What is Reddit Gold & How to Get

Curious about Reddit gold and how it works? Whether you’re new to Reddit or a seasoned user looking to understand the ins and outs of this virtual currency, you’re in the right place. Reddit gold is more than just a fun way to acknowledge great content; it’s a key part of the platform’s culture and recognition system.

In this guide, we’ll break down what Reddit gold is, how to use it, and everything in between. From giving awards to understanding the Contributor Program, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and explore the world of Reddit gold!

Reddit Gold

What is Reddit Gold?

Reddit gold is the virtual currency used for gifting awards on the platform. Here’s how it works:

To give an award, you’ll need a specified amount of gold, which is indicated below each award. You can purchase various gold packs directly on Reddit’s app or website, which adds to your gold balance. This way, you can easily give out multiple awards without having to pay separately each time.

Note: Gold is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Gold can be bought through the Reddit app on Apple iOS and Google Android via in-app purchases, or on desktop using these payment methods: credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and WeChat Pay.

Pricing and Purchase Options for Gold

You can buy gold in the following amounts and prices:

  • 100 Gold: $1.99 (Mobile) / $1.79 (Web)
  • 200 Gold: $3.99 (Mobile) / $3.59 (Web)
  • 300 Gold: $5.99 (Mobile) / $5.39 (Web)
  • 500 Gold: $9.99 (Mobile) / $8.99 (Web)
  • 1,000 Gold: $19.99 (Mobile) / $17.99 (Web)
  • 2,500 Gold: $49.99 (Mobile) / $44.99 (Web)

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store host the Reddit app, and in return, charge a small fee for each transaction. To cover these costs, gold purchases are slightly more expensive on mobile platforms compared to the web.

Any gold purchased can be used across all Reddit platforms. For example, if you buy 1,000 gold on the web, you can spend it on awards both on the web and mobile.


What Can I Do with My Earned Gold?

Earned gold is similar to karma; it reflects your contributions and the recognition you’ve received on Reddit. It can’t be spent, transferred, or redeemed directly.

However, high levels of earned gold and karma can make you eligible for payouts through the Contributor Program. Earned gold is one of the factors used to determine eligibility and potential payouts. The more gold you earn, the higher your potential payout.

Maintaining a Gold Balance

Yes, you can keep a gold balance for future awards. Your current balance will be displayed at the top of the award selection screen.

If your balance covers the cost of an award, no additional purchase is necessary. However, if you need more gold, you’ll have to buy another gold package to meet the award’s price.


  • You can hold a maximum balance of 10,000 gold.
  • This balance is different from your “earned gold,” which, like karma, is a measure of your contributions and is not spendable.

How Do I Earn Reddit Gold?

You earn gold when other users give awards to your posts or comments. The total amount of gold spent on these awards is tracked as “earned gold.” For example, if someone spends 15 gold to award your post, your earned gold increases by 15.

Can I Use Reddit Gold to Pay Someone?

No, Reddit gold cannot be used as a payment method to send money or compensate other users. It’s specifically for giving awards on the platform.

Where Can I See How Much Gold I’ve Earned?

You can view your earned gold on your profile card, which is visible only to you. If you’re part of the Contributor Program, you can also see your earned gold on the Contributor Program dashboard.

Does Earned Gold Expire?

Earned gold doesn’t expire for active users. However, if you don’t log in for 12 months, any gold you’ve earned will be forfeited.

Why Didn’t My Gold Balance Increase After Receiving an Award?

There’s a distinction between your gold balance and your earned gold.

  • Gold Balance: This is used to give awards and can be topped up by purchasing gold packs.
  • Earned Gold: This reflects the total gold spent on awards you’ve received. It’s a measure of how much others appreciate your content. While you can’t spend earned gold, it’s used to determine eligibility for potential payouts in the Contributor Program.

What Happened to Golden Upvotes?

Although the golden upvote was straightforward, it lacked the fun and expressiveness of the older awards. To enhance the experience, Reddit made some changes:

  1. Reintroduction of Awards: All previous golden upvotes have been converted to awards. These will still be visible on the content where they were originally given.
  2. Gold Balance: Users can now maintain a gold balance, allowing them to give multiple awards with a single purchase.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Gold is now more affordable. For the cost of one golden upvote, users now get 100 gold to spend on multiple awards.
  4. Contributor Program: The program continues, allowing eligible users to earn money based on the gold and karma they receive. The payout calculation has been updated to reflect the new gold pricing. Previous gold earnings have been multiplied by 100 to ensure consistent cash payouts.

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