Reddit Panel FAQ

Here are some of the most asked questions for people using our Reddit Panel on Upvote Shop.


What payment methods are supported?

  • Crypto: We support most tokens of popular networks like ERC20, BTC, LTC, TRC20, BEP20,…
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Other (Please contact)

Can I pay with another method? Such as PayPal

Yes, we can support many other manual payment methods. Please contact us before sending the payments.

Can I deposit with BNB or other BEP20 tokens?

Yes sure, please select Coinpayments at checkout.

I’ve just deposited, and the balance still hasn’t been added yet

  • Cryptocurrency: Normally, the balance will be added to your account after 10-30 minutes, since it takes time for the blockchain to confirm your transactions. However, sometimes the blockchain could get slower due to the high amount of transactions. In this case, you just need to wait for a few more minutes and everything will be great.
  • Credit/Debit Card: The balance will be almost always added to your account immediately.
  • If the balance does not get added to your account within 30 minutes, please contact us to get it solved.


How to order?

When do you start sending upvotes/downvotes?

  • We almost always start sending the votes immediately after you place the order.
  • Our system is fully automated, so we don’t need to be online to process your order.

What does upvote speed actually mean?

  • Normal = 5 votes/minute
  • Slow = 3 votes/minutes
  • Super slow = 1 vote/minutes
  • Mega slow = 1 vote/5 minutes
  • Custom Speed: Choose the upvote speed you want. (Note that this speed is only an approximation, not 100% accurate)
  • Random mode: Random speed according to the range you set. For example, if you set 1-15, every minute you will receive random 1 to 15 upvotes. (Note: It will be completely random so the speed can be fast or slow, so choose a random interval not too far if you don’t want the speed to be unstable)

What are the order statuses?

  • Processing: The order is being processed by the system. In this status, order will not be able to cancel.
  • Finished: The order has been completed.
  • Active after xx mins: Scheduling orders, which will start at the time you set the schedule. (You can cancel before the order starts by clicking on the Action box)
  • Canceled: Orders are canceled due to some reasons such as post/comment does not exist, missing upvote, manual cancellation of scheduled orders,… All these orders will be automatically checked by the system and refunded credits = upvotes have not been sent.
  • Deleted: The post is deleted by mods or Reddit (maybe the account has been shadowbanned), the order will be canceled, and the system will refund the credits = the upvotes that have not been sent.

What types of accounts do you use for upvotes, downvotes, and comments?

The accounts we use are hand-grown aged accounts with post history and high karma.

Can My Account Gets Shadowbanned or Banned from the Reddit System?

As far as we have experienced, there is no ban our users have received. However, you want to make sure that your submissions are not obvious spam.

For example, you cannot just go to the subreddit r/cars and spam it like hell with your car affiliate links. That’s pure spam.

You want to approach it naturally for not only getting banned by the Reddit anti-spam system against fake votes manipulation, but also to gain more real converts from the community.

Can you give me some advice for my Reddit marketing campaign?

That’s what we always love to do! Feel free to ask us any questions, and we will always do our best to help you out! Also, check out our blog for more Reddit Marketing guides!

Should I send upvotes to posts that are more than 1 day old?

Yes, there is no issue at all when using our votes.

However, do note that due to the way this social media works, your post will not get pushed to the hot section unless there are fewer than 10 new posts within that subreddit in 24 hours. Reddit always pushes the older posts to the next pages, so people are always engaged in creating new content.

But, boosting engagement and a lot of upvotes to a post could bring it to the Top section, which is a great strategy for long-term projects.

Read more: What is Reddit Upvote & How it works

How to buy Reddit upvotes again?

Get to our panel, and you will see an option allowing you to duplicate your order with any selected numbers of votes. This works flawlessly with both post and comment option.

I have a lot of submissions and want to boost upvotes to them all at once, is it possible?

Yes, we have an unique bulk order section allowing you to submit up to 3000 URLs at once, set the number of downvotes or upvotes for them, the drip-feed setting, and even awards for them all. Just press the Start button and we will do all of the job for you manually with the highest quality.


What is the TAT?

Upvotes/Downvotes/Awards: Max TAT is 3 hours. We almost always start the order immediately after you purchase.

What is the Refund Policy?

  • We only charge for work done. All upvotes/downvotes submitted to the post will be charged. All upvotes/downvotes that have not been sent will be automatically refunded by the system.
  • Posts or comments deleted after the order is completed will not be refunded. Please ensure your contents meet the subreddit rules.
  • All of the missing upvotes will be refunded in credits If the targeted post/comment gets removed or the order gets cancelled.
  • The balance after depositing will not be converted to money. We only refund if the service is not as advertised or we stop providing the service.

Before You Submit Links:

  • Make sure that your links are live.
  • Make sure that your contents meet the rules of the targeted subreddit.
  • If your links don’t have enough votes after the TAT, you might get some downvoted, or maybe it was hidden by the moderators of the sub. Double-check before opening a ticket on our site.

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