Complete OnlyFans Pricing Guide: How Much Should You Charge Your Subscribers

Looking to gain knowledge on pricing strategy for your OnlyFans page? Look no further! Our article is your ultimate guide to understanding the optimal pricing for your OnlyFans page subscription, Pay-Per-View content (PPV), and tailored content offerings.

Whether you’re a beginner or a top creator, our insights gathered from extensive experience working with OnlyFans creators, collaboration with adult subscription services, and partnerships with OnlyFans management firms provide valuable information on content upselling.

With our profound understanding of pricing dynamics and strategic charging practices, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed on OnlyFans.

If you are a fledgling OnlyFans creator seeking answers to questions like how to price your OnlyFans subscription, PPVs, custom content, and more, this guide will significantly enhance your pricing strategies.

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OnlyFans Pricing Guide

OnlyFans is a platform that works on a subscription-based model. Many creators choose to earn money by accumulating paid followers. However, some creators provide their content for free. For example, we have compiled a list of free OnlyFans creators who are worth following.

Therefore, if your goal is to monetize your content on OnlyFans, it is important to decide on your subscription fee wisely.

Subscriptions are often priced without a clear strategy in mind. We’ve put together some guidelines and tactics to help you determine the best pricing for your product.

If you’re an OnlyFans creator, deciding on the right subscription fee can be a bit confusing. Before setting your price, it’s important to take certain factors into consideration. Setting high prices may decrease your follower count, while low prices can attract a larger follower base, but may compromise your earnings.

It’s easier to maximize your income on OnlyFans by picking a niche and creating engaging captions to boost sales.

OnlyFans Pricing Strategy: How Much Should You Charge?

If you’re searching for an OnlyFans pricing guide, here’s a breakdown depending on what stage of content creation you’re currently in:

Subscription PricingPay-Per-View (PPV) PricingCustom Content PricingAdditional Notes
New CreatorsFree or minimal as content is still accumulating$3.99 – $4.99 per mass DM$20 – $50 per custom video for the first 1-2 monthsOffer more trial links to garner free subscribers
Intermediate Creators$7.99/month or $17 for a three-month subscriptionAround $9.99 per PPV$50 – $200 per custom videoAvoid double-digit PPV charges unless it’s exceptional content
Top CreatorsUpwards of $11/monthMinimum of $19.99 per PPV$80 – $400 per custom videoExplore additional revenue opportunities; consider partnering with an agency for $100k+ monthly income

Pricing Guide for New OnlyFans Creators:

As a beginner, you might consider the following pricing structure for your content:

  • Subscription: Set it as free or keep it minimal as you are yet to accumulate content.
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV): Limit the number of PPVs you send; if you’re sending PPVs as mass DMs, charge somewhere between $3.99 and $4.99.
  • Custom Content: For the initial one or two months, consider charging between $20 and $50 per custom video depending on your fan base.

As a novice OnlyFans creator, you could offer more trial links to garner free subscribers. With OnlyFans trials, you can offer a specified number (say 15 or 25) of free subscriptions.

Pricing Guide for Intermediate OnlyFans Creators:

If you fall between the top 4% to 2% of creators, here’s a suggested pricing model:

  • Subscription: Charge around $7.99 per month or offer $17 for a three-month subscription.
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV): When sending PPVs, consider charging around $9.99. Avoid charging double-digit figures unless you’re confident you’ve recorded one of your best videos ever.
  • Custom Content: You can charge between $50 and $200 per custom video. Assess your fans’ interests, and if someone demands something extra, you can always charge more.

Pricing Guide for Top OnlyFans Creators:

If you fall within the top 2% to 0.1% of creators, you might consider the following pricing:

  • Subscription: Charge upwards of $11 a month.
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV): Consider a minimum charge of $19.99 per PPV.
  • Custom Content: Depending on the custom video request, charge between $80 to $400.

At this stage, you should also be exploring additional opportunities for revenue.

If you’re aiming for a $100k monthly income, consider partnering with an agency. Reaching the $100k mark may be challenging without the support of an OnlyFans management agency.

Additional Revenue Streams on OnlyFans

OnlyFans offers several other ways to generate income where you have control over the pricing.

  • Tips: Your followers can tip you as much and as often as they like. Encourage them to tip more frequently by having a suggested tip list prominently displayed on your profile.
  • Live Streams: During live broadcasts, viewers can send tips. Utilize strategies like setting a tip target for the session or extending the stream’s duration with each tip received to boost your earnings.
  • Voice and Video Calls: Personalized one-on-one calls with your most loyal subscribers can be quite profitable. Price these calls by the minute, typically between $5 to $10. Feel free to charge more, as subscribers often value the exclusive attention.
  • Sexting: Charging for sexting can range from $3 to $5 per minute. However, it might be more effective to use sexting to upsell pay-per-view (PPV) content. Engaging in intimate conversations with your highest-spending subscribers can strengthen your connection with them, leading to more consistent and lucrative PPV sales.
  • Sponsorships: Collaborate with brands in the adult and fashion industries. Top creators often secure lucrative deals.
  • Product Recommendations: Use affiliate links to earn commissions on sales. Promote products that resonate with your audience.
  • Merchandise: Sell your own branded merchandise or partner with a company to handle the production and sales.
  • Coaching and Courses: Share your expertise by offering coaching or creating courses for other creators looking to succeed on OnlyFans.

Deciding Your OnlyFans Page Subscription Rate

If you have a large following, you may want to consider increasing your subscription fee on OnlyFans.

A good example is Ginny Potter, who charges only $3 per month for her OnlyFans account to her 113k Instagram followers. This generates easy thousands of dollars in revenue each month for her.

Acquiring paid subscribers provides a steady stream of income, considering that an OnlyFans subscription is recurrent. This feature is a boon for creators, as it guarantees regular earnings.

However, if your social media following is modest, your exposure is limited, and consequently, you might attract fewer subscribers to your OnlyFans account.

Having an extensive social media following could lead to an increase in subscribers, regardless of higher charges.

Despite having large Instagram followings, some OnlyFans creators continue to charge premium prices. Is this strategy beneficial?

We delve into this topic in the forthcoming section.

How Much Should Your OnlyFans Subscription Cost?

For those new to the OnlyFans creator scene, starting with a free page may be a viable alternative before delving into the intricacies of subscription pricing.

It is important to complete OnlyFans Verification in order to create a free account and upload content. The process usually takes around an hour, but may be longer in some cases.

It’s entirely possible to earn money even if you have a free OnlyFans page. You can generate revenue through tips, selling PPVs (Pay-Per-View), and receiving tips for custom content. A free OnlyFans page means that your posted content can be accessed freely, but viewers still need to subscribe (for free) to view your content.

ginny potter free page
Free OnlyFans page can make a lot of great income as well.

Our recommendation for new OnlyFans creators is to start with a free page. Once you’ve built up enough content, it’s sensible to transition to a paid page and introduce a subscription fee.

OnlyFans permits creators to set their monthly subscription prices anywhere between $4.99 and $49.99. While there’s no restriction on price variation, a higher charge is likely to result in fewer subscribers and vice versa.

High Vs. Low Monthly Subscription Charges: Advantages and Disadvantages

FactorLow Subscription ChargeHigh Subscription Charge
Initial Subscriber CountHigherLower
Initial Monthly EarningsLower per subscriber, higher overallHigher per subscriber, equal overall
Impact of UnsubscribingLower financial impact per unsubscribeHigher financial impact per unsubscribe
Earnings StabilityMore stable; loss of a few subscribers impacts earnings lessLess stable; loss of a few subscribers has a greater impact on earnings
Audience BasePotentially larger due to affordabilityPotentially smaller due to higher cost
Additional Income StreamsHigher potential due to larger audience (tips, PPV, custom requests)May be limited due to smaller audience
Long-term Subscriber GrowthPotential for steady growthGrowth may be limited by higher cost barrier

It’s possible that potential subscribers may be hesitant to subscribe or follow your OnlyFans account if your charges exceed $10.

To illustrate this point, let’s consider two creators with identical social media followings. One charges a subscription fee of $5 while the other asks for $10. Supposing the creator charging $5 per month attracts 1000 subscribers, while the one charging $10 only draws in 500 subscribers.

Despite the difference in follower numbers, both creators earn the same amount.

But what happens when a hundred subscribers unsubscribe from each creator? The creator with a $5 per month subscription experiences a loss of $500, whereas the creator charging $10 suffers a $1000 loss. This represents a substantial difference.

Another advantage of lower subscription fees is that there are multiple income streams on OnlyFans. A larger follower base attracted by lower subscription fees could increase your earnings. You can make money on OnlyFans via subscriptions, tips, PPV content, and charging for custom requests through DMs.

When setting a fee for your OnlyFans page, bear the following factors in mind:

  • The volume of content uploaded to your page
  • Your social media follower count
  • The ratio of content available to paid subscribers Vs. PPVs. Although PPVs can be off-putting for some subscribers or fans, that doesn’t imply you should entirely disregard them.

Several creators earn thousands of dollars by catering to their followers’ unique requests. Some even charge between $100 and $300 per DM request.

Read more: How to Start OnlyFans without followers

Optimizing Pay-Per-View Video Charges

In my experience working with an OnlyFans creator, she charged $4.99 per Pay-Per-View video. Despite the high-quality videos, her earnings were modest.

So, what’s the solution? Charging between $9.99 and $31 for a PPV video might be a viable strategy.

Pay Per View Video Charges
Don’t hesitate to test different pricing strategies.

To increase your earnings from PPV videos, you can try to categorize your fans based on their spending habits and offer high-priced PPVs to those who tend to spend more. You can set a price between $31 to $42 or within this range for your content.

This strategy will help you maximize your profits and cater to your audience’s varying spending patterns effectively.

Pricing for PPV content on OnlyFans can be somewhat complex. Nevertheless, with a clear understanding of your audience, you can potentially earn more from your OnlyFans subscribers by charging more rather than less to secure more sales.

Determining the Price for Your OnlyFans Custom Content

Determining the right price for your content can be somewhat intricate, especially if you’re a novice OnlyFans creator. The recommended approach for beginners is to keep charges modest. Lower charges enable you to concentrate more on nurturing a solid fan base rather than placing undue focus on monetization.

For different custom content requests, you could start by charging around $30. As you establish a consistent income stream, you can potentially charge between $100 and $400 per custom video.

What Sort of Custom Content Requests Do Users Usually Make?

Fans often request various types of custom content, including:

  • Ratings of intimate body parts
  • Foot fetish content
  • Activities conducted outside your home
  • Use of toys
  • If you produce B/G content, it might involve interactions with them

And much more… While some requests might seem unusual, you can always charge more provided it adheres to the OnlyFans community guidelines.

No PPV OnlyFans

The no PPV (Pay-Per-View) model on OnlyFans is gaining popularity as users become more savvy about the platform. Many dislike paying extra for explicit content on top of the monthly subscription.

This approach involves posting all your content directly to your timeline and compensating for the lack of PPV sales by setting a higher monthly subscription rate. Typically, you should price your subscription at the higher end of the scale, between $20 to $50 per month.

Key Benefits:

  • Higher Subscription Fee: Charge more monthly, but all content is included.
  • Transparency: Subscribers know they won’t face additional charges for exclusive content.

Audience Appeal: Subscribers enjoy access to all your content without worrying about extra costs, making the overall experience more straightforward and appealing.

Pricing Insights from Top OnlyFans Creators

The strategy is simple: charge less, thereby encouraging more people to consume your content, but never compromise on quality.

However, if you’re contemplating higher charges, ensure that you meet the following three criteria:

  • You are highly attractive, scoring a 9/10.
  • You have an expansive social media presence.
  • You enjoy a degree of celebrity status, attracting followers from countries like the United States, the UK, Canada, and various European nations.

Pricing for Those Who Don’t Conform to Traditional Beauty Standards

While the term “ugly” is subjective, if you’re an older creator or someone not traditionally considered attractive, it’s essential to be mindful of your pricing strategy.

If a majority of people do not find you attractive, your best bet is to keep your charges low or focus on building a strong social media following. A large social media following can significantly diminish the impact of your physical appearance on your adult subscription pricing.

Here are some excellent starter guides for you:

Optimizing Prices for More Sales

Setting prices on OnlyFans isn’t a one-time task. Regular reviews and adjustments can help maximize your earnings. Luckily, OnlyFans provides tools like bundling, discounts, and promotions to help you with this.

Adjusting Prices: While it’s important to adjust your prices when necessary, avoid doing it too frequently. Frequent changes can frustrate your current subscribers. Additionally, changing your subscription price disables the auto-renew feature for existing subscribers, which means they will need to manually resubscribe, potentially leading to a temporary drop in your subscriber count.

Bundles: Offering subscription bundles where users pay less if they subscribe for several months at once can boost your cash flow and improve subscriber retention. You can also bundle other items, such as images and videos, to increase sales.

Promotions: Seasonal promotions can significantly enhance your sales. People tend to spend more during certain times of the year, like the end-of-year holidays and Valentine’s Day. Offering a discount on your subscription during these periods can attract a more enthusiastic audience.

Considering OnlyFans’ Fees: Remember to account for the platform’s fees when setting your prices. OnlyFans takes a 20% cut from your earnings. For example, a $10 subscription means $8 in actual income for you.

By strategically using bundles and promotions, and carefully adjusting your prices, you can optimize your earnings while keeping your subscribers happy.

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