Top 3 Ways to Download Reddit Video & GIFs

There are millions of videos and GIFs getting uploaded to Reddit every day. Many of them are unique and cannot be seen anywhere else. Unfortunately, to protect users’ content, Reddit doesn’t allow users to download those videos directly from the platform.

However, if you really want to download and save Reddit videos or GIFs for personal uses, there are some quick ways to get it done. We will introduce you the easiest methods in this article.

download reddit videos gifs

How to download Reddit videos?

Currently, there are some ways to download and save Reddit videos:

  1. Use third-party website to download Reddit videos or GIFs. Simply put your link on those websites then press Download. Scroll down for the completed list of them.
  2. Use the screen recorder on your devices, whether it is PC or mobile.
  3. Use r/savevideo bot on Reddit.

Why do I need to save Reddit videos or GIFs?

Of course, it is based on your needs and no one can force you to do that.

Millions of videos are being uploaded to Reddit every day, and there are thousands of subreddits which are only about videos (such as r/GIFs). It doesn’t take too long to scroll down to a video that you want to save.

Actually, the demand for saving Reddit videos is huge. When browsing through Reddit, you can easily see a lot of people asking for a way to save the OP video in the comment section.

Let’s get straight to the 3 main solutions that could save you a ton of time when using Reddit!

How to download Reddit videos

1. Third-party App

There are a lot of websites out there offering saving and downloading Reddit videos and GIFs, and Reddit Save is one of the most reliable option. You can download the videos either via their website or their extension for Google Chrome / Edge.

enter link to download reddit video

Simply follow these steps to get your video saved:

  1. Go to Reddit Save
  2. Paste the link of the Reddit post of the video you want to download to the box. If you are using mobile app, press the Share button, then press Copy Link.
  3. Press Download and wait for the system to get the link.
  4. You will be redirected to a new page where the video is available for download. Choose the video quality if needed.
get reddit videos

Note: If there is any ads showing up, simply press the X button. You know, some websites out there need to survive with ads.

2. u/savevideo bot

Another pretty straightforward way to download the videos on Reddit is to just comment u/savevideo under any video you want. This is for calling a Reddit bot named “savevideo”, who will get the video for you and will send you a direct link to download it.

The bot will make a reply right under your reply, coming with a link to the GIF or video. Like this:

download reddit video via comment bot

Do note that it might take sometime for the bot to check and follow your command as there are a lot of people calling it at the same time.

This option might not be reliable for people who want to download the videos right away without waiting, or in case you don’t want to spam the u/savevideo a lot to protect your privacy as people can read the comments via your Reddit Profile.

3. Screen Recording

The last resort is to use a screen recorder if the above solutions are not working form your end. This solution is a bit harder to use, but could be helpful in a lot of situations.

You might also need to trim and crop your video a little bit after recording for the best results.

Most smartphones at the moment offer a solution for recording the screen of the device so we won’t go too deep into this. Just remember to choose the highest resolution of the video before recording it.

If you are using Windows PC, you can simply press the Windows button + G to open the Game Bar app, then press Capture button (top-left) to start recording. My another favorite app for recording video on Windows is ShareX, which is totally free.

If you are using Mac, your life is a lot easier. Mac has a nicely built-in record function. Simply open QuickTime app, then press Record and you are great.


Millions of videos are getting uploaded on Reddit every day and it’s nice to see people want to re-share those videos on the other social platforms. Just make sure you give the owner proper credits when re-sharing your videos to make Reddit grow faster.

If you have any other way to download Reddit videos, please comment and let us know!

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