Case Study: How to Steal Subreddit Traffic & Earn

In the dynamic world of online communities, Reddit stands as a bustling hub where niche interests, discussions, and opportunities collide.

This case study delves into the successful strategies shared by Shawerma, who has adeptly navigated the complexities of driving traffic and generating revenue from his subreddit.

The journey reveals valuable insights for leveraging Reddit’s unique platform for affiliate links, crypto, media services, and more.

How to Get Traffic from Reddit

Key Strategies for Monetizing and Driving by Cloning Subreddits:

  1. Subreddit Name Optimization:
    • Create new subreddits.
    • The subreddit name is very important when it comes to stealing traffic from your competitors. Adding modifiers like “101” or “NSFW” to popular subreddit names created a magnetic effect, drawing in users searching for similar communities.
      For example: r/Minecraft101, r/OnlyFans101, etc.
    • Reddit search ranking depends on member counts. Subreddits with more users will get listed first. You can buy your initial subreddit members here.
    • This clever naming strategy resulted in a significant traffic boost.
reddit search result
  1. Leveraging Google Search Results:
    • This approach not only increased visibility but also effectively ‘steal’ the top Google search positions from competitor subreddits.
    • We all search queries like this on Google: Best speakers for PC reddit
    • Recognizing the common practice of searching Reddit threads via Google by replicating and enhancing posts from competitor subreddits. By increasing comments and upvotes, these posts achieved higher rankings in Google search results. You can buy upvotes here.
    • Don’t just copy the content. Enhance it and improve its quality.
    • You might need to buy some Reddit accounts to comment under those posts.
    • Search for Reddit r/[Target subreddit]
  2. Innovative Monetization Techniques:
    1. Affiliate Marketing: Emulating successful subreddits like r/soccer, You can post affiliate links to drive traffic and earn commissions.
    2. Sidebar Advertising: Inspired by hosting knowledge subreddits, You can utilize the sidebar for affiliate promotions.
    3. Direct Monetization: Selling user flairs, sticky posts, and sidebar links directly to the subreddit’s audience.

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Traffic Growth Results

Shared by Shawerma

subreddt growing results 1
subreddt growing results 2


This case study exemplifies how innovative thinking and a keen understanding of Reddit’s mechanics can lead to successful subreddit monetization and traffic growth. The strategies outlined here provide a blueprint for Reddit users looking to transform their communities into lucrative ventures.

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