10 Things You Should Know As a New Redditor

Reddit, a vast universe of communities, opinions, and interactions, is a platform that can be as bewildering as it is engaging for newcomers and veterans alike. With an ever-evolving landscape, it’s natural to seek guidance on navigating its intricate pathways.

As a Reddit user with my fair share of experiences, I’d like to share some insights that I wish I knew when I started my Reddit journey.

reddit beginner tips

Embracing the Reddit Experience

  1. Relax and Have Fun: Initially, I was overly concerned about accumulating karma, leading me to post content merely for likes. However, I realized that originality trumps all. If it’s already out there, chances are it’s been shared. The key is to relax and enjoy the process.
  2. Thoughtful Sharing: Now, I make it a point to conduct thorough searches before sharing posts and links. Many subreddits have bots to prevent reposting, which I find incredibly useful.
  3. Community Participation: I’ve learned the importance of being an active participant in the subreddits I join. Reddit is, at its core, a community-centric platform.
  4. Understanding Subreddit Rules: Reading and understanding the rules of each subreddit is crucial. Though I still occasionally miss certain guidelines and make mistakes, the best approach is to acknowledge errors, be polite, and move on.

Learning and Contributing

  1. Engage with Subreddit Resources: Many subreddits have wiki pages, sidebars, and about tabs filled with valuable information. Sticky posts and announcement posts are also worth reading for better community engagement.
  2. The More You Give, The More You Get: The more effort and quality content you contribute to Reddit, the more rewarding your experience will be. Remember, subreddits are managed by volunteers who invest time and effort out of love for their communities.
  3. Moderation and Volunteering: Understanding why moderators do what they do is important. They’re regular people dedicated to keeping their communities safe and informed. Once you’re comfortable on Reddit, consider helping others as a way to give back.
  1. Don’t Take Things Personally: Not every post will be a hit. The timing of your posts can influence their visibility, but it’s often just the unpredictable nature of Reddit.
  2. Handling Downvotes: Downvotes can seem disheartening, but it’s important to not take them personally. There’s a herd mentality at play sometimes, and it’s best to steer clear of controversial content until you’re more established.
  3. Dealing with Trolls and Reports: Trolls are seeking attention; ignoring them and reporting rule-breaking content is the best strategy. Remember, reports are reviewed by both Reddit admins and subreddit moderators.

Celebrating the Reddit Community

Despite the presence of trolls and karma farmers, the Reddit community is predominantly a supportive and helpful space. People are here to share, learn, and assist one another, making it a truly unique online community.


To all the new Reddit users, remember, there are no dumb questions, especially in supportive subs. Each query helps spread knowledge and understanding.

I hope my insights help you navigate Reddit with more confidence and enjoyment.

Here’s to your Reddit journey – may it be as enriching as it has been for me!

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