Must have an OF account, Must include clickable link, Must use “Reddit flair”
r/onlyfans_get_noticed X No rules listed
r/Onlyfans_Promo X See sub rules for complete list of rules
r/OnlyFans101 X See sub rules for complete list of rules
r/onlyfansadvice X Questions and advice for content creators, NO Advertising, Don’t ever share your OF link. Only mods can
r/OnlyfansAmateurs X No rules listed
r/OnlyFansAsstastic X Butt pictures, Do not promise free content for any reason, Link only in comments
r/OnlyfansBBW X For BBW creators, see sub for all rules
r/onlyfansbros 🌈 X Males Only, No genital close-ups
r/OnlyFansBrunette X Brown to Black hair only, Do not promise free content for any reason
r/OnlyFansBusty X Large Bust Only, Do not promise free content of any kind
r/onlyfanschicks X No rules listed
r/Onlyfansebony X No rules listed
r/onlyfansFiles4Free X X No Links, No refrencing to selling
r/onlyfansgirls101 X Only females
r/onlyfanshottest X No rules listed
r/OnlyFansInked X Tattoo Models only, Do not promise free content for any reason
r/OnlyfansPacks X No rules listed
r/OnlyFansPetite X Petite OF creators, Do not promise free content of any kind
r/onlyfanspromo X No rules listed
r/Onlyfanspromoss X
r/OnlyFansPromotions X Post must include image, Links only in comments
r/OnlyFansSpecials X No rules listed
r/OnlyfansXXX X No rules listed
r/RedditOnlyFans X Do not promote on other posts
r/Slutsofonlyfans X No rules listed
r/OnlyFansMeetingHouse For OF creators and fans to meet each other and network for OF, Must have OF account to post
r/OnlyfansRainbow X Limit to 2 posts a day, links only in comments
r/cuteonlyfans X 5 posts per day, No overly explicit captions, No networking (likes for like)
r/Onlyfanshairy X Must be have body hair. 1 post per day, No overly explicit captions, No networking (likes for like)

And there are a lot more here in this spreadsheet, which is made and shared by the r/OnlyFansAdvice community. It’s also a fascinating subreddit where you can ask for experience from other people when it comes to making money with OnlyFans!

How to Promote OnlyFans Account Effectively

  • Create as high-quality content as possible.
  • Use interesting title for your content that force people to click/comment/interact with you.
  • Mention your OnlyFans account username in the comment, and don’t forget to fill up your account details so that people can easily find you on OnlyFans when visiting your profile.
  • Avoid spamming at any cost.

Very simply, right?

For more details, please take a look at our Case Study: OnlyFans & Reddit

Why My Posts Cannot Rank?

There are many reasons for this:

  • People simply don’t like your content.
  • You are posting in wrong subreddits.
  • Some people intentionally downvote your content.
  • Etc.

The fastest and easiest solution when it comes to this is to buy Reddit upvotes from us.

In NSFW subreddits, it generally does not require more than 100 upvotes to rank your post to the top of almost all potential subreddits. Once people have noticed your content, they will start upvoting it, and you will eventually get more upvotes.

If the amount of upvotes you get in total is phenomenal, you can even get to the “top” section of a subreddit, making your submissions sticking there for a very long time, and will eventually give you a lot more passive income!

Read more: How to Rank Reddit Posts Effectively


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