How Much Can Male Content Creators Make on OnlyFans?

It’s not as straightforward as it seems to understand the typical earnings for men on OnlyFans and the platform’s financial viability for you.

This article will guide you through the average earnings for male content creators on OnlyFans, showcase the income range of the top earners, and delve into various revealing statistics. By the conclusion, you’ll have a realistic expectation of the potential income from launching your own OnlyFans page.


How much can Guys make on OnlyFans?

  • The average male creator earns roughly $160 to $180 monthly in gross revenue. After OnlyFans takes its fee and after taxes, the net income is just under $160.
  • This average is skewed by accounts that are either new, inactive or not optimally managed.
  • Men who are well-informed and apply best practices from the outset can do quite well. It’s possible to surpass the $1000 per month mark within a few months of starting.
  • The most significant earnings on OnlyFans are made by the top male creators. The top 1% of creators earn 33% of all income, which is a more pronounced disparity than the well-known 80-20 rule.
How much can men make on OnlyFans

What’s the Average Monthly Earning for Men on OnlyFans?

The average monthly earning for Men on OnlyFans is between $160 to $180 monthly. However, don’t make these numbers fool you.

This figure is deduced from the average number of subscribers — which is 21 — coupled with the mean subscription rate of $7.21 per month.

At first glance, $160 a month may not seem substantial. And when you factor in the 20% commission for OnlyFans and the necessary taxes, the take-home amount dwindles even further.

OnlyFans is tight-lipped about the earnings of its creators, yet we’ve got a pretty solid grasp on what men typically make on the platform.

It can be disheartening to learn about the modest average income for male creators on OnlyFans, especially when compared to the viral success stories of models and influencers, regardless of gender, who make large sums of money overnight – amounts that exceed the annual income of many. Social media hype often portrays OnlyFans as a lucrative business opportunity.

Let’s explore why the average monthly income for male creators on OnlyFans is only $160.

Can Men Earn A Lot of Money on OnlyFans?

It’s important to note that the average earnings for men on OnlyFans, which is often cited as $160, may not be an accurate representation of what you can earn on the platform.

In fact, it’s possible to earn much more than that if you have a strategic approach.

Therefore, it is important to consider that the $160 figure is not the ceiling of earning potential on OnlyFans.

The average income for male content creators is skewed lower due to several factors:

  • Accounts that remain inactive or don’t post content regularly.
  • Creators who set up a page but lack a plan for what to do next.
  • Creators who give up too soon, not realizing that success on OnlyFans often takes weeks, if not months, to materialize.
  • Those who don’t fully utilize the platform’s monetization tools beyond the subscription model.
  • Creators who neglect the importance of self-promotion to drive traffic to their page. For instance, using Reddit effectively can lead to a significant increase in subscribers.
  • Individuals who opt for free pages choose to monetize through alternative methods rather than direct subscriptions. This can be a strategic move to build a following before focusing on profits.

It’s clear that the $160 average doesn’t reflect the full potential earnings for a male OnlyFans creator who approaches the platform with a solid strategy.

An average guy, with quality content and savvy marketing skills, can expect to easily earn over $1000 a month after a few months of dedicated effort.

For those who are particularly appealing and skilled at marketing, reaching the top 10% of earners, where the substantial income lies, is entirely achievable.

The highest-earning male creators on OnlyFans are pulling in tens of thousands per month, and that’s just from subscribers. They often have additional revenue streams that aren’t immediately apparent.

If you’re considering starting an OnlyFans page with profit in mind, aim to learn from the best. Our comprehensive guide on monetizing OnlyFans for men is packed with insights and tactics from the platform’s most successful male creators. It’s your blueprint to breaking into the top 1%.

What are the Earnings of Top Male Creators on OnlyFans?

While OnlyFans is predominantly female-centric, the platform offers substantial earning potential for male creators who rise to the top echelons.

Here’s a deeper dive into the earnings landscape for men on OnlyFans:

  • The top 1% of creators pocket 33% of all the earnings on the platform.
  • The top 10% of creators take home a staggering 73% of the total earnings.

This leads to the question: What percentage of OnlyFans creators are male?

According to recent data, males comprise 20% of all creators on OnlyFans. Among the top 1% elite creators, about 30% are male, highlighting that with commitment and a well-planned strategy, male creators can compete with and even surpass female creators on the platform. I have also corrected any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

It’s important to note that when it comes to the most successful creators, only 2 out of the top 10 and 3 out of the top 15 are male.

However, it’s worth mentioning that many of these individuals are famous personalities who have used their existing fame to gain an audience, rather than male models who have worked hard to build their following from scratch.

tyga on onlyfans

It has been reported that the American rapper Tyga earned nearly $8 million before he closed his OnlyFans account in 2021, demonstrating the potential for high earnings on the platform for male creators.

The reason for the relatively low average male income on OnlyFans can be understood from these statistics. The majority of the revenue is earned by the top 10-20% of creators, while the median creator receives a relatively small portion of the overall earnings.


What is the average income for male creators on OnlyFans?

Male creators on OnlyFans typically earn between $160 to $180 monthly. However, this average doesn’t fully capture the platform’s earning potential for those who approach it with a well-thought-out strategy. The bulk of the earnings is concentrated among the top 10 to 20% of creators. With consistent content creation and effective social media marketing, climbing to this level is quite feasible, and it’s from this point that earnings can significantly increase.

How much do gay male creators earn on OnlyFans?

There’s no specific data available regarding the earnings of gay men on OnlyFans. Anecdotal evidence suggests that gay male creators may find it easier to attract an audience on OnlyFans, as a substantial portion of the male audience on the platform is gay.

Regardless of sexual orientation, content that resonates with this demographic could potentially lead to higher earnings for male creators.

What are the key factors that influence a male creator’s revenue on OnlyFans?

  • Content Quality: High-quality, engaging content is essential.
  • Posting Frequency: Regular updates keep subscribers interested.
  • Subscriber Interaction: Active engagement can lead to more tips.
  • Marketing: Effective promotion on social media is key to attracting subscribers.
  • Pricing: Appropriate pricing strategies can optimize earnings.
  • Niche Content: Focusing on specific interests can attract a loyal audience.
  • Diverse Income Sources: Leveraging tips, messages, and pay-per-view to supplement subscription income.
  • Promotions: Timely discounts or bundles can boost subscriber numbers.

What monetization strategies are unique to male creators on OnlyFans?

  • Targeted Content: Content that caters to specific demographics can be more lucrative.
  • Collaborations: Teaming up with other creators can widen audience reach.
  • Personal Branding: A strong brand helps male creators stand out.
  • Niche Engagement: Connecting with specific communities can reduce competition.
  • Exclusive Offers: Personalized experiences can command premium pricing.
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