The Best Free Reddit Tools (Updated)

If you are looking for the best Reddit tools for searching and analyzing subreddits, we’ve had the best list for you.

best reddit tools for marketing

Below we have some of the best subreddit finding tools that you could ever find on the Internet. They are perfect for researching and analyzing any targeted subreddit for your upcoming project!

These are the most useful tools that we always use whenever it comes to Reddit marketing for both our own project and any client’s campaigns. They are very popular tools, free-to-use, and offer a ton of valuable data.

Best Reddit Tools List

upvote shop panel

1. Upvote.Shop

Upvote.Shop is definitely the best place for buying Reddit Upvotes, Comments, Awards, Accounts, and everything related to Reddit.

We know that after finding a promising subreddit, you want to start with it immediately to see if you could gather some great results.

However, if you are new to the subreddit, it’s kinda hard to start getting the first upvotes as you generally don’t know what is the typical type of content you want to post there, or whether it’s an old content to them.

Upvote.Shop is here to solve your problem immediately! Here, you can easily purchase upvotes, comments, awards and event Reddit accounts if you need extra ones.

Purchasing upvotes/comments from our Panel gives you a great initial boost to any submission. If your content is just good enough, it will eventually get a ton of upvotes from real Reddit users as they tent to upvote the hot posts, which have already had some upvotes.


2. RedditList – Reddit Leaderboard is undoubtedly the best source for discovering the best, new, and growing subreddits regarding any category of knowledge. It is known as the first subreddit aggregator.

The site has different ordered list of subreddits based on their recent activities, size, and growth (24 hours). Maybe you cannot find a lot of insights regarding each specific subreddit here, it’s still the best source for finding the biggest and most active subreddits (both SFW and NSFW) for your projects.


3. frontpagemetrics – Detailed Statistics

If you like reading statistics, frontpagemetrics is definitely an very interesting tool. Here, you can easily see the fatest growing subreddits, top new subreddits, their historical stats, and the list of all subreddits in different categories, from SFW to NSFW>

Not like redditlist, frontpagemetrics doesn’t display everything at once, but it’s easier for you to dig deeper and see more stats of any individual subreddit.

It will definitely give you a clear picture of any chosen targeted subreddit, from their growth, history, Milestones, Average Active Users (weekly, monthly, daily), and a lot more! Moreover, you can export the data to CSV files for further uses.

This is one of my favorite tools whenever it comes to the final stage before I actually submit the first posts in any targeted subreddits.

Best Store for Buying Reddit Upvotes, Comments, and Accounts!


4. Subreddit Stats – Finding Related Subreddits

SubredditStats is definitely the best Reddit marketing tools for finding the related Subreddits for your projects.

The Homepage is actually very easy-to-use and contains a lot of statistics regarding all subreddits in general: Growth (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly), Subsribers, Comments per day, Posts per day, Posts per Subsribers, Comments per Subsribers, Post Votes, Comments, etc.

This is definitely an excellent place for checking out the subreddits you want to do crossposting.

It has a super helpful search function that shows up the best-related subreddits where you can either post or crosspost your contents for maximize the potential of your works.

For example, if you like Cryptocurrencies and you want to do contents regarding it, search for r/Cryptocurrency on SubredditStats, and you will find a ton of interesting statistics and especially the related subreddits!

subredditstats related

This is definitely a super helpful tool for your Reddit marketing journey. It’s definitely a goldmine that you should spend sometime playing with it.

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