How to Use Upvote.Shop API

Here is a quick guide showing you how to use our Upvote.Shop API for sending upvotes from our system to your targeted posts/comments via your own app or software.

Get your API Access Token via our Panel:

upvote shop api

Upvote.Shop API Information


Key Value
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer Your_Access_Token


Key Description
link Type: String (Reddit URL)
type Type: Number (1 is post upvote; 8 is post downvote; 6 is comment upvote; 7 is comment downvote).
vote Type: Number (greater than 0, less than Max Upvote)
awards Type: Number (greater than 0, less than 50)
after Type: Number (run after x minutes, 0: immediately, greater than 0: delay time)
speed Type: Number (from 1 to 50 vote/min).
Note: 0.2 → 0.9 is the mega slow mode (0.2 = 1 vote every 5 minutes).


  "link" : "",
  "type" : 1,
  "vote" : 0,
  "awards" : 1,
  "after" : 0,
  "speed" : 5,
5/5 - (4 votes)

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