Top 10 Most Upvoted Reddit Posts of All Time

Ever wondered what the top 10 most upvoted Reddit posts of all time are? We’ve listed the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T) on this page and you will surely find some interesting posts that could make your day, and maybe some interesting ideas for you to create the contents on Reddit in the future!

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Without further ado, let’s get started!

The Most Upvoted Reddit Posts In The History

top 10 most upvoted reddit posts

10. Heat index was 110 degrees so we offered him a cold drink. He went for a full body soak instead

This is a super cute video from u/FootLoosePickleJuice showing he giving a poor tiny frog a small bottle cap of cold drink. It’s nothing huge, but it could definitely make everyone happy, especially the frog.

Looking at how the frog jumping into the cap could make me smile all day!

most upvoted reddit video

9. This is what happens when one company owns dozens of local news stations

This is an super interesting video showing that all of the MCs on a lot of different TV channels using the same script. This is probably because they are from the same mother company so that they do this to cut down the effort when it comes to preparing the news. When it comes to Youtube video, this is the most popular one on Reddit.

guardian of the galaxy made it to top reddit

8. Guardian of Front Page

Super interesting and cute video from u/iH8myPP explains how Reddit works in a funny way, based on a short scene from the movie Guardian of the Galaxy.

the most upvoted meme on reddit

7. A Short Story

A funny meme post telling a story about an interesting Youtube Channel via just the titles of the videos… Just take a look at the image above and you will see why it gets a ton of karma. This is also the most upvoted meme in Reddit.

wallstreetbets post on reddit

6. UPVOTE so everyone sees we got SUPPORT

Here you go, the first post from r/wallstreetbets on this list. The post explaining the situation when (seems like) Robinhood trying to hide something from their search system to calm down the market. The power of financial community is just crazy.

funny car driver on reddit all

5. My cab driver tonight was so excited to share with me that he’d made the cover of the calendar. I told him I’d help let the world see

This is definitely one of the best real stuff that you could ever seen on Reddit. The car driver has an insanely crazy great calendar cover where he is the main character of it. This is like a Hollywood-level cover. It looks real more than any movie poster.

the senate makes it to top 4 reddit of all time

4. The Senate. Upvote this so that people see it when they Google “The Senate”.

It’s needless to say that Star Wars has the best fandom on the earth. And it’s also unimportant to show how power the community is. But here you go, a Star Wars meme made it to the top 5 of the most upvoted Reddit posts. That’s enough to show how crazy this is.

If you don’t watch any Star Wars movie yet, we strongly recommend it! (May the force be with you).

top 3 popular post on reddit

3. Joe Biden elected president of the United States

People always wants to know who is the new president of the United States, no matter if it is 2022 or 1900s. And yeah, the more people use Reddit, the more attention such news like this gets.

gme made it to top reddit

2. Times Square right now

Another r/wallstreetbets post. It’s unnecessary to say how crazy and powerful this community is. Ever wonder what rich people could do with their money? What about buying a billboard in Times Square?

the most upvoted reddit post of all time

1. I’ve found a few funny memories during lockdown. This is from my 1st tour in 89, backstage in Vegas.

Whether you were born in 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or 00s, you always love Rick Astley. Why? Because his songs are great, and he has the greatest memes on the Internet, Never Gonna Give You Up.

Ever wonder how he looks like back in 80s, during his first tour, when he was super young and people didn’t even know what meme means?

Welcome to the Internet!


As you can probably notice, there are various of different topics and subreddits on the top 10 of the most upvoted posts above. This doesn’t mean you can rank any post from any topic to the top, but it could give you some great ideas with it comes to making contents on Reddit.

As long as your content is interesting, creative, and new to people, you can rank it to the top of any targeted subreddit using our Reddit marketing tools.

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