What Should I Post on Reddit?

When it comes to social media marketing, knowing what to post on Reddit, is always the easiest and the best way to get the best results and have your post/comment ranking high.

what to post on Reddit guide

What content should I post on Reddit?

There are plenty of types of contents you can post on Reddit Text, Image, Video, Poll, and Link.

But first, It really depends on the types of Subreddit you want to target. Also, different Subreddits allow different types of contents. Some places allow you to post any type of content, but some others only allow you to post Images/GIFs.

If the Subreddit you are working on only allows one type of content, it is a lot easier for you to deciding, or finding the best content to post.

If it is not the case, you will need some time for finding the best content strategy to focus on, but the good thing is you would have a lot of room to make creative content, being able to aim broader community of potential customers.

Nonetheless, regardless of the content type you want to use, there are some notes that should be applied to all of them.

reddit content
There are a lot of contents on Reddit, but what is the best type to focus on?

1. Make sure your content is relevant

This is very simple, but we have seen a countless amount of customers posting irrelevant content on Reddit. For example, people submit iPhone related content in r/finance and hope that they can get some sales from these rich guys. In fact, the content always gets removed immediately, not saying that your Reddit account could get banned by Reddit for spamming activities.

Reddit is not similar to the other social networks, where you can possibly post unrelated content without worrying a lot about getting banned. Usually, each Subreddit is only evolved around a specific topic, and is always being maintained by some active moderators. As long as your content is related and has a decent quality, you will get paid off very well.

Redditors (Reddit users) are always responsive to the content they want to see. It’s needless to say that Redditors are currently the most valuable community amongst all social networks on the Internet.

Say you are an app developer, and you have an interesting project being released soon, make a post on in r/software doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, people actually love to contribute some of their advice towards your project if you are really asking for help, and you will eventually gain some users/sales from the community.

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2. Solve a Problem

This is my special trick whenever it comes to making content.

Make sure your content solves a problem/issue, and you will get sales, users, or at least traffic a lot easier comparing to a general piece of content.

Take a look at your targeted community and find the common questions people usually ask there, do some research to find the ultimate solution for it, and then publish a content that people want to read.

Reddit is really a hidden gem for making content. By just simply searching for the issues and reading the comments, you will find a lot of information regarding the topic and can easily build your own content based on those comments solely (in-depth guides, infographics, mega-thread, useful topic compilations, charts, cheat sheet, etc.)


When finding a question on Reddit, do it on Google by using the commands: Question + site:reddit.com

Google will show up all the threads on Reddit asking about that specific topic, but the most important thing is that you can actually make a comment in those topics and lead people to the final place where you want to get the traffic.

Just remember to not spam too much, but we always have Reddit accounts available for you!

Not like the other social media networks, Reddit users love reading and sharing their own experience and knowledge.

3. High-quality & Engaging Content

Posting relatable content is good and recommended, but it cannot get you far if the content is good enough to be accepted by the community.

If a community contains a handful of incredible content, your job is to get your content to at least the average quality of those.

  • You want to double-check the information before posting any piece of content on Reddit. Make sure it is not misleading. Redditors hate false claims. Posting well-research content is the key to be successful on Reddit.
  • Controversy is always great to spark discussion and get your post on the first page, but it’s a completely different story. You simply don’t ever want to see the community giving some hate to your business/website, otherwise it will pretty much over for you and you will eventually have to change the target community/topic.
  • Giving a contribution is always a great way to start a successful, engaging thread and rank Reddit post effectively. For example, instead of posting a question like “What is the best app for mail on Windows?”, you can start a discussion saying that you like the default Windows Mail app, but it lacks of something, and asking for other people opinion regarding it. Then, put a link towards your website in a comment, or put it in the text body, as long as it’s related to the topic. Make your post look real.


In short, never be lazy when it comes to creating content for Reddit. What you want to post on Reddit is what people want to read. Now you want to see when is the best time to post on Reddit!

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