How to Report Subreddit on Mobile & Desktop

Reddit is known for being a very open forum, with little restrictions on what may be posted by users, including content that would be considered offensive on other social networking platforms. That’s why you might sometimes want to report a subreddit for its content.

It’s not unusual to stumble into an illegal subreddit with gore, specialized fetishes, and a wide range of content that you could find unacceptable or outright disgusting.

After all, Reddit loves to state that freedom of speech is one of its core pillars and will support it no matter how uncomfortable some individuals may become.

In some ways, Reddit is like the open sea: the more you go in, the crazier and more offensive things get.

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Why should I report a Subreddit?

However, just because some people find a particular piece of content inappropriate doesn’t mean the post or the entire subreddit needs to be reported, blocked, and finally removed from the internet. Not all reported content violates of Reddit’s standards.

Although Reddit moderation has become more strict over time, they continue to have a wide tolerance for dubious content posted by Reddit users.

r/beatingwomen, r/gunsforsale, r/darknetmarkets, and many other subreddits that are exactly as dark, disgusting, and horrible as these subreddits sound used to be very popular on Reddit. It’s the Wild West, like I said.

Thank goodness, Reddit has introduced some guidelines, which are now available in the Reddit Content Policy:

  • Keep in mind that you are communicating with others. Violent threats, bullying, or harassment are not tolerated on Reddit. Hate speech against any aspect of identification will be prohibited.
  • Respect the guidelines outlined by the moderators and refrain from interfering in subreddits you find objectionable.
  • Users’ privacy should be protected. Without their permission, do not leak or threaten to leak private or sensitive information about other users. Doxxing is prohibited.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else.
  • Use the proper tags for the sort of content in your message, such as NSFW or Spoiler.
  • No illegal activity.
  • Don’t try to wreck the Reddit website.

Reddit staff members will not necessarily remove offending subreddits once you report them. However, there is a reporting mechanism if you do come across a subreddit that breaks one of these guidelines.

It should be noted that reporting a single post will only be sent to the subreddit’s moderators, who may choose to ignore your report because they approve of the conduct in the community.

Here are the methods for reporting a specific Reddit subreddit.

How to report a Subreddit on Reddit website

1. Launch your web browser, go to the Reddit website, and sign in to your Reddit account.

2. Visit the Reddit Report Page:

report spam on reddit 1

3. Determine the type of report you will create. The two options are generic, and deciding on the report type will help you focus your report.

report step 2
report reddit step 3

4 — The options will ask you for the name of the subreddit, user, comment, or private message you are trying to report, depending on the sort of report you are intending to submit. Be as explicit as you can and give several examples of the violations.

5— You are required to provide evidence. Take some screenshots!

6— Press submit when finished. Your report will be sent to a Reddit moderator after this step. This can result in a temporary suspension of the subreddit.

Without a Reddit account, how do you report a subreddit?

1. Access the Help/Request Form on Reddit:

2. Select the sort of report feature you want to create by clicking the drop-down menu.

report subreddit without reddit account

3. You must give specific information about the content you are reporting, depending on the report category.

report subreddit without reddit account step 2

4. Complete the form entirely, and never forget to provide specific instances of the subreddit’s misconduct. once more, the onus of proof

5. Click submit and watch for the Reddit administrators’ answer in the email address you gave them.

How to use your phone to report a subreddit

1. On the app itself, there is no direct method for users to report subreddits. You can flag certain posts from the same subreddit while using the app in order to draw admin attention to them.

2. Another option is to visit the settings menu for the app and scroll down to the “Report an Issue” button.

3. Pressing this will direct you to a website that resembles the desktop Help/Request Form.

4. Complete the form, then click “Submit.”

Reddit is a social networking website where users populate and manage the content. Reddit need not be as wild as it is supposed to be by sticking to the content guideline and reporting postings and subreddits.

Yes, there are some obscene and repugnant discussions going on, but Reddit generally upholds the principle of free expression. Reddit has recently started to take action against hate speech by removing specific words and phrases from the platform.

In addition to the downvote-based functionality, the site’s staff has begun frequently wielding the dreaded ban hammer.

Reddit might become a safer place to browse if this trend persists. The lack of moderation that initially set it apart from its peers, however, may also be the beginning of its demise.

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