30 Best OnlyFans Welcome Messages & Tips

If you’re having trouble crafting a warm and inviting message to greet your followers on your OnlyFans profile to boost the sales, this guide can assist you.

We’ll walk you through the process of creating a compelling welcome message and steer you away from common errors that may harm your initial impression.

Moreover, we’ll furnish you with some examples that you can use as inspiration to get started.

30 Best OnlyFans Welcome Message Samples

Here are some adaptable welcome message samples for your OnlyFans page

Feel free to use these as a base, customize them to suit your style, or simply copy and paste them as they are!

  1. Friendly and Inviting:
    “Hey there! ???? So excited you’ve joined my page. It means the world to me, and I’m eager to share my journey with you. Keep an eye out for my weekly updates – I promise they’re worth the wait. I’d love to hear from you, so drop me a message anytime!”
  2. VIP Experience:
    “Welcome to the exclusive experience! ???? I’m thrilled you’re here. There’s a lot of exciting content coming your way, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Do DM me – I’m curious about you! Where are you from, what’s your favorite content, and what makes you tick? ???? Let’s chat!”
  3. Engaging and Personal:
    “Hey, welcome aboard! So glad you’re here. ???? Check out the special video I’ve attached just for you. Hope you love it! Don’t be shy – tell me what you think. I’m always here for a chat, so hit me up!”
  4. Interactive and Rewarding:
    “Hi, welcome to my world! ???? Like 15 of my posts and a surprise video will pop up in your inbox. You’ll find my tip menu pinned on my profile. If you’ve got any special requests, I’m just a DM away. Let’s make this fun and interactive!”
  5. Warm and Welcoming:
    “Hello lovely! ???? Super excited to see you here. Thanks for joining my OnlyFans family. I’ve got loads of exciting stuff to show you. Stick around for regular updates and feel free to drop me a message anytime!”
  6. Cheerful and Grateful:
    “Hey there! ???? Big thanks for subscribing! Your support means the world to me. Expect some amazing content every week. I love hearing from my fans, so don’t hesitate to reach out!”
  7. Inviting with a Tease:
    “Welcome to my page! ???? Thrilled to have you. As a special thank you, I’ve attached a little something in this message. Check it out and let’s start our journey together. Can’t wait to chat with you!”
  8. Engagement Incentive:
    “Hi and welcome! ???? Show some love to my posts – like my last 20 posts and get ready for a special surprise in your inbox. Have any questions or requests? My DMs are always open!”
  9. Charming and Interactive:
    “Welcome onboard! ???? I’m so glad you’re part of this journey. I’m here to make sure you have an awesome time. Drop me a message and let’s kickstart some fun conversations!”
  10. Personal and Curious:
    “Hey! Welcome to my special corner on OnlyFans. ???? I’m curious about you – where are you from, what’s your favorite hobby, and what brought you here? Let’s make this space fun and interactive!”
  11. Exciting and Mysterious:
    “Welcome to a world of excitement! ???? Thanks for joining. I’ve prepared something special for you, but it’s a surprise. Stay tuned, and don’t be shy to message me – let’s unravel the mystery together!”
  12. Friendly and Open:
    “Hello and welcome! ???? So happy you’re here. I’m all about creating content that you’ll love. Got any ideas or fantasies? Share them with me – I’m all ears and ready to make them come true!”
  13. Flirty and Fun:
    “Hey gorgeous! ???? Thanks for stopping by. Get ready for some thrilling content that I know you’ll adore. Feel like chatting? I’m just a message away – let’s spice things up!”
  14. Inclusive and Exciting:
    “Welcome to the fun zone! ???? Your presence here brightens my day. Keep an eye out for my weekly specials – they’re just for you. Always here for a chat, so don’t hesitate to reach out!”
  15. Enthusiastic Welcome:
    “Welcome aboard! ???? So thrilled you’ve decided to join us. Here, you’ll find exclusive content that I’m sure you’ll adore. Feel free to send me a message – let’s start this exciting journey together!”
  16. Personal Touch:
    “Hi there! Welcome to my OnlyFans family. ???? I’m genuinely excited to connect with you. Share a bit about yourself – I love getting to know my fans. Looking forward to our chats!”
  17. Playful and Engaging:
    “Hey, welcome to the party! ???? Super excited to have you here. I’ve got loads of fun and exclusive stuff lined up just for you. Drop a message and let’s get the conversation rolling!”
  18. Exclusive Offer:
    “Welcome! As a special thank you, check out the exclusive content I’ve attached for you. ???? I love rewarding my subscribers, so stay tuned for more surprises. Can’t wait to hear from you!”
  19. Interactive and Lively:
    “Hello and a big welcome! ???? Your support means everything to me. I’m here to entertain and engage. Got any special requests or questions? I’m all ears – let’s make this experience unforgettable!”
  20. Warm and Friendly:
    “Welcome! So happy you’re here. ???? This space is all about sharing and enjoying great content together. Feel free to reach out anytime, I’m always ready for a good chat!”
  21. Inviting and Curious:
    “Hey there! Welcome to my world. ???? I’m curious about what brought you here. Share your thoughts, and let’s make this a two-way conversation. Your input is precious!”
  22. Cheerful and Interactive:
    “Welcome to my OnlyFans! ???? Thrilled to have you on board. I’m all about creating content that excites and engages. Got any fun ideas or fantasies? Let’s bring them to life together!”
  23. Flirty and Fun:
    “Hey cutie, welcome! ???? Ready for an exciting journey? I’ve got plenty of surprises in store for you. Let’s chat and make your experience here as fun and steamy as possible!”
  24. Grateful and Inviting:
    “Hi there, welcome! ???? I’m so grateful you’ve chosen to join me. This is our space to enjoy and explore. I’m always open to suggestions and chats – let’s make this an incredible journey!”
  25. Genuine and Excited: “Hey there! ???? I can’t express how excited I am to have you on my page. Expect lots of exclusive, heart-pounding content. Feel like chatting? I’m always here to talk. Let’s make this journey unforgettable together!”
  26. Inclusive and Friendly: “Welcome to our little paradise! ????️ So glad you’ve joined us. Here, we’re all about sharing joy and exciting experiences. Got any cool ideas or just want to talk? I’m all ears and can’t wait to engage with you!”
  27. Playful and Inviting: “Hi, welcome to the fun side! ???? Thrilled to see you here. I’ve got a bunch of surprises lined up just for you. Fancy a chat? I’m here to add a bit of spice to your day!”
  28. Warm and Personal: “Hello lovely! ???? Thank you for joining my page. It’s a place where we can share and enjoy together. I’m eager to know more about you. Let’s start this beautiful journey with a conversation. What’s your story?”
  29. Energetic and Encouraging: “Hey, welcome aboard! ???? So happy you’re here to join the adventure. Get ready for some high-energy content and lots of laughs. I love interacting with my fans, so don’t be shy – reach out anytime!”
  30. Charming and Engaging: “Welcome to my world! ???? Delighted to have you here. I promise to keep you entertained with unique and captivating content. Let’s kickstart our journey with a fun chat – I’m just a message away!”

Remember, the key to a great welcome message is making it personal, engaging, and reflective of your unique style and content. Feel free to tweak these examples to better match your personality and what you offer on your OnlyFans page.

onlyfans welcome messages

The Importance of a Welcome Message on OnlyFans

Many creators neglect the powerful asset that is the welcome message. Some skip it altogether, while others draft one casually.

A strategically designed welcome message is more influential than you might think, particularly if Pay-Per-View (PPV) content forms a substantial slice of your revenue pie.

Your welcome message is a key player in your broader PPV strategy, potentially impacting your earnings significantly.

When creating a welcome message for your OnlyFans account, consider these reasons to put in the effort for a great one:

  1. Set It and Forget It: Welcome messages are automated. Once you create an effective one, it’s dispatched to every new subscriber automatically. This means minimal effort for ongoing benefits.
  2. First Impressions Count: A strong welcome message sets the tone for your interactions. Winning the favor of your subscribers from the beginning can create a supportive community, which is essential for your growth as a creator.
  3. Conversation Starter: A captivating welcome message is crucial in sparking dialogue, laying the groundwork for future interactions with subscribers, and increasing PPV engagement.
  4. Tip Magnet: While earning extra through tips is great, avoid hard-selling in your welcome message. This common error can be off-putting, so treat tips as a bonus..

By the end of this guide, you’ll have the tools to create welcome messages that not only resonate with your audience but also boost your earning potential.

Easy Steps to Activate Your Welcome Message on OnlyFans

Configuring your welcome message on OnlyFans is a breeze, and you can do it right from your settings menu.

Here’s a simple walkthrough to get your welcome message up and running on OnlyFans:

  1. Access Your Profile: First things first, head over to your OnlyFans profile.
  2. Dive into Settings: Once you’re on your profile, find your way to the settings menu.
  3. Chat Settings: In the settings, look for the “Chats” section.
  4. Welcome Message Setup: Within “Chats”, you’ll find the “Welcome messages” option.
  5. Enable Automatic Messages: Toggle on the “Send a welcome message to new fans” feature.
  6. Craft Your Message: With the feature enabled, a text box will appear. This is where you get creative and type in your welcome message.
  7. Add a Personal Touch: Consider attaching a video introduction. It adds a personal and engaging touch to your welcome.

Remember, welcome messages aren’t set up by default on OnlyFans. You’ll need to enable them manually after your OnlyFans account is created.

This small effort can make a significant difference in how new fans perceive and interact with your content.

Crafting an Tempting OnlyFans Welcome Message

Ready to make your OnlyFans welcome message unforgettable? Use these tips to create a message that resonates with your audience and fosters a genuine connection.

  1. Make It Personal: When welcoming your subscribers on OnlyFans, it’s important to focus on creating a personal connection rather than just mentioning your content. Many creators make the mistake of using generic templates which can make them blend in with the rest. To stand out, try customizing your message to align with your audience’s interests and make it more personalized.
  2. Start with Gratitude: Kick off your welcome message by thanking your subscribers for choosing your page. This small gesture can make a big difference in how they perceive you.
  3. Get to Know Your Subscribers: To add a personal touch to your content, invite your subscribers to share some details about themselves, such as their name, age, location, hobbies, and interests. Use warm and engaging language and don’t be afraid to use emojis to express your feelings. This approach can greatly enhance the welcoming experience and provide you with valuable insights about your audience, which can be crucial when you engage in direct messages or promote your pay-per-view content.
  4. Gather Feedback on Your Marketing: If you’re active on multiple platforms, ask your subscribers where they found you. This feedback is critical for identifying which marketing efforts are paying off.

Remember, the goal is to establish a welcoming, friendly environment from the get-go.

A well-crafted welcome message can turn a simple subscription into a lasting, interactive experience.

Keep these pointers in mind, and you’ll be on your way to writing a welcome message that not only captivates but also converts.

Enhancing Your OnlyFans Welcome Message

Transform your OnlyFans welcome message into a compelling and engaging introduction with these five essential strategies:

Incorporate a Video Introduction

On OnlyFans, you can add different media types to your welcome message. Due to the limited text space, a video introduction can be highly effective in conveying more detailed messages.

It’s a more personal approach and allows you to visually engage with your subscribers.

Moreover, including a free image in your welcome message will add extra value.

you can use video and recording as the welcome message

Showcase Your Best Work

When welcoming new subscribers to your OnlyFans account, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your best content. Take a moment to reflect on the material that has garnered the most engagement, and use it as a spotlight for your top work.

This helps you understand what draws subscribers to your account and gives newcomers a taste of what they can expect. Even if it’s premium content, consider making some of it accessible on your wall to craft a memorable first impression for new subscribers.

Remember, highlighting your best work right off the bat is key to keeping your subscribers engaged and coming back for more.

Establish Common Interests

When it comes to understanding your subscribers, it’s important to open up and share some information about yourself.

You can use your video introduction to talk about hobbies and interests that are popular among your audience, such as gaming, cosplay, cooking, or fitness. By sharing common interests, you can create a great conversation starter, which can be helpful when promoting your PPV content in one-on-one chats.

Engage in a Conversation for the welcome message

Engage in a Conversation

When crafting a welcome message for your subscribers, it’s important to make it sound conversational and engaging.

A great way to encourage interaction is to end your message with a question.

This will prompt your subscribers to initiate contact with you through direct messages, which is crucial for building a relationship with them.

If they reach out to you first, they’re more likely to see your interactions as genuine and not just transactional.

Promote Interaction

Encourage your subscribers to engage with you in the comments and DMs to build a rapport and promote your PPV content.

Incorporate a Call to Action (CTA)

In your welcome message, including a call-to-action (CTA) can be a highly effective way to engage your subscribers.

For example, you can encourage them to like your posts or message you in order to receive a free photo, video, or other reward. This strategy works particularly well on a free page where likes are publicly displayed, as it can help to improve your account’s credibility and the perceived quality of your content.

Hold Off on Selling Content Immediately

It’s important to be mindful of your subscribers’ perspective when crafting your welcome message. While it’s a great opportunity to promote your PPV content and increase sales, avoid coming across as too pushy or salesy.

If you have a paid page, try to focus on offering free content in your welcome message, rather than immediately requesting additional payment.

For free pages, you can mention your PPV content, but keep it subtle and avoid being too pushy. Timing is key, so consider encouraging tipping in your welcome message, but make sure to offer incentives like exclusive content or special services to make it more appealing.

You can also simplify the process for your subscribers by creating a tip menu and pinning it to your profile.

Address Expectations and Questions

In your welcome message, make sure to inform your subscribers about what they can expect from your content, including your schedule and future plans.

If possible, you can also address any frequently asked questions and common concerns. However, avoid setting rules and boundaries in your welcome message; these are better suited for a pinned post.

Your main objective is to create a welcoming and pleasant first interaction with new subscribers.

Implementing the strategies mentioned above can help you create a welcoming message that not only engages your audience but also sets a positive tone for their experience on your page. It is important to remember that the welcome message is an opportunity to build rapport and set expectations, so it should be carefully crafted.

Make sure to make the most of this opportunity!

Learn from Successful Creators

If you’re still hunting for fresh ideas for your OnlyFans welcome message, why not learn from the best?

A great way to gather inspiration is by exploring what top creators on OnlyFans are doing:

  • Subscribe to Free Pages: Dive into OnlyFans and subscribe to the free pages of leading creators. This is a goldmine for discovering effective welcome message strategies.
  • Template Ideas: While you’re following these top creators, take note of their welcome messages. Use these as a template or starting point for crafting your unique message.
  • Diverse Inspiration: Don’t worry too much about the niche or specific content of these creators. What you’re really after is their approach to engaging a large audience.
  • Search for Top Creators: You can easily find popular free OnlyFans pages with a simple Google search. Look for those with high follower counts, as they’re likely doing something right in terms of engaging their audience.

By studying the tactics of successful OnlyFans creators, you can pick up on nuances and techniques that resonate with subscribers. This can be a game-changer in how you compose your welcome message, ensuring it’s both engaging and effective.


In conclusion, crafting an engaging welcome message for your OnlyFans page is an essential step towards building a strong and lasting connection with your subscribers.

Whether you’re aiming for a tone that’s playful, personal, or downright enticing, the key is to make each subscriber feel valued and excited about the content they’re about to experience.

Remember, your welcome message is more than just a greeting; it’s a powerful tool to set the stage for future interactions, increase engagement, and boost your content’s appeal.

By incorporating the strategies and examples provided in this guide, you can create a welcome message that not only resonates with your audience but also enhances your overall OnlyFans strategy.

So, take the time to craft a message that reflects your unique style and personality. Engage with your subscribers from the get-go, and watch as this simple yet impactful gesture helps grow your community and strengthens your presence on OnlyFans.

With these tips and templates, you’re well on your way to making every new subscriber feel like they’ve made the right choice in following your page. Happy creating!

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