Top 20 Best Reddit Tips for Marketers to Leverage

Are you ready to transform your Reddit marketing game? Have you ever wished for a roadmap to successfully navigate the tumultuous seas of Reddit, the front page of the internet?

If you’re a marketer looking to leverage the untapped potential of Reddit’s vast and diverse user base, then you’ve landed on the right article.

We’ve compiled a full list of Reddit tips, tested strategies, and hidden tricks to help you effectively engage with Reddit’s vibrant communities and boost your brand visibility.

Let’s solve the Reddit mystery together and tap into its powerhouse of opportunities. So, buckle up and read on as we dive into the depths of Reddit marketing and resurface with pearls of wisdom.

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Reddit Common Terms

  1. Subreddit (sub) – Think of this as a specialized forum with its unique regulations, directions, and overseers. Nearly every subreddit is accessible. You can explore a subreddit’s contents, contribute a post, and even engage in discussions without becoming a subscriber.
  2. Pre-set subreddit – A compilation of the most frequented subreddits that collectively form the main page for individuals devoid of a Reddit account (e.g., r/funny, r/pics, r/videos, r/askreddit, etc.).
  3. Upvote/downvote – Straightforwardly, these terms signify endorsement and rejection within Reddit’s voting mechanism.
  4. Sidebar – An informational menu, unique to each subreddit, featuring rules, guidelines, recommended links, FAQs, moderators’ contacts, suggested subreddits, and any additional contents the mods deem necessary.
  5. Frontpage – A homepage that showcases trending posts. For all non-registered visitors, the front page remains consistent, exhibiting top posts from default subreddits. Registered users encounter a personalized front page, curated based on the subreddits they’re subscribed to. Achieving a feature on the front page ensures a surge of traffic via Reddit, to the extent that websites occasionally crash due to excessive load.
  6. Karma – A seemingly inconsequential score system on Reddit craved by every user. Understanding Reddit’s karma system is crucial. Gaining karma involves other users upvoting your comments or submissions. Karma is of two sorts – link and comment. “Link karma” (also known as “submission karma”) accrues from posting new threads, and “comment karma” is earned through commenting.
  7. AMA – Short for “ask me anything,”. If you’re pondering over how to entice people to respond to your Reddit post — AMA is your solution. It’s a rapid-fire thread where the initiator (often tagged as an “OP,” for “original poster”) fields questions from the community.

More Reddit common terms can be read here.

Furthermore, take time to familiarize yourself with these basic principles (reddiquette) to avoid common mistakes. Pay particular heed to the “please don’t” section.

Best Reddit Tips and Tricks for Your Marketing Campaigns

  1. Be active on Reddit. It’s like stepping into a lively party; mingle, engage, and explore. You’ll discover an abundance of content and find yourself a part of fascinating communities. Just pick the ones that spark your interest and dive in!
  2. Create a few accounts. Reddit makes this super easy. Just pick a username, set a password, and voila! You’re all set! I suggest having five in your pocket: one personal, two for your marketing magic, and two backups. Trust me, having some spare, matured accounts can save you from a rainy day.
  3. Gather karma. Think of it as building your reputation in the Reddit town. It’s not cool to push your promotions with a new account, like a stranger in town making a big fuss. Start by joining conversations on topics you find interesting, and you’ll see your reputation, aka karma, grow naturally. Remember, it’s more about the quality of your interactions (comment karma) than the quantity (link karma).
  4. Follow the rules of each subreddit. It’s like visiting someone else’s house; you respect their rules. Some might show you the door after one mistake, and some might quietly ignore you (shadowban). How to find these rules? Check the sidebar before you post anything.
    follow subreddit rules
  5. Find your crowd in subreddits. Imagine you’re looking for a club that matches your interests. Reddit’s search engine might not be the best, but it’ll help you find the right spot. Smaller clubs, or subreddits, are often easier to get noticed in, and the big ones usually have a list of these tucked away in their sidebars.
  6. Keep your personal and marketing activities separate. Imagine your personal account is like your comfy home, and your marketing accounts are your offices. You wouldn’t want to mix those up, right? An occasional upvote from your personal account to your marketing posts is okay, but don’t go overboard.
  7. Get creative when promoting your subreddit. Stand out from the crowd with your unique charm and ideas.
  8. Comment on trending r/askreddit submissions to boost your karma. It’s like joining a hot topic at the town’s central square. If people find your input funny or relatable, they’ll show appreciation, and you can earn loads of upvotes. A clever comment in r/askreddit can be your karma jackpot!
  9. Make your comments count. “This” or “I agree” are like empty words, they don’t contribute much to the conversation. Remember, it’s not about the quantity of your comments, but the quality that matters on Reddit.
  10. If your post gets a lot of downvotes, don’t sweat it. Just remove it. It’s like telling a joke that didn’t land. No one will remember, and nobody will care. This isn’t a case for “no such thing as bad publicity.”
  11. Try out advertisements on Reddit. Wondering how you can target anonymous users? Reddit’s got a great targeting system that can help you out.
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    huge Reddit promoted ads from Washington Post
  12. Blatant advertising won’t cut it unless your product is super unique and exciting. In that case, go ahead and share it! Posts like “I’ve made X that does Y” can create a buzz and drive a ton of traffic to your website.
  13. Consider hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) if you think people might be interested in what you have to say. Don’t go full-on sales mode though; it’s more like a casual chat at a café. And be ready for some unexpected questions, they’re part of the fun!
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  14. Upvoting your own posts from different accounts won’t work. Reddit’s like a smart bouncer, it’ll catch on to such tricks even if you try to disguise yourself (VPN and the like). If one account upvotes another too many times, both might get the boot, especially if they’re relatively new and low on karma. It’s better to just buy Reddit upvotes from Upvote.Shop
  15. Keep a close watch on your target subreddits by making your feed clean and not subscribing to a ton of subreddits. It’s like having your favorite hangout spots, where you find familiar faces and relevant conversations. You can subtly promote your posts without making them too obvious.
  16. Be cautious with hyperlinks in your text. It’s like handing out flyers; being pushy might turn people off. Just typing out “” tends to be better received than an actual hyperlink. Adding a link at the end of a comment can also work. It’s like an afterthought you’re sharing for others’ convenience, e.g., “Comment text. (link)” or “Comment text. I’ll add a link to a subreddit later if I find one. Edit: link.” It gives the impression that you’ve come back to add value to your comment.
  17. Get upvotes to turn your links into do-follow links. It’s like getting approval stamps on your references. The number of upvotes needed can vary based on factors like post age, upvote/downvote ratio, etc. But often, five upvotes can do the trick. Read more: How to create Reddit Do-follow Backlink
  18. Create a subreddit for your product’s tech support. Think of it as setting up a customer service desk where people can come with questions, complaints, or just to chat about your product. Keep in mind, this shouldn’t be used for blatant promotion, and don’t expect a crowd right away. It’s more of a long-term strategy as your brand grows.
  19. Always back up your claims, especially if you’re posting something controversial or questionable. It’s like a scholarly debate; if you make a claim, be ready to provide a reliable source. If you don’t, others might think your comment is just nonsense, and the burden of proof is on you.
  20. Be prepared for some good-natured ribbing. Redditors are like your friends at a roast; they’ll call out any mistake you make. Don’t take it personally, it’s all in good fun. But remember to learn from it and make sure whatever you post won’t backfire.
  21. On the flip side, Redditors can be incredibly helpful. They’re like a crowd-sourced solution-finding team ready to help you with almost any problem, from fixing a car to baking a pie. Just find the right subreddit and ask!
  22. Make the most of your time on Reddit. It’s like a never-ending festival, always buzzing with fresh, valuable information on pretty much any topic you can think of. Use it wisely!


In the dynamic digital landscape, Reddit stands as a platform teeming with potential, yet often remains an uncharted territory for marketers. As we’ve journeyed through these 24 valuable insights, the labyrinthine world of Reddit has hopefully become a little less perplexing and a lot more inviting.

Remember, the essence of Reddit marketing lies in genuine engagement and value-driven contributions.

If navigated wisely, the Reddit platform is a goldmine of opportunities, ready to catapult your brand into the limelight. So, take the leap, dive into Reddit’s vibrant communities, and transform your marketing game.

With your Reddit tips and strategies in hand, you’re now fully equipped to conquer Reddit. Happy Redditing!

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