How to Get Traffic from Reddit? (10 Exclusive Tips)

Welcome to on comprehensive guide on getting a ton Reddit traffic from related communities toward your link easily and gaining conversion further.

In this guide, we focus on 10 practical and actionable strategies designed to help you boost your Reddit presence effectively.

Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or content creator, these tips are tailored to help you enhance your online success through Reddit.

We cover everything from smart content curation to strategic community engagement. Join us on this journey to unlock Reddit’s full potential for your online success.

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How to Get Traffic from Reddit

Keep your Content Relevant

To drive substantial traffic from Reddit, your posts must resonate strongly with the subreddit’s community. Tailor your content specifically for the subreddit you’re targeting. Generalized content that aims at too broad an audience won’t perform well.

It’s important to thoroughly research your chosen subreddit and observe popular content to understand what types of posts engage the community. This insight will guide the creation of captivating posts.

If your ultimate aim is product sales or increasing social media followers, start with customer development.

This approach aligns your content with your audience’s interests and saves significant time by avoiding irrelevant posts.

Share Exceptional Content Exclusively

When engaging with Reddit, it’s crucial to share only your finest content. Short, uninspired posts won’t garner positive attention. In fact, they are likely to be down-voted, leading to a loss of your hard-earned reputation (karma).

Focus on sharing content that is comprehensive, original, well-crafted, and genuinely useful—content that encourages action.

Remember, Reddit users who come across your post will review it. Their reactions, be it upvotes or downvotes, will directly influence your success on the platform.

reddit loves long detailed and high quality posts
Reddit love long, detailed, and high quality posts.

Engage Authentically

The most critical aspect of Reddit success is authentic engagement. Many marketers fail to recognize this and bypass it. It’s essential to be a genuine Reddit user, not just a marketer.

Participate in the broader Reddit community. Build a post history that reflects you as a regular user. Contribute to discussions by posting helpful or humorous comments.

Tip: If you don’t have time to build up your Reddit account and post history, grab some of our high-quality Reddit accounts.

Does this mean endless hours on the site? Not at all. Just 10 minutes a day discussing your interests or commenting on posts can significantly impact your Reddit presence.

Reddit users are passionate about their community and can easily identify marketers. However, a well-rounded post history can dispel any such suspicions.

Moreover, engaging in subreddits relevant to your niche is not just fun; it also offers insights into what content resonates with the community, guiding you in creating appealing posts.

My application of these principles has driven notable results for the site I manage, with significant traffic coming directly from Reddit.

This success was achieved with just a few well-placed posts, showcasing the power of strategic, thoughtful engagement on Reddit.

By following these guidelines, you can maintain a positive reputation on Reddit and sustain impactful results.

Proactively Address Community Concerns

To elevate your Reddit strategy, you need to anticipate and address community concerns before they arise. This step is an extension of the engagement principles outlined earlier.

When posting links to your site, be aware that some Reddit users will look for reasons to downvote your posts, report them, or criticize your content.

The key is to preemptively address these concerns. For example, when I promoted my first Udemy course, I used this strategy effectively.

Incorporate text posts as a tool for promotion. The goal is to provide value and fully explain your content before inviting users to visit your site.

Honesty about your affiliation with the content is crucial, as long as it is genuinely beneficial.

Here’s a practical example:

use long reddit posts to drive traffic

While promoting my app on Reddit, I encountered a sensitive issue in the subreddit. Users were frustrated with low-quality apps for mac that were being sold at high prices. While my app offered real value, there was a risk of backlash.

By proactively addressing these concerns in my post, I managed to avoid negative comments and even made it to the controversial list. This happened because of a mix of upvotes and downvotes, which ultimately led to increased traffic for my app.

I’ll elaborate more on leveraging the controversial list to your advantage later.

Plus, people love a list of items like this!

Avoid Repetitive Posting

Resist the temptation of over-posting! It’s easy to get carried away after witnessing a significant traffic spike from a single Reddit post.

While it’s natural to think about frequent posting, this approach can backfire.

Reddit communities value diversity and originality.

Unless your subreddits are full of links, If you’ve recently posted a link in a subreddit, give it time to breathe. I typically wait between 1 to 2 weeks before posting another link in the same subreddit.

This patience helps maintain a positive presence and avoid the pitfalls of spamming.

Avoid Promotions in Your First Posts

It’s a basic rule: don’t make your first (or even your second) post in a new subreddit a promotional one.

Engage with the subreddit by contributing non-promotional content first. This approach helps build your reputation as a genuine member of the community rather than someone just looking to advertise.

This point is brief but essential for maintaining credibility on Reddit.

Reddit users tend to check your post history when reading your kinda-promoting posts.

Even if you run the subreddits where you promote, over-promotion on Reddit can still backfire. Remember, users can view your site-wide activity, and Reddit has automated spam filters.

Excessive linking to the same domain can lead to severe consequences. Your domain might be blacklisted by Reddit’s spam filters, making any posts with its links invisible site-wide.

Worse, your account could be “shadowbanned,” meaning your posts are visible only to you. This silent form of punishment effectively renders your efforts futile.

To stay safe, respect Reddit’s community guidelines and avoid abusing the system.

Boost Your Post with Initial Upvotes

A critical step in gaining momentum for your Reddit posts is leveraging your social network. Even without a formal team, you likely have a network of friends or connections who use Reddit

Share your new Reddit posts with them.

If they appreciate your content, their upvotes can kickstart visibility and attract more users.

I practice this by immediately sharing my Reddit posts with a few Reddit-using friends. This initial boost in upvotes signals to other Redditors that the post is worth their time, increasing the chances of it gaining traction.

Tip: You can always buy Reddit upvotes to boost your submissions to the HOT page in no time.

Engage Actively by Commenting and Replying

Active engagement on your Reddit posts can significantly amplify their impact. When someone comments on your post, respond to it. This doubles the comment count and enhances the post’s visibility.

A high comment count draws more Redditors to your post, spurring further engagement.

reply comments in your Reddit post

You can also initiate the conversation by being the first to comment on your post. I’ve used this strategy to explain the content I’ve posted and to kickstart discussions.

For instance, in one of my popular posts, I actively engaged in the comments to maintain a lively thread.

high reddit comment count

Though it shows substantial activity, note that I contributed to 10 of those comments myself. This tactic can create the appearance of a highly engaging post, drawing even more attention.

Use Humble Tone

Responding positively to criticism can be a valuable asset. When engaging on Reddit, it’s important to maintain a humble tone in your posts and comments.

This not only addresses potential community concerns beforehand, but also helps you become more proficient in using Reddit for attracting traffic and acquiring customers.

Letting go of defensiveness and embracing constructive feedback can lead to significant benefits.

When responding to critiques, use them as opportunities to engage and learn.

Emphasize your adherence to the rules and your commitment to adding value to the community. Remember, Reddit’s self-promotion guidelines state: “It’s fine to be a Redditor with a website, not a website with a Reddit account.”

By adhering to these guidelines, you demonstrate your respect for Reddit’s rules. Engage the community in a dialogue about how you can better contribute. You’ll often find that commenters are willing to help you improve your promotional strategies.

I apply this principle in all my posts, which has helped me maintain a positive reputation on Reddit while enhancing my traffic-driving skills.

Consider Advertising

If you have a specific offer you want to drive significant traffic to, consider Reddit advertising. Starting with Reddit ads is cost-effective (as low as $5) and allows targeted traffic to be directed to your offer at around $1 per 1000 ad impressions.

My experience with Reddit ads has been promising, achieving 2%+ click-through rates, substantially higher than the average 0.2%.

Not only are these click-through rates impressive, but the traffic to my landing pages also shows a conversion rate of 30-35%.

For more details, check out our Ultimate Reddit Ads Guide!

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