The Best 10 Stylesheet Templates for Old Subreddit Themes

If you’re a Reddit moderator looking to breathe new life into your subreddit’s old theme, you’ve come to the right place.

The old Reddit theme, while nostalgic for some, often lacks the visual appeal and functionality that modern users crave.

It’s no secret that the default stylesheet can be, well, a bit dull and outdated.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the best CSS templates that will transform your subreddit into a visually appealing and user-friendly space.

Best Stylesheets for Old Reddit Themes (CSS and Icons)

We understand that not every Reddit moderator is a CSS wizard, and that’s perfectly okay. The templates we’re about to share are incredibly user-friendly. All you need to do is copy and paste the code, and you’ll see an instant transformation. Here are some of the best options:

Minimalist Theme

  • Features: Clean lines, ample white space, and intuitive navigation.
  • Best For: Subreddits that want a modern yet simple look.

Dark Mode Theme

  • Features: A dark background with light text, perfect for night-time browsing.
  • Best For: Communities that are active during late hours.

Retro Vibes Theme

  • Features: Brings back the old-school internet aesthetics with a modern twist.
  • Best For: Nostalgia lovers.

Vibrant Community Theme

  • Features: Bright colors and playful fonts to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Best For: Casual or hobby-based subreddits.


  • To apply CSS, go to
  • Make sure the icon file names match their names in the stylesheet (CSS)
  • Theme credits: chingu
Legere Reddit Theme 5
Legere Theme for Old Subreddit Design
Eddited Reddit Theme
Eddited Theme for Old Subreddit Design
FBRT Theme Reddit
FBRT Theme for Old Subreddit Design
Sequent Demo Theme
SEQUENT Theme for Old Subreddit Design
Apicem Demo Theme
APICEM Theme for Old Subreddit Design
ApicemLight Demo Theme
APICEM Light Theme for Old Subreddit Design
Focus Demo Theme
Focus Theme for Old Subreddit Design
ClearShift Demo Theme
Clearshift Theme for Old Subreddit Design
YTReddit Demo Theme
YTB Theme for Old Subreddit Design

How to switch Reddit to the old theme design

Method 1: Via URL

  1. Open Reddit in your web browser.
  2. In the address bar, look for the URL that starts with
  3. Change www to old, so the URL becomes
  4. Press Enter, and you’ll be redirected to the old Reddit theme.

Method 2: Account Preferences

  1. Log in to your Reddit account.
  2. Click on your username in the top-right corner to open the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “User Settings.”
  4. Navigate to the “Account” tab.
  5. Look for an option that says “Opt out of the redesign” or similar.
  6. Toggle that option on, and your account will switch back to the old Reddit theme.
enable old reddit theme
Enable Old Reddit Theme

Method 3: Quick Toggle (If Available)

Some users have a quick toggle option in the top menu bar that allows them to switch between the old and new designs. If you see a button or icon that resembles this, clicking it will revert to the old theme.

Remember, switching to the old theme might make some newer features unavailable, but if you prefer the classic Reddit experience, these methods will get you there.

Old Reddit Theme Vs. New Reddit Theme

FeatureOld Reddit ThemeNew Reddit Theme
User InterfaceSimplistic and straightforwardModern and visually appealing
Less clutteredMore elements, can feel cluttered
CustomizationLimited built-in customization optionsMore built-in customization options
Requires CSS for advanced customizationEasier to customize without coding
SpeedGenerally fasterCan be slower, especially on older PCs
UsabilityEasier for long-time usersMore intuitive for new users
FeaturesLacks some newer featuresIncludes all the latest features
CommunitySome subreddits only support old themeBroad support across all subreddits
Ads & PromotionsLess intrusive adsMore ads and promoted content
AccessibilityLess accessible for visually impairedBetter accessibility features
Mobile-FriendlyNot optimized for mobileMore mobile-friendly

Why the Old Reddit Theme Needs a Makeover

The old Reddit theme has its charm, but let’s face it—it’s not the most visually appealing or functional design out there. The default stylesheet often leaves subreddits looking bland, with limited customization options. This can be a significant drawback, especially when you’re trying to build an engaged community.

A visually appealing design not only attracts more users but also encourages more interaction, which is the ultimate goal for any subreddit moderator.


Revamping your subreddit’s old theme is a surefire way to attract more users and boost engagement. With these easy-to-implement stylesheet templates, you can give your community the makeover it deserves without getting tangled in complicated codes.

So go ahead, pick a template that resonates with your subreddit’s vibe, and watch your community flourish.

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