Reddit Awards & How to Get Them

Reddit awards are a fantastic way to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of fellow redditors. Whether you’ve come across a comment that perfectly captures your thoughts or a post that warms your heart, giving an award is a great way to show your appreciation. However, understanding how to use these awards effectively can be a bit confusing.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Reddit awards, from how to give them to what they mean for the recipients. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge needed to make the most of Reddit’s award system and enhance your engagement within the community. Let’s dive in!

What Are Awards and How Do I Use Them?

Reddit Awards are a way to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s contributions. Did a comment resonate with you? Give it an award! Found a post that made you feel good? Give it an award!

Awards highlight noteworthy content on Reddit and can be given to posts and comments in specific communities.

How to Give Reddit Awards?

To give an award, click the award icon under the post or comment you want to give awards.

how to give reddit award 1

Choose your desired award from the selection, then click “Give Award.” If you don’t have enough gold, you’ll be prompted to buy a gold package via in-app purchase on mobile or by credit card on desktop.

how to give reddit award 2

Once you’ve purchased enough gold, you’ll see an award animation and confirmation.

What Happens When a Post or Comment Receives an Award?

When a post or comment gets an award, the award icon changes to the icon of the most popular award given.

The award giver will see the award they gave with a golden glow behind it. The total number of awards given is displayed next to the icon in both scenarios.

reddit awards under post
Awards under Reddit post

Cost of Awards

Awards are purchased with gold. Typically, awards cost between 15 and 50 gold, which can be bought in packs at the time of award selection.

free Reddit awards

Are There Any Free Awards?

Sometimes, Reddit offers free awards. Users with coin balances as of July 13, 2023, will receive a balance of free awards based on their coin count. These free awards expire on December 31, 2024, at 11:59 PM PT.

Coins BalanceAmount of Free Awards
>10,000 coins30
< 100 coins5
101 – 1,000 coins10
1,001 – 10,000 coins20

What Content Can Receive Awards?

Awards can be given to posts and comments, except those tagged Not Safe for Work (NSFW), containing sexual content, graphic violence, or certain mature themes (e.g., alcohol, gambling).

Awards are also not allowed on content in NSFW or quarantined communities, or in communities focused on addiction or trauma support.

Additionally, ads, comments on ads, and content on a user’s profile page are not eligible for awards. Awards can only be given within subreddits.

Can I Give Myself Awards?

No, you can’t award your own content. Awards are meant to be given to another redditor’s content and cannot be purchased for your own posts or comments, even if they are from an alternate account you own.

Who Can See When I Give an Award?

All redditors can see the awards you give on the award details page’s leaderboard, except for awards given anonymously.

Can I Give Awards Anonymously?

Yes, you can give awards anonymously.

This means that only Reddit will know you gave the award, not the post or comment author or other Reddit accounts.

However, giving awards anonymously will exclude you from any recognition or rewards (e.g., leaderboards, statuses). To give an award anonymously, check the “Give anonymously” box on the award selection sheet. Note that you cannot include a message with an anonymous award, but it will still count towards the total awards.

Can I Send a Message with an Award?

Absolutely! You can send a private message of up to 100 characters with an award. On the award selection sheet, type your message in the provided text box. Messages cannot be included with anonymous awards.

I Received an Award, Now What?

Receiving an award is a way for other redditors to celebrate or react to your content. Enjoy the recognition! Awards highlight your posts and comments as some of the best on Reddit.

If you’re eligible for the Contributor Program and your content meets the monetization requirements, you can earn money from Reddit for the gold and karma received from qualifying contributions.

Where Can I See How Many Awards a Piece of Content Has Received?

The number of awards you’ve received is visible on your posts and comments. Click the award icon on the content, then select “View All” to see the Award Details page. This page shows the quantity of each award given and the associated gold in descending order.

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