How to Avoid Reddit Comment Link Ban

Reddit is an incredibly popular platform for sharing content, engaging in discussions, and promoting various interests. However, navigating its community guidelines and avoiding bans can be tricky.

If you want to make the most out of Reddit without risking a ban whenever you make a comment with links, especially when it comes to using upvotes and downvotes, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you stay on the right side of Reddit’s rules.


TL;DR: How to Avoid a Reddit Ban on Comments

  • Use Upvotes Wisely:
    • Analyze voting patterns in subreddits.
    • Mimic the upvote rates of top posts.
  • Adapt Your Strategy:
    • Vary upvote amounts for different posts.
    • Change delivery rates to avoid patterns.
    • Occasionally skip buying upvotes.
    • Time your upvotes differently.
    • Start with a small number of upvotes and increase gradually.
  • Utilize Auto Upvote Feature:
    • Automate upvote and delivery rate adjustments for new posts.
  • Use Bio Landing Page Links:
    • Create a landing page with REDHub.FYI or
    • Share the landing page link in comments instead of direct links.
    • Provide context for the link to encourage engagement.
    • Monitor and adjust based on user interactions.
how to avoid reddit bans

The upvotes and downvotes from our system mimic those from regular Reddit users. To maximize the effectiveness of these votes, it’s crucial to use them thoughtfully and strategically.

Understand Voting Patterns: Before engaging with any subreddit, take time to analyze the voting patterns. Look at the top-ranking posts and comments in the “HOT” section to see how many upvotes they receive within specific time frames. This analysis will help you set realistic goals for your own posts.

For instance, if the most popular posts get around 50 votes in 1-2 hours, aim to follow a similar pattern. Avoid sudden spikes like 100 upvotes in 30 minutes, as it can raise red flags among moderators.

Monitor and Adapt Your Strategy

To avoid Reddit bans and shadowbans, you need to ensure your upvoting patterns appear natural. Reddit might not catch every upvote directly, but suspicious activity can still draw attention.

Here are some tips to keep your activity under the radar:

  • Vary Your Upvote Amounts: Don’t let your upvote numbers become predictable. Use different amounts of upvotes for different posts to make your account appear more authentic.
  • Adjust Delivery Rates: Change the speed at which you receive upvotes for each post. Even if you’re active in the same subreddit, varying delivery rates can help avoid detection.
  • Occasional Post Flops: Even top content creators experience occasional flops. Sometimes, skip buying upvotes altogether to maintain a natural look.
  • Time Your Upvotes Differently: Don’t always buy upvotes at the same time. Introduce delays of 5-10 minutes or even different times of the day to make your activity less predictable.
  • Start Slow: For new posts, start with a smaller number of upvotes. As your post begins to gain organic interaction, you can gradually increase the number of upvotes. This gradual build-up looks more natural.

Utilizing Auto Upvote Features

If managing upvotes manually sounds tedious, consider using our Auto Upvote feature. This tool can automatically adjust upvotes and delivery rates for new posts, saving you time and effort. By automating these variables, you can maintain a natural appearance while focusing on creating quality content.

create new auto vote profile 2
Auto upvote feature

One effective strategy to avoid getting banned on Reddit for sharing links is to use bio landing page services like REDHub or These services allow you to consolidate multiple links into a single, trusted URL, which can be a safer way to share content on Reddit. Here’s how you can leverage these tools to maintain a healthy Reddit presence:

  1. Create a Landing Page: Sign up for services like REDHub or and create a landing page. This page can house multiple links to your content, websites, social media profiles, and more.
  2. Customize Your Links: Ensure that the links you include are relevant and valuable to the Reddit communities you participate in. For example, if you’re promoting your OnlyFans in NSFW subreddits, include links to your profile, blog, and other social media.
  3. Use the Landing Page Link in Comments: Instead of posting direct links, which can sometimes be flagged as spam, use the landing page link in your profile and then mention it in your comments. Reddit tends to trust URLs from recognized bio link services, reducing the risk of your comment being banned.
  4. Provide Context: When sharing your landing page link in comments, provide clear and relevant context. Explain what users can find by following the link and why it’s beneficial. This not only helps in avoiding bans but also encourages genuine engagement.
  5. Monitor Engagement: Keep track of how users interact with your landing page. Adjust your strategy based on which links receive the most traffic and positive feedback.
  6. Stay Within Community Guidelines: Always respect the rules of the subreddits you’re active in. Some communities have specific guidelines about sharing links, so make sure to comply with these to avoid penalties.

Additional Resources

For those new to Reddit or looking to enhance their OnlyFans promotion strategies, these resources can be invaluable:

Final Thoughts

Navigating Reddit’s guidelines and avoiding bans requires a mix of strategy, adaptability, and a keen understanding of the platform’s dynamics. By using upvotes and downvotes wisely, monitoring your activity for patterns, and utilizing automation tools, you can maintain a healthy presence on Reddit without risking a ban.

Remember, the key is to make your activity look as natural and genuine as possible, blending in with the organic behavior of regular Reddit users.

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