10 Essential Tips for Avoiding Common Scams on OnlyFans

OnlyFans creators are riding a wave of potential success, but with that comes risks that shouldn’t be ignored. Creators need to stay sharp and cautious to avoid falling prey to scammers, who can lead to substantial financial losses.

Wondering how to safeguard your OnlyFans account? Looking for effective ways to dodge identity theft and keep scammers, who are out to misuse your information or swipe your earnings, at bay?

Let’s dive in and explore some strategies.

common onlyfans scams

10 Common OnlyFans Scams To Look Out For

1. Accidental Payment Scams

A common scam in the OnlyFans community involves users claiming to have over-tipped and requesting a refund through another platform like Cash App.

Here’s how it typically goes: A user ‘mistakenly’ sends a large amount, say $500, instead of $50. They then suggest a compromise where you refund a part of it, like $200, allowing you to keep the rest. But once you send the $200, they initiate a chargeback for the original $500, causing you to lose not only the initial amount but also your own money.

If someone tells you they’ve overpaid, advise them to contact OnlyFans directly for resolution. It’s safer and avoids potential scams.

2. Content Scams

A prevalent scam targeting OnlyFans creators involves requests for personalized, exclusive content. Here’s the catch: once you deliver the content, the buyer initiates a chargeback or reverses the payment.

Chargebacks can hit anyone, and unfortunately, OnlyFans doesn’t have strict policies against them. This means someone could pay you, ask for custom content, and then retract their payment, leaving you in the lurch.

The real sting is with exclusive content. If it’s personalized, you lose the ability to repurpose it for other subscribers. For instance, if you create a generic video, it can still be shared with other fans. But if you’ve included specific details like a fan’s name—either verbally or visually—you can’t really use that content again.

If you’re keen on creating personalized content, it’s safer to do so only for users you trust, based on their consistent purchasing history.

A general word of caution: avoid incorporating personal details in your videos.

Also, consider setting a minimum delivery time, like a week, for your content. This approach can help reduce the risk of chargebacks draining your earnings.

3. Promo Scams

Promo scams are when individuals offer to boost your page’s visibility for a fee, promising a surge in followers.

However, these promises often fall flat as their social media followings are artificially inflated with bots or fake accounts, leading to little real engagement. Your investment promotes your page to non-existent customers.

To effectively promote your OnlyFans page, steer clear of services that solely offer social media promotion. Opt for platforms with genuine traffic and transparent strategies, avoiding those that make unrealistic promises.

Remember, authentic and organic growth is more valuable than quick, dubious schemes.

4. Stay Wary of Page Management Scams

Page management scams involve offers to handle your OnlyFans account for a fee, often showcasing supposedly successful accounts they’ve managed. However, exercise caution, as many of these claims are based on fake OnlyFans websites or false accounts.

Always verify the authenticity of these accounts. It’s easy for scammers to fabricate success stories. Most importantly, never share your OnlyFans password or personal information with a third party for page management. This could lead to them accessing sensitive information, disabling your security measures, and potentially locking you out of your own account while siphoning your earnings.

Only trust the reputable OnlyFans agency.

5. Be Cautious with Collaboration Offers

Collaboration scams, though less frequent on OnlyFans, pose significant risks. These occur when another ‘creator’ proposes to collaborate on content, but their intentions might be disingenuous or even dangerous, using the opportunity for personal gain or worse.

It’s safe to collaborate with someone you know in real life or a verified professional in the adult industry. Before agreeing to collaborate, thoroughly vet their background. Use tools like reverse image search to validate their identity and investigate their history with other creators on OnlyFans and beyond.

This level of diligence is crucial to avoid falling into a risky trap. Remember, your safety and security should always be a priority.

6. Guard Against Non-Payment Scams

Ironically, if users find a loophole to access content without paying, many will seize the opportunity, indifferent to your financial loss. It’s crucial to adhere to a strict policy: no content release before payment.

Users might tempt you with direct messages full of grand promises for future payments or potential referrals, some even showing false proof of payment.

Remember, if the payment isn’t reflected in your OnlyFans account, do not release any content.

Focus instead on those who are genuinely contributing to your monthly income.

OnlyFans allows you to set up free trials, and that’s the extent of content you should be offering for free. Giving away more jeopardizes your ability to build a loyal, paying subscriber base.

7. Digital Security Scams on OnlyFans

In the digital realm of OnlyFans, you must be vigilant against scams involving supposed digital tools like special apps, plugins, or external platforms. These offers might come under the guise of helping you boost your earnings but are often phishing schemes aimed at stealing your information. Once the scammer has what they need, they disappear, leaving you vulnerable to account breaches and financial theft.

Always approach unsolicited links and downloads with skepticism. Protect your OnlyFans account and devices with the same level of security you’d use for any online service. Being cautious is key to maintaining your digital safety.

8. Stay Alert to Fake Sex Worker Scams

Be cautious of individuals posing as fellow sex workers, who might set up bogus websites or OnlyFans accounts offering services like reciprocal promotions. Their real motive? Gaining access to your account information. The digital world is rife with deception, where people can easily fabricate identities.

To safeguard your personal data and financial information, never share account access. Exercise caution when interacting with other creators.

Validate their authenticity, perhaps through platforms like Reddit, where accounts on subreddits like r/onlyfansadvice are verified.

9. Subscription Bait-and-Switch Scams

Another scam to be aware of as an OnlyFans creator is the “Subscription Bait-and-Switch”. In this scam, users will subscribe to your content, often requesting specific or customized material.

Once you deliver, they quickly unsubscribe before the billing cycle, arguing they were misled about the content’s nature to get a refund.

This tactic not only affects your immediate earnings but can also disrupt your content schedule and planning.

To counter this, clearly outline what subscribers can expect in your content description, and consider implementing a policy for custom content that includes non-refundable deposits or full payment upfront.

Remember, clear communication and defined boundaries are key in managing subscriber expectations and protecting your business on OnlyFans.

10. Identify Time Wasters

While not strictly a scam, time wasters are a significant drain on your resources. They are individuals who engage with you on social media platforms but dodge the topic of payment. When you steer the conversation towards your OnlyFans link or payment, they either ignore you or react negatively.

Your time is valuable. Direct interested individuals to your paid accounts where they can access exclusive content. Avoid spending time on conversations that aren’t leading to tangible benefits for your OnlyFans business. This strategy ensures you focus on genuine interactions that contribute to your success.

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What to do If You Suspect a Scam on OnlyFans

If you find yourself in a situation where you suspect or have fallen victim to a scam on OnlyFans, here’s what you should do:

  1. Block the Suspected Scammer: Immediately block any user or users you suspect are trying to scam you from your account.
  2. Secure Your Account: Change your password to ensure your account’s security.
  3. Report to OnlyFans: Notify OnlyFans about the issue. While their ability to act might be limited, it’s important they’re aware. They may attempt measures like blocking the scammer’s IP address, although this isn’t guaranteed.

OnlyFans might not always be able to resolve the issue, especially in cases of chargebacks, as they often lean towards siding with the users. However, providing a detailed report can be useful.

Additionally, seek advice from other sources. The subreddit r/OnlyFansAdvice is an excellent resource, offering a community of creators who can provide both practical guidance and emotional support.

General Advice for OnlyFans Content Creators

As a content creator on OnlyFans, being vigilant is of utmost importance. While it may seem like a dampener, prioritizing your safety is crucial to safeguard your account and income. When you are approached for collaborations, make sure to conduct a thorough background check using search engines. Additionally, reach out to their previous collaborators to verify their authenticity.

Avoid engaging in deceptive practices such as setting up fake dating profiles to lure subscribers or not fulfilling promised services, as it may result in immediate account termination. Instead, adopt a user-friendly approach.

Please bear in mind that the aim is to ensure a respectful and secure environment on OnlyFans. This approach not only safeguards you but also contributes to a safer platform for numerous other content creators. While you enjoy creating content and earning, it is important to remain cautious and ethical.


Navigating the world of OnlyFans as a content creator is as challenging as it is rewarding. Being aware of the various scams — from personalized content frauds to subscription bait-and-switch tactics — is crucial for your safety and success. Remember, protecting your online presence goes beyond creating engaging content; it’s about staying vigilant, understanding the risks, and taking proactive steps to safeguard your account and earnings.

By staying informed, setting clear policies, and engaging with your audience responsibly, you can enjoy the creative and financial freedoms that OnlyFans offers, while minimizing the risks.

Let’s create a safer and more secure environment for all content creators in this vibrant community.

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