50+ Must-Have OnlyFans Equipment for Every Creator

Starting your journey as an OnlyFans content creator may seem overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing the right equipment.

You might find yourself wondering about the props, costumes, lighting, and other essential OnlyFans equipment needed to produce high-quality content. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

This comprehensive guide will brighten your path, breaking down the list of OnlyFans equipment and helping you invest wisely in your creative efforts. Whether you’re a beginner just starting your journey or a seasoned OnlyFans creator looking to up your game, the insights and recommendations ahead are designed to boost your content creation skills.

So, let’s embark on this adventure together, delving into the list of OnlyFans equipment and content creation.

CategoryProductDescriptionPurchase Link
Lightingring light 1
NEEWER Ring Light Kit
18-inch LED ring light, adjustable stand, includes a smartphone holder.Buy on Amazon
Audio Equipmentwireless microphones
3-in-1 Wireless Microphones
Compatible with various devices, stable up to 65 feet.Buy on Amazon
Stability Toolstripod for onlyfans
Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick
62 inches max height, 360-degree rotation, remote shutter included.Buy on Amazon
BackdropsKate Pink Paper Backdrops
Kate Pink Paper Backdrops
Seamless paper, professional look, comes rolled.Buy on Amazon
Costumes and CosplayAnime Outfits Moon Cosplay Costume
Anime Outfits Moon Cosplay Costume
Diverse, visually appealing for themed content.Buy on Amazon
Anime French Maid
Anime French Maid Costume
Authentic maid outfit perfect for cosplay and themed shoots.Buy on Amazon
One Piece High Cut Superhero Cosplay
One-Piece High Cut Superhero Cosplay
High cut superhero costume for dynamic and engaging cosplay.Buy on Amazon
Bunny Costume Leather
Bunny Costume Leather
Leather bunny outfit for bold and stylish appearances.Buy on Amazon
PlushPink Faux Fur Pillow Covers
Ashler Soft Faux Fur Pillow
Soft and cozy, adds a touch of luxury and comfort to any room.Buy on Amazon
Xiashrk Knot Pillow Ball
Xiashrk Knot Pillow Ball
Unique knotted design, serves as both a decorative piece and a comfortable pillow.Buy on Amazon
Menoeceus Flower Shaped Throw Pillow
Menoeceus Flower Shaped Throw Pillow
Flower-shaped, colorful, perfect for adding visual interest to a set.Buy on Amazon
WigsShort Curly Bob Wavy Ombre Pink Wig
Short Curly Bob Wavy Ombre Pink Wig
Vibrant ombre pink, adds a playful touch to your appearance.Buy on Amazon
Long Straight Pink Wig
Long Straight Pink Wig
Sleek and long, perfect for a dramatic transformation.Buy on Amazon
Full Long Curly Wavy Rainbow Hair Wig
Full Long Curly Wavy Rainbow Hair Wig
Full-bodied, rainbow-colored curls, ideal for vibrant, eye-catching looks.Buy on Amazon
LingerieWomen Deep V Halter Lingerie
Women Deep V Halter Lingerie
Elegant and seductive, perfect for adding an intimate touch to your content.Buy on Amazon
Schoolgirl Lingerie Sexy Roleplay Lingerie Set
Schoolgirl Lingerie Sexy Roleplay Set
Playful and themed, enhances role-play segments.Buy on Amazon
Ruffle Lingerie Set
Ruffle Lingerie Set
Delicate ruffles, adds a soft and romantic vibe.Buy on Amazon
LED Lighting & SignsCustom Neon Signs 1
Custom LED Sign
LED lights and signs for dynamic backdrops and mood settings.Buy on Amazon

Must-Have OnlyFans Equipment for All Content Creators

onlyfans equipment guide

Smartphones or Professional Camera?

Creating high-quality content is crucial for success on OnlyFans, and most top creators are equipped with essential tools to enhance their production. For many, a smartphone is the gateway to starting their creative journey on the platform.


A modern smartphone alone can be a complete content creation toolkit. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Capture and produce a variety of content like selfies, photos, videos, and audio clips.
  • Manage your OnlyFans profile and post updates directly to your followers.
  • Engage with and expand your audience through social platforms such as Reddit and TikTok.

Although some tasks might be more comfortably done on a computer, smartphones are perfectly capable of handling these activities efficiently.

Choosing the Right Smartphone

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone primarily for OnlyFans content creation, consider these features for the best experience:

  • High-quality cameras on both the front and back for crystal-clear visuals.
  • AI-powered image stabilization to simplify content capture.
  • A fast processor to streamline all your activities.
  • Ample storage space to keep all your high-resolution media.

Models like the latest iPhones, including the iPhone 15, along with their advanced variants, are excellent choices. For those who prioritize camera quality over other premium features, the Google Pixel is a strong contender.

Upgrading to a Digital Camera

While a smartphone is a great starting point, investing in a digital camera can significantly enhance the quality of your OnlyFans content.

For those ready to make the switch, the Nikon D3500 is an excellent choice, especially if you’re mindful of budget constraints. This camera outperforms most smartphones with its superior image quality and is user-friendly, making it ideal for beginners.

CameraKey FeaturesBest For
Nikon D3500
Nikon D3500
24.2MP Sensor, Lightweight, Good in Low-Light, Long Battery Life, Intuitive Guide ModeBeginners seeking simplicity and quality
Sony Alpha a6000
Sony A6000
24.3MP Sensor, Fast Autofocus, High Frame Rate, Tiltable Screen, CompactCreators needing portability and high performance
Canon Rebel T7
Canon Rebel T7
24.1MP Sensor, Full HD Video, User-Friendly, Cost-Effective, Reliable PerformanceNew DSLR users upgrading from smartphones

For more detailed information on selecting the right camera to meet your needs and budget, check out the comprehensive guide on the best cameras for OnlyFans. This guide will help you explore various options that cater to different budget levels.

Essential Tools To Skyrocket Your Content Quality

You can significantly enhance your content quality with a starter kit, even on a tight budget. A modern iPhone is all you need for high-quality content capture, providing a candid and personal touch.


NEEWER Ring Light Kit: Professional LED with Stand and Phone Holder

  • Includes an 18-inch dimmable LED ring light, adjustable light stand, color filters, and a smartphone holder.
  • Compatible with most DSLR cameras and smartphones, including the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.
  • Ideal for content creators engaged in video recording, live streaming, and professional beauty applications.
  • Light stand setup instructions and customer service contact details are provided for ease of assembly.

Improving lighting is the easiest technical enhancement to your content. More light translates to better visuals.

Have you ever wondered how models create ultra-high-quality shots? It’s not about expensive camera equipment. These stunning images are often produced using an affordable ring light, perfect for beginners.

However, consider your camera and the ring light size before investing—will you capture full-body shots or mostly headshots?

Some considerations when picking the perfect Ring Light for you:

  1. Price: You can get a quality ring light for under $100 on Amazon.
  2. Height: Adjustable rods on ring lights range from 10 inches to over 4 feet.
  3. Size: Wider lights produce softer lighting. Typical sizes on Amazon are 12, 14, and 18 inches.
  4. Material Quality: Avoid super cheap, plastic-made ring lights. They’re likely to break within a few months.
  5. Bulkiness: If you plan to travel with your gear, consider the size and weight of your ring light.
  6. Required Accessories: Ring lights often come with a tripod stand.
  7. Dimmable: The ability to adjust brightness levels allows you to meet the unique lighting needs of each shot.
  8. Fluorescent Bulbs Vs LED Ring Lights: LED ring lights outperform fluorescent ones, offering better longevity and less overheating.

3 in 1 Wireless Microphones

  • 3-in-1 universal receiver compatible with devices like smartphones, laptops, and cameras, ideal for blogging and live streaming.
  • Stable audio up to 65 feet away, supports simultaneous multi-person recording, and can be handheld or clipped on.
  • Professional noise reduction technology to ensure clear audio capture.
  • Rechargeable battery with over 7 hours of life and supports charging while recording.
  • Plug-and-play with automatic pairing and three mode settings for different devices.


The built-in microphone in your smartphone or camera may suffice for basic content creation, but it falls short when capturing high-quality audio from a distance. As you diversify your OnlyFans content—venturing into longer videos, sex tapes, audio recordings, livestreams, behind-the-scenes footage, and ASMR—an external microphone becomes essential.

Good audio quality enhances the overall viewer experience, creating a more intimate and enjoyable connection with your subscribers. This is particularly crucial if you plan to sell Pay-Per-View (PPV) videos, as superior sound quality can help ensure customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases.

For a versatile audio solution, consider a shotgun microphone. These microphones are designed to capture sound from the direction they are pointed towards, providing a good range and clarity. You can easily attach one to your camera, ensuring you capture clear audio along with your visuals.

Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick

  • Combines a phone stand and selfie stick, ideal for selfies, photography, vlogging, live streaming, and family gatherings.
  • Reaches a maximum height of 62 inches and offers 360-degree rotation for optimal viewing angles, both vertically and horizontally.
  • Fits all cellphones between 2.8″ and 5.7″, and includes a universal 1/4″ screw mount for most digital cameras, action cameras, webcams, and camcorders.
  • Includes a phone stick tripod, universal phone holder, adapter, and Bluetooth remote shutter, backed by 12 months of professional after-sales support.

Tripods: The Key to Stable Shots

Once you’ve sorted your lighting, the next crucial piece of equipment is a sturdy tripod with a remote trigger.

A handheld shot often results in blurry images, but a tripod can stabilize your camera for perfect clarity every time.

Remember, successful content creation doesn’t require an arm and a leg.

With smart choices and creative strategies, you can develop engaging, high-quality content that truly shines.

Accessories: Make your content more tasteful

Spicing up your content with costumes and props can be the secret to keeping things fresh and engaging.

Here’s a dive into some top picks and a few specific items.

Kate Pink Paper Backdrops

  • Seamless paper backdrops, extending beyond traditional microfiber options.
  • Available in 52″x16′; other sizes also available to meet various needs.
  • Crafted from thick, seamless, and non-reflective kraft paper that’s wear-resistant and eco-friendly.
  • Arrives rolled for easy setup; just unroll and hang (stand not included).
  • Perfect for portrait photography, product displays, interviews, YouTube videos, and more.

Paper Backdrops

A large roll of paper unfurled behind you, offering a simple, sleek background that elevates your content. This is what paper backdrops can do for you.

Whether you prefer them plain, adorned with colors, or even intricately decorated, these backdrops impart a professional touch to your creations.

Paper backdrops require no fancy stands. You can easily secure them at home using painter’s tape, or if you fancy a more professional setup, a crossbar, and tripod system from Amazon is all you need.

Pillows & Plushes

A bed scattered with vibrant pillows creates a cozy and intimate setting, perfect for capturing more personal content.

Adding an assortment of plush pillows to your setup can significantly enhance the aesthetic and feel of your OnlyFans content.

Plushes, whether they are soft toys or cushioned accents, add a touch of warmth and comfort to your visuals, making your space more inviting and viewer-friendly.

This setup not only appeals visually but also promotes a relaxed, homely vibe, ideal for content that requires a more personal and up-close feel.

Consider integrating various textures and colors to make your background pop and your content stand out.

This simple touch can transform your filming area into a snug, engaging scene that resonates well with your audience.

Short Curly Bob Wavy Ombre Pink WigShort Curly Bob Wavy Ombre Pink Wig
Pastel Wavy WigPastel Wavy Wig
Long Straight Pink WigLong Straight Pink Wig
Long Ombre Blonde WigsLong Ombre Blonde Wigs
Full Long Curly Wavy Rainbow Hair WigFull Long Curly Wavy Rainbow Hair Wig


Incorporating wigs into your OnlyFans setup is an easy way to diversify your appearance and keep your content fresh.

Colorful or uniquely styled wigs can dramatically alter your look, appealing to a wider audience by showcasing various personas.

This versatility not only enhances viewer engagement but also allows you to experiment creatively without permanent changes.

Wigs provide a fun and flexible way to spice up your content, making each session unique and exciting for your subscribers.

Women Deep V Halter LingerieWomen Deep V Halter Lingerie
Sexy Strappy 5 Piece Lingerie GarterSexy Strappy 5 Piece Lingerie Garter
Schoolgirl Lingerie Sexy Roleplay Lingerie SetSchoolgirl Lingerie Sexy Roleplay Lingerie Set
Ruffle Lingerie SetRuffle Lingerie Set
One Piece Bodysuit Lace BabydollOne Piece Bodysuit Lace Babydoll
Nightwear Satin Sleepwear LaceNightwear Satin Sleepwear Lace
Mesh Solid Sheer See Through Lingerie SetMesh Solid Sheer See Through Lingerie Set
Floral Lace Briefs with Cute Bow CenterFloral Lace Briefs with Cute Bow Center


Adding tasteful lingerie to your OnlyFans gear can elevate the allure of your content.

A well-chosen piece of lingerie can introduce a sophisticated or playful element to your visuals, enhancing the overall appeal.

This addition is not just about aesthetics—it can also influence the mood and tone of your content, offering a fresh twist each time.

Incorporating different styles and colors of lingerie allows for creative expression and can keep your audience engaged and anticipating what’s next.

Custom Neon SignsCustom Neon Signs 1
RGB Neon Rope LightsLed Neon Rope Lights 1

LED Lighting & Signs

LED lighting and signs are powerful tools for enhancing your OnlyFans content:

  • Versatile Atmosphere: LEDs can be adjusted to create a cozy, intimate setting or a bright, energetic vibe, depending on your content needs.
  • Dynamic Backdrops: LED signs add visual flair and can convey messages or themes, making them excellent for personalizing your space.
  • Engagement Boost: Utilizing different colors and lighting effects can captivate your audience, keeping them interested and engaged.

Experiment with these elements to find combinations that best highlight your style and enhance your presentation.

Anime Outfits Moon Cosplay CostumeAnime Outfits Moon Cosplay Costume
Anime French MaidAnime French Maid
One-Piece High Cut Superhero CosplayOne Piece High Cut Superhero Cosplay
Bunny Costume LeatherBunny Costume Leather
Bunny Costume Women Dva CosplayBunny Costume Women Dva Cosplay
Bathing Suit One PieceBathing Suit One Piece
Japanese Witch CosplayJapanese Witch Cosplay
Women’s cosplay nunWomens cosplay nun
Genshin Impact Ganyu CosplayGenshin Impact Ganyu Cosplay

Costumes / Cosplay

Transform your OnlyFans shoots and captivate your audience with creative, themed costumes and cosplay outfits. Here’s why adding costumes is essential:

  • Diverse Themes: Tap into a vast array of genres—from historical to video games—to keep your content fresh and engaging.
  • Boost Viewer Engagement: Visually appealing outfits make your videos stand out, enhancing subscriber interaction and retention.
  • Professional Look: High-quality costumes add a touch of sophistication to your content, setting you apart from the competition.
  • Seasonal Content: Easily create timely content for holidays and trending events to stay relevant and boost engagement.


Body Clamps Clip
Nipple Clamps
This is niche-specific, but for content creators in the BDSM space, nipple clamps and similar items can cater to your audience’s preferences.
Gold Plated Waist Chains
Body Jewelry
Keeping things interesting can be as easy as adding body jewelry to your styling routine.
Massage Oil
Massage Oil
Looking to achieve a radiant glow on camera? Look no further than body or coconut oil.
makeup set
Makeup Set
Whether it’s trying different makeup styles or experimenting with new techniques, there are numerous resources on YouTube to help you. If you don’t have time to learn, makeup filters on the Airbrush app can be a quick alternative.
green screen
Green Screen
A green screen can be invaluable if you plan to play around with different backgrounds in post-production. This can add a fun and unique twist to your content.
Power Bank
Power Banks
If you’re shooting content on your phone, having a reliable power bank can ensure that you don’t run out of battery midway through a shoot.
Phone Lens Attachments
Phone Lens Attachments
For those using smartphones for content creation, various lens attachments such as wide-angle, macro, or fisheye lenses can add diversity to your content.
Mobile SE Intelligent Gimbal
In addition to tripods, you might also consider a gimbal for stabilization, especially if you plan on creating a lot of moving or action shots.
Editing SoftwareGood editing software can help you polish your videos and photos to a professional level. Some popular choices include Capcut Pro for video editing and Adobe Lightroom for photo editing.


Succeeding in the world of content creation on platforms like OnlyFans is more accessible than you may think. It’s not about spending money on high-end equipment but rather making smart, budget-conscious choices that best serve your creative needs.

By incorporating a variety of props and costumes, leveraging effective lighting solutions such as LED and ring lights, and utilizing sturdy tripods for stability, you can significantly enhance the quality of your content.

Remember, in this journey, your creativity is your most potent tool. The OnlyFan equipment you choose should aid in showcasing your unique style and narrative, not overshadow it.

So go ahead, experiment with the myriad of options discussed in this guide, and witness the transformation of your content. Happy creating!

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